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You guys are just negative gaming at this point.


phys damage isn’t overbuffed COPIUM

Why not to use 2 RF pistols instead of Deathdealer. Won’t it be better?

You don’t need a second green cause the passthrough is a mod to RF, so all your attacks will have that regardless of your second gun. Deathdealer is therefore better.


I mean, RF gun also give +4 to RF and +12%crit and a lot of phys dmg. Won’t it be better than bonuses on Deathdealer?

Deathdealer gives a very strong wps and 1/3 the build’s global leech. More rf points is not needed, it’s at max. I’m not saying there’s no merit in going double MI tho. The advantage of going double MI is that you’re freeing slots for helm and chest armor which can then be used for something else.

Right but then two piece Octavius gives a lot of dmg and +1/+1 skills so everything works out.

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Do you have leveling guide with this crazy build bro?

Not really, i don’t do leveling guides anymore. The green pistol is very easy to obtain and it should carry the build throughout the campaign with faction gear. Take two green pistols with any decent flat rolls and take some faction/blue gear with flat dmg. Unchained gloves will go a long way to add converted flat from Aura of Conviction and Ranged Expertise. Other items are not as impactful.

here is my Paladin DW gunner levelling experience (however, you would need to level some devotions up after the shift from the pierce damage levelling build to the targeted physical damage final build)

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You could go for the guns to FG just after killing Warden in Normal to have full Elemental conversion.
They can drop in the very beginning in Korvan Plateu

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I am not sure if the now -16% total damage mod when dual wielding them would justify their double usage for levelling and the full conversion (so the new normal likely is: one sandspitter and another gun)

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Hey, @banana_peel, with recent updates somethings changed, specially the passthrough mechanic. Could you give some tips on how to update your build to Thank you!

Hey there!

It’s pretty much the same build. You can use either the one in the link, or take two Deathdealers or two Sandspitters.

Deathdealer’s WPS is now decent, with no cooldown. Passthrough changes didn’t affect the WPS pool as much. One Sandspitter with Tyrant’s prefix will go a long way to increase survivability.


Thank you for your response.
Even bursting round not having passthrough would it be worth to get it?
Also, is this build still the ranged autoclick build you would recommend?

Bursting round is ok, a little bit of no passthrough WPS doesn’t hurt too much. Definitely recommend for easy play because of big phys res and seal.

But in terms of firepower Warlord with two Sandspitters is stronger.

For warlord, is it ok to follow your speedrun build here:Warlord, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator
and change to use 2 sandspitters instead? both require the same pre/sufix?

Looks sick I have a paladin of my own that I made in kinda outdated now Paladin, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

Interested in why you pick Deathdealer’s sidearm as BiS over Myth Havoc, are the smite mods + exterminate better than +1 inquis and the WoR mods ? Myth Havoc could also open up other chest options.

Yeah 2 Sandspitters is better now. Tty to get at least one Tyrant’s prefix, it greatly boosts survivability. Rest of affixes are whatever but those with %AS are preferred. Also change the medal to Korvaak’s Brand, and that should be it.

Deathdealer has a decent WPS. Octavius chest is good anyway because the helm is +1/+1, cdr and flat trauma and the chest has good stats and gives 2-piece bonus. Overall there are multiple ways to build it, and Havoc won’t be terrible. It’s just weaker than Deathdealer.

So I am trying to refine my level 100 paladin based on your build now after getting inspiration while leveling from The_Coyote to begin with.

But for the love of stuff, I can not figure how to get the devotions you have on the build however much I try.
edit : managed it by removing ghoul and using solemn watcher to reach Azrakaa’s requirements.

I am also not sure how to fit the Octavius chest plate with the phys requirement.
edit : am 30 phys short so I probably will invest bit more in phys before getting items raising phys a bit more.
Thank you for the build !