[] Barctician/2H Physical Blade Arc Tactician. SR 90/Ravager of Flesh/Mogdrogen

A lot of very good physical BA build have made by good builders, such as Death Knight by grey and Witchblade by lee. I can’t say this one has better damage than those but it’s definitely sturdy and unique so I wanted to share it with you.

Image from the game with perma buffs, WoR buff and Ulzaad proc

Helmet and Amulet crafted with %4 physique but it doesn’t affect much to invested physique so you can craft them with %Armor aswell.

:trident: GRIMTOOLS :trident:

After Maul proc become cooldownless, I look for a good proccer for that constellation. Storm Box was great to proc it and has a physical RR mod with a conduit amulet. So I gaved chance to a few ideas but couldn’t manage a good enough melee build with it until this one. OA looks low but build has very high DA Shred

  • Gutsmasher is core of the build, just as Unchained gloves.

  • Warborn helmet is used for CDR mod to War Cry to have perma RR and DR.

  • Inquisitor Conduit with Physical Storm Box is also core of the build.

  • Black Matriarch and Combustion rings are BiS for RR.

  • Windshear boots is for good stats.

  • Feralmane pants is for Laceration points but slow resist also makes it great for the build.

  • I choosed Doom relic for extra skill points but you can use Deathstalker aswell for more damage.

  • Balthazar medal is BiS, try to get OA affixes.

  • Ugdenbog belt is also BiS, try to get stats you need.

  • Benn’Jahr shoulders is BiS for BA points, try to get stats.

  • Targo chest is optional, I couldn’t find better chest for the build so I used it since it has BA points and phys resist.

No need to explain devotions since it’s quite standart Azrakaa route. I used extra points to get some more AS.

SR 90 Complete Run

Mutators are kinda bad. Fabius killed me twice but beside that build is still reliable at this level. Maybe it can be oushed to 95 with consumables and dedication since it will be a very long run :stuck_out_tongue:
Ravager of Flesh kill

It would be much easier if it’s Ravager of Minds since build struggles with mana regen and leech made it much worse but it’s quite an easy fight. Used OA and Health consumables only.

Avatar of Mogdrogen Kill

Used OA and Health consumables only.

Thanks for reading, any comment & feedback is welcome.


WOW !! i just Switched my Lv94 Canedce dual guns to this … and it’s way more fun , comfortable to play and i feel it’s even Better …

but why u have separate gear and not going for a specific Set ?

Anyway Here’s my Grimtool Tactician, Level 96 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator
“i just Equipped whatever Best Physical Dmg Legendary i have for the moment hahaha , and it’s Working fine so far” …

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Because then you can not hardcap the Blade Arc line and get the right stats.

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