[] Dead Metheny - Physical BA Deathknight [SR90] [4.45 Crucible] [Ravager, Avatar]


I'm running out of pretentious titles

Gear explanation

Gear crafted for slow resistance

  • Bloodrager’s Endless Frenzy - BiS, skillpoints to BA and tonn of %AS.
  • Celestial Halbert - core item, see the section below to get more info about affixes.
  • Grasp of unchained might - best gloves for physical BA.
  • Ring of Black Matriarch - BiS for any physical build.
  • Gladiator’s Distinction - scales are still great for physical damage.
  • Deathstalker - it’s ending up being better than any soldier relic.
  • Reaper’s Legguards - +3 to BH, formidable affix is bis, but certainly not mandatory.
  • Balthazar’s Crest - +3 to Laceration, minor amount of damage to BA (small sources of flat physical damage get allmost entirely destoyed by armor), but most importantly - affixes. Try to get imposing/stonefaced/incorruptible/aggressive of readiness/attack/ruin/soulwarding/supremacy
  • Gargabol’s ring - same as above for affixes.
Big green stick and how to get it

You might say something like:
-Nice build you have there, but how the hell a legal player supposed to get that DR halbert?
And that’s a right question to ask.

After the introduction of 1.1.7 it is much easier to get those kind of items (if the item has same damage type as affixes). You can try farming the Morgoneth dungeon itself, halbert drops from purple type of guardians, however, for some reason - drop chanses there are inferior. That’s why I recommend to farm only the “Keeper of the Seal” - he is standring right in front of the door to the dungeon. After an hour of farm you will most likely have something solid.

Now to the affixes - BiS are “Barbaric” of “Fervor/Voracity” (With the lattest you’re a bit sturdier due to extra ADctH). “Voracity” affix lacks %vitality damage, so it drops on physical weapons quite frequently.
As for other affixes the pattern is folowing -

  1. One of your affixes should have %AS in it (i.e. of Alacrity, of Fervor, of Voracity, Barbaric, Frenzied, Relentless, of Fury, of Onslaught, of Ruthlessness, of Shattered Reality)
  2. The other affix should have %physical/all damage (there are a plently of them).

So something like Relentless of Ruin or Officier's of Alacrity should be a great option.

Shattered Realm performance


I haven’t recorded SR75-76, but there’s nothing to be afraid of.

Crucible performance

Here’s my run with neutral mutators:

Extremely lucky run done by @Slev1n (recorded in previous patch). On average it’s about 4.40-5.00

Avatar of Mogdrogen same tweaks as for Ravager

Ravager of Flesh requires some tweaks to get more DA and potions for lifesteal

@mad_lee for Big Bad
@Slev1n for outstanding crucible runs.
@banana_peel for discovering the strength of Oleron’s proc (and inventing full damage dump on jewerly)


nice build, mate. glad you finally posted it!

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I saw the video some time ago. Good job on this build!

Another masterpiece :slight_smile:


Thank you for the build! Did you try using the new Maul? I noticed you don’t use it here.

Also any thoughts on bullrush vs blindflurry? Seems like most people go bullrush these days?


I’ve tried: maul’s AOE is nothing but garbage, proc chance is low, which means you need either insane proccer or AA to use it efficiently. Compared to Azraaka (cos you have to give up azraaka to use bear on 2H) the solo target dps increase is about 8%, but you lose ton of stats from Azrakaa. And still, a good portion of damage here is converted to physical, so it’s naturally ignors armor.
My verdict is - maul is not worth it on 2H physical builds, might work on pure DW though.

Blind fury, i haven’t seen bullrush after the change. Again, aoe is kinda pathetic.
Oleron’s proc is really good when you have high OA and good proccer or AA bound to it.


Currently have an older level 92 DK sitting around from around patch days, might push it a bit further in level and start gearing up for this build.

How hard/easy would you say it is to go from nothing on that list to everything/mostly everything on your build list? Again I’m going to just recycle an old Krieg/Warborn alt set DK for this, so hoping it’s not too punishing to farm the gear. :stuck_out_tongue:

Beyond that, looks good and fun! Been a grind but definitely wanted a 100 DK for future farming, so this will most definitely help a newbie like myself.

Not that hard. First of all - you need budget version (spoiler: wait till today’s evening or till tomorrow, something will happen.). It’s a mixture of krieg set and MI’s, should be quite easy to get. Secondly, after assembling budget version, with which you can more or less steadily farm SR65-66 you need to get Bloodrager’s set, it drops randomly. Then you swap krieg for bloodrager and grasp of unchained might and simply farm MI’s in campaign.

@Stupid_Dragon created leveling guide for physical BA deathknight.
what a lucky coincidence!


Coincidence indeed. Can’t be that certain someone delayed posting his own build so that he didn’t had to fend off aspiring ones by himself :rofl:


Which affixes would be better for the halberd, relentless of alacrity or relentless of ruin? Also, how about a cronley’s signet with physical dmg affixes instead of the gargabol ring?

Depends of your current %AS value.

Uhm, they are much harder to get, hence cronley’s ring only has %bleed damage, but if you managed to farm one - then go for it.

Hmm, in my experience bleed damage items get phys dmg affixes quite frequently since the “smart loot” patch, I think the game treats them as “physical damage” items.

mayhaps, i haven’t farmed cronley for a while.

anyways, about attack speed - try to get it capped, it’s more important than %damage.


Updated to

Got rid of diamond, 'cause now it’s more or less a useless component. Rearanged augments and bound Blind Fury to RE. That’s it.

In high SR performance should remains the same.
Here’s the SR75-76 speedrun by @supertolik (old spec with diamond):

here’s my fastest run so far (did like 5 of them), still not as fast as Slev1n but getting there:


I really do love this build. I’ve been playing it a lot lately.

What’s a good diamond alternative? Also, what % attack speed should this build aim for? I’m at 196% right now. Any boot alternatives you would recommend?

Runestone, there’s the calc in the very first post

Before Bloodrager’s procs or after?
4% shoudn’t make a difference, unless you have low slow res (<60%)

Hmm, these are pretty much BiS, but you can try Mythical Final March or Magelord Greaves.

Thank you so much for this build! It made me fell in love with the game :smiley:

I got a couple of question, if someone could be so kind to answer me. I’m new to the game, this is my first char, so probably I’m going to say something stupid or obvious… my apologies in advance!

So, if somehow you manage to reach 80% to all res anyway, wouldn’t it better to use:

  1. Mythical Reforged Chains of Oleron - Items - Grim Dawn Item Database (grimtools.com)
  2. Doom - Items - Grim Dawn Item Database (grimtools.com)
    Instead of the Gladiator belt and the Deathstalker relice?
    If I recognize it properly, those two items pretty much skyrocket the dps and give +2 to soldier (very usefull to reach 26 skill points to Blade Arc), aren’t those worth a try?

Thank you so much for your time.