[] Acid SS Dunefiend Witch Hunter. SR 90/Ravager of Minds/Crate of Entertainment

Hi everyone I wanted to try more SS options and made this. This won’t be a whole guide, just a showcase. It’s a bit balanced setup as usual so more damage can be achieved.

Image from the game with perma buffs, PB, BoD and Lethal Assault buff

Rings and Helmet crafted with freeze resist, amulet crafted with %4 physique bonus

:faction_dreeg: GRIMTOOLS :faction_dreeg:

It’s a bit weird to play with 2.7 CD SS on lmb but when you get used to build becomes ver fun to play.

SR 90 Boss Room

SR 75-76 Complete Run

Ravager of Minds Kill

No change maded, just used consumables.

Crate of Entertainment Kill

No change maded, just used consumables.

PS: I couldn’t try Mogdrogen since character already killed it but I’m pretty sure build can kill him.

Thanks for reading, any comment & feedback is welcome


if your main attack is shadow strike, why use wps

Because they will go off when Shadow Strike is on cooldown.


No sense to max Nightfall?
Why Amatok Иreath as medal augment? Nothing better with direct acid damage?

You can’t convert cold nor vitality into acid so I don’t think so.

It’s for escape mostly and provices freeze effect for thrash mobs.

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I got your point, 4-set bonus converts all cold damage on Shadow Strike to acid, but there are no free points in any case to max Nightfall, as Lethal Assault is too valuable to drop it?

Doesn’t convert nightfall’s cold damage.

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Since the Conduit of Night Whispers has been completely redesigned and it’s no longer fit this build now. What neck piece would you choose to replace it ?

It’s for stats and defense mainly so you can use the conduit with aether and chaos RR one.


Maybe a conduit of eldritch whispers, with the Acid RR on bloody pox, And just move a point there ?

It can be done but nightblade points are more important and I prefer not to increase active skills in this build.

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