[] Best build, click now! It's clickbait but click anyway (DW ranged Paladin)

I was only kidding, it’s not a clickbait. Well… best is subjective but maybe it’s the best performing one now, from what i’ve seen (softcore, of course). GRIMTOOLS


The main item is the RF pistol. Gloves, helmet and chest are used to convert everything into phys. Deathdealer is BiS for the second gun by far. Other gear choices are rather optional. The medal is taken for its WPS over Storm Spread because the latter has too many armor checks, no good.

Try to look for Tyrant’s prefix on the pistol to have some reliable %dr.


Avg. time in Crucible should be about 4:30.

SR90 is about as high as you can go for comfortable play

Fabius in SR100 is impossible without cluster and heavy pharma because of invis - barrier rotation and VoS radius.

Hard to say if Ravager winrate is 100%, i was too lazy to check. I think it’s not.

Not very good against Calla. But kiting is always an option with such heavy tuning into dmg.

Crate is surprisingly easy.



also physical is really really good now


Oh lord it’s finally here.


Came for the title, stayed for the build :slightly_smiling_face:

Clickbait isn’t accurate description though, cause title isn’t misleading. Real monster, well done!


Another sub 4 PHYS build casually strolling about at SR90-100 #nerfcyclone

Nice one on the medal choice with wps-passthrough interaction being better than any phys medal there.


Ss quadruples your usual attack. Which, ofc, also have armor checks. So bottom line remains: ss quadruples your normal damage…

No. Armor reduces phys damage by a flat amount for each source, not for the entire damage. This means that each of the 30% WD portions on each SS projectile suffers a lot. Physical favors higher %WD portions now after the conversion changes.

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I get that.
But WPS, like StormSpread, always also carry along the normal attack (RF in this case). Thats a vast %WD, 4 times.

1.58*0.3 = 0.474, each SS projectile only carries 47.4% weapon damage. That’s not much of an increase compared to the initial 30 when armor reduction is applied. Note that all the other WPS weapon damage are also multiplied by 1.58 from RF, not just storm spread.

Doing some more math on why SS doesn’t scale well on phys:

Deathdealer base phys damage: 78-94 (let’s use a middle value of 86)
Deathdealer bonus card phys damage: 34-55 on highest roll (let’s use a middle value of 45)
Total %phys damage on build including cunning: 3471%

I’m not gonna include all bonus damage cause this is just to prove a point, but this will be clear later on.

Assuming the only things that reduce you damage is phys res and armor,
Physical damage dealt will be: [(source1 x phys mod)(1-phys res)-armor] + [(source2 x phys mod)(1-phys res)-armor] + … + [(sourceN x phys mod)(1-phys res)-armor] - multiply each term with the corresponding %WD before subtracting armor.

So against Reaper in these GT stats:

Damage on 100% WD = [(8635.71)(1-0)-1941]+[(4535.71)(1-0)-1941] = 796
Damage on 221.2% WD (bursting round + RF) = [(2.212)(8635.71)(1-0)-1941]+[(2.212)(4535.71)(1-0)-1941] = 6466
Damage on 134.3% WD (chilling round + RF, 1 projectile only) = [(1.343)(8635.71)(1-0)-1941]+[(1.343)(4535.71)(1-0)-1941] = 2401
Damage on 47.4% WD (storm spread + RF, 1 projectile only) = [(0.474)(8635.71)(1-0)-1941]+[(0.474)(4535.71)(1-0)-1941] = -1665 (this becomes zero no matter how many projectiles you multiply)

This is still inaccurate since I used a limited number of damage sources and SS doesn’t actually do zero damage in actual gameplay due to things like RR, crits and racial damage but I think it shows enough that SS doesn’t scale well on physical unless you’ve got very high base weapon damage sources like in 2h.


The only error is enemy armor always has 70% absorption so 30% of each source always comes through. But it doesn’t change the gist.

Yeah my bad, wasn’t able to check that

Chilling rounds can proc Maul pretty well if you don’t want to use Vire’s Might.

i think you misunderstood that each projectile will get the damage of full- dam- normal- RF plus few more WD in its description. When SS lv 4 said “32% WD on each projectile”, and you proc SS with RF lv 26 which has 158% WD, then each proj will have 32% x 158% = 50% WD in-game. If you can hit all 4 proj, it will be 200% WD. But with physical builds, you got the armor check 4 times. So no, it cant quadruples your usual normal RF damage. If SS works like you think, then it will be insanely good on every gun builds

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Er… It multiplies with the RF damage, hence diminishes it? But that´s an exception only for SS, right?
All other WPS go ONTOP the normal attack replacer, right? That´s what I´ve read and that´s how WPS (with often quite low WD) make sense at all…

Assumptions based on “making sense” in GD mechanics have led me to some critical errors in building in the past. “Weapon damage” in the WPS description and your weapon damage in the character tab are different things. In WPS, it reads as “multiplier of your default attack”. So for white attack each SS projectile will do 0.3smth of your sheet weapon damage, for AA replacer it will be multiplied by AA own percentage.

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Should also mention that belt can be bought in Ancient Grove and Sandspitter gun at Tomb of the Heretic.
Sick gunner image


4m build having 20k hp and 40+ phys res
boi, regen is really overperforming here


It was OP before the regen nerf. Now it’s a good, balanced build.

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Good thing regen got nerfed then. Feedback really helped there.

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I think regen could use more nerfs until this build hits the desireable 4:30 timer.

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