[showcase] ssf shieldbreaker mortar trap blackwater cocktail build to start the grind

This will not a build guide. There are a lot of super well written guides out there.

Just a show of mine ssf mortar trap shieldbreaker.

leveled up with blackwater cocktail, canister bomb and all the MIs I could get for the 2 skills.

at 94 i start grinding totems and reputation to craft hexflame, the medal and some random green items (pants, boots, gloves).

no min maxing, just get the resis up and start grinding for ugdenblooms.

this is the final build i used to grind 100 ugdenblooms and enough totems to get the recips.

next step: Min max the compenents and augments and test the dungeons. maybe i will make a video. build seems super strong for the gear level and can be a good starter.


some new components.

steps of torment - done
bastion of chaos - done, but the endboss fight is more like a chicken dance. a lot of kitting and near death experience
ancients grove - done, bossfight was easy
port valbury - to be done
tomb of heretic - to be done, i think i cant do it :smiley: most beginner build i tried could not do it :smiley:

quick bastion of chaos run

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port valbury easy done.

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tomb of heretic cant be done, or only with the right potions and a lot of patience and player skill.

I cant.

But what I (or this build) can do is farming totems, and the other 4 dungeons until you get a full set and reroll a new build with the set you found or grind until you get enough gear upgrades and do heavier content later with the mortar trap shieldbreaker.

I grind totems and dungeons. Save every legendary and blue item in gd stash until I have enough and upgrade my hero.

Basicly if you find the helm recipe for a good set, you can grind enough mats to craft the helm 4x and reroll / transmute the helm long enough until you get the full set.

I already found the pyran offhand, and shoulders, and helm recipe.

Now I will grind enough eldritch essence to craft the helm 2x and get the full pyran set :))

my totem farming route: 10 minute youtube video - bad quality, but you can see what i do :smiley:
just check for totems and some chosen rifts and do the totem asap

Why don’t you have a guide for this build

Because as they said in the opening post it’s not a guide, it’s a showcase build.

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