[] No Set DW Spectral Longsword Cold SS Spellbreaker. SR 90(ish)


Hi everyone, I realized no one gaved a shot to Spectral Longsword after it got buffed so I thought I should try; and here it is.

Image from the game with perma buffs and Lethal Assault

Amulet and Gloves are crafted with Stun resist.

:ice_cube: :dagger: GRIMTOOLS :dagger: :ice_cube:

Build has 1,4 sec cooldown SS. You may ask that I tried Loxmeres or not. The answer is yes, you got 1,1 sec cooldown SS with them but the damage loss is enormous. Spectral Longswords almost doubles the SS tooltip damage with these gears but Loxmere’s might be better with full Morgo set since you don’t need pierce>cold conversion on that setup.

Gear Explanation
  • 2x Spectral Longswords are core of the build. ‘‘Shattering’’ suffix is BiS but I choosed ‘‘Glacial’’ and ‘‘Rimefrost’’ prefixes for procs to contribute AoE. ‘‘Frostborn’’ would be better for single target damage.

  • Alkamos Rings are also BiS for stats, damage and DR proc.

  • High Consillar’s Coat is BiS, fits the build perfectly. Provides core skill points and good stats.

  • Ravager Helmet for extra RR, health and extra CDR.

  • Silver Sentinel shoulders are better for damage but I choosed Deathmark shoulder to get extra phys resist.

  • Venomspine boots are BiS to get Justifiable Ends points, it also provides good resists.

  • Iceskorn gloves are BiS.

  • Slithscale pants are BiS for skill points and stats.

  • Used conduit of night whispers blade barrier varian for defensive stats.

  • Galeslice medal is used for SS mod, it provides good amount of damage. ‘‘Shadows’’ suffix is not mandatory, I considered extra 2 skill points is useful.

  • Used Gargoyle belt to increase OA. Spellbreaker belt is obviously better for damage.

  • I used Nidalla because you need one more Justifiable Ends to hardcap it, which is key for max CDR. So you need +1 nightblade relic, but I believe Nidalla is better than Nemesis due to it’s proc that provides some more AoE. I didn’t tested Belgothian relic so can’t say anything about it’s CDR proc.


Devotion route is a bit unusual I know. Since the class has single RR, I had to get Rhowan for flat thus needed the purples. After getting usual Amatok and Leviathan, I thought I could squeze some more points to reach Sage’s 4 nodes which provides great stats. To do that I gaved up Amatok proc and last node of Leviathan. You can still get Amatok’s proc ofc but it doesn’t provide much damage with dual wielding, infact Leviathan’s pools are better for AoE.

SR 90 Complete Run

I died to Aleksander a few times due to my bad reflexes, no death other than that but ofc no Kuba in the boss room, it’s very hard to kill without good mutators at this level.

SR 85 Boss Room

Go 1:50 to see Kuba fight.

SR 75-76 Complete Run

Thanks for reading, any comment & feedback is welcome


Try infiltrator now :slight_smile:

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Great job here @fordprefect

It’s because the Spectral Longswords have 25% Armor Piercing which is converting the small amount of flat Physical on the swords.

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But the screenshot shows Shadow Strike and Spectral LS has 100% Phy → Cold mod so it shouldn’t be affected


  • 44 - 52 Pierce is around 6 flat without % damage

  • shadow strike has like 400 WD so this 6 flat seems like just 1 single Pierce point from somewhere :thinking:
    probably some rounding / floating point issue

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It’s most likely this since it’s so very, very small. One of those GD quirks I think…

I remember having some leftover damage (but in-game iirc) when having precisely 100% conversion which was not the case when I had 101%+.

Maybe 100% Phy to Cold mod is rounded to something like 99.999% (floating point)
And then the remaining is rounded to 1 Physical or something like that.

Why aren’t you surprised that you have Physical there too though :slight_smile:

Fordprefect cannot do that because he would then need to cast Rune of Hagarrad for the build to be optimal but then again Fordprefect was born w/o any magic talents whatsover which is the reason he only plays melee.

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As @tqFan mentioned, %100 phys>cld on SS mod shuldn’t allow armor piercing on weapon to apply itself.

Yes, it’s weird. It should be only possible if pierce is converted from somewhere else but there is none, or there might be a bug with Spectral LS’s %100 physical>cold conversion, like it works like %99 :stuck_out_tongue:

LoL I overlooked that I presume, yes wth I have physical and pierce damage on SS :rofl: Only explanation is I guess %100 phys>cold mod doesn’t work as %100 but something like %99 so left %1 is physical and it’s %25 is pierce.

I actually tried 2x Loxmere and Silver Sentinel Infiltrator. WhenI incluse RoH it became too piano and I had to give up RoS. It’s really hard to balance stats with Infiltrator and it was too squishy for me. Ofc didnT try with Spectral LSs but as @tqFan mentioned but it would be like this Infiltrator, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator which is definitely not my style :smiley:

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Nightfall’s damage us also in the tooltip, and as we know, it’s a separate effect and thus is not affected by SS skill mods → leftover physical + pierce!


Hmm, you’re right. %43 WD from nightfall. There is %65ish global physical>cold conversion. Did a quick math; 12 flat physical damage left over in Nightfall and it’s %25 is 3 pierce flat. It should be right I guess.

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Do you think the build could kill any celestials? And are there any low cost alternatives for the alkamos ring?

Maybe Mogdrogen but not Ravager and Calla. Perhaps if you know the combat very well you can kill Crate aswell, without getting much hits.

And you can use Elemental Harmony rings or Reign of Ice and Fire until you get Alkamos rings but they are kinda mandatory to achieve some goals since you depend on their damage reduction proc but shouldn’t be any problem in campaign or farming range SR.

This looks awesome so far!

Sadly, I do feel that more fragile classes are always at the mercy of mutators + boss rooms in Shattered Realms, so all in all that’s a great run.

Looking forward to see how much further you can push the optimization since I’m stumped on how to do it myself.

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Thanks, good to see people enjoying the build. Well I don’t think build can do 95 since the scaling is huge between 90 and 95. It’s very hard to kill Ravager or Calla with these phys resist and armor. Mogdrogen should be possible but my character already killed him so I can’t try it. Crate can be done since the combat depends on how you hit&run and not get hit by meteors and boxes which I’m not very good at it. I am also not a good Crucible pilot and I don’t like the concept that much; I’m certain build can finish CR with buffs if you don’t care the timer but for competitive timer I’m not the one who should pilot :smiley:


Since we are on this topic though, think you can offer some suggestions on my endgame build?

I basically sunk in as much points as humanly possible into anything +% damage for Cold and Frostburn, but I also noticed that you have invested a huge part of your points into NJE and Lethal Assualt.

I admit that I might have been severely underestimating Lethal Assault since ABB is purely a mobbing tool in my case. I’ll never outright tank anything serious long enough to benefit from the 4 second duration.

For NJE, I’m not to sure myself, so do you suggest that I sacrifice some damage and reduce SS cooldown to at least less than 2 seconds?

So, do you think that my build would benefit from investing into Lethal Assault or NJE? I think I could swap out my Serenity Relic for a Nidalla’s Outbreak, since the link was for a hardcore build, but honestly…I’m not crazy enough to do Ultimate Shattered Realm past Shard 30 on Hardcore, so assume that it is a softcore character.

Lack of OA/DA, AS, Phys res.
That’s my 3 cents.

Ps. Compare stats with this one: Infiltrator, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

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First of all yes, like @gregory_portman said you need to increase your OA and DA a bit. Phys resist is also very low. Spirit dump may be good for damage but you can re-spec some of them to physique and get more DA and Health. Your skill points and components are also a bit wrong. You have no armor absorption. You need to invest Dual Blades and Maiven’s Sphere of Protection as long as your gear allows for defense. Maxing elemental balance without having enough OA to crit doesn’t mean anything and yes Nidalla’s Justifiable Ends worth softcapping atleast.

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Is there any way, current patch, to get a dw spell breaker built for killing celestials? Not just this build, but any build? I really love this style of dw play. If spell breaker cant do it, what can?

You can kill 3 of them with this build. Maybe even Calla if you’re dedicated enough since it will require a lot of kitng and very careful piloting which I couldn’t handle.

Thanks man!

Nightfall is a secondary effect so isn’t converted through the skill transmuters on the items,
but at the same time they are included in the dmg breakdown tooltip/display in page 2 - same reason why you see vitality decay
since nightfall has a portion of weapon dmg, and you have both phys and pierce as normal weapon dmg leftover, it shows up in the breakdown