Beginner build guides Compendium (for AoM + FG expansions)

Nice, hope it turns out great.

But as of now, I still remember getting a lot of recommendations that I should swap out to loxmere instead.

Maybe I’ll use GDstash just so I can mess around with that.

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Added Budget Physical Melee Dual-Wield Righteous Fervor Oppressor (Physical)(Oppressor)(The_Coyote)


RIP making a beginner’s guide HC approved. The guide will live on, unlike my character. Have to find a way to make a character appear like a budget guide, but with appropriate MI’s and such. I’m not going to lie. This stings a lot.

EDIT: The guide is done!


Spams F in chat

Gabal’Thunn is that one pushover with an absolutely brutal haymaker for pre 100 builds who try to tank him a little too long. I rage quitted for half a day after that BS before I re-rolled.

I know your pain. Lost three lvl 100 spellbreakers with SSF legendaries. I didn’t give up though, and my fourth is currently alive. He’ll persist as a monument, since I think completing your build should be the true endgame for any HC character (Unless you’re a gambler, then your charc will just die in battle one day lol).

I think I managed to add it without making a mess.



Yes, thanks for adding


Thanks for updating the compendium :slight_smile:


@eisprinzessin got me thinking by using just link instead of

I mean using

instead of

[Beginner build guides Compendium (for AoM + FG expansions)](

For example let’s look at @Nery’s build entry using the 2nd type of link:

Looks alright? Yes but click on it. You get:

[] Beginner’s Lightning Vindicator caster

because @Nery changed build type (a long time ago), the ranged one is out-dated and in the wrong category.

[edit] No, it’s ok. I now understand. Nery has 2 build entries in the compendium that lead to the same thread / have the same link. I thought incorrectly there’s should be only one build entry.

What do you all think? Should I change all links to be dynamic / of the first type?
The drawback is that the titles might be longer and also constain [version] tags.

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I think it’s alright as it is right now.
The title might be different, but it’s descriptive enough.

Though if it saves you time in the future, versus the time it would take you to change the existing ones to this format, you might as well do it. IMO they are both fine.


I can use regex in Notepad++ to quickly change showcase how this would look:

Now we have

Cooldown caster

After change

Cooldown caster

[edit] I was for changing it but now after some thinking I’m for leaving it as it is. Let me know if you prefer one form over the other.

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I would go for the “now we have” version - as it is a list - shorter elements are imho better readable - and following the link should not be too hard

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Thanks for adding my Ritualist, didn’t notice you’re still active :slightly_smiling_face:

Also I seems to miss some of the other builds, including your one Infiltrator with Chillstrifes, which is obviously cool.

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I wasn’t active for a few months.

Tell me which are missing and I’ll add them. Instead of your Chillstrife’s guide there’s leveling for it in the Compendium: [] DW cold Infiltrator for beginners-build diary so I think I’ll change it to your Chillstrife guide and players will be able to find leveling from there

Or maybe I’ll check your compendium. [edit] Nah, all your builds are in compendium.

Maybe you meant my Spectral Longsword caster Infi → it’s in the compendium. I put it in Melee Hybrid but after remembering what this category is about (melee AA + other things), I moved it to Cooldown Caster. Although it’s Cooldown Caster (Roh) + Melee (Shadow Strike and fight in melee range) + Spam Caster (Chillspikes) hybrid because all these skills deal good damage but RoH is the focus and most damage I suppose.


No, no I just meant that I’ve missed the builds you added in last update. For instance I haven’t saw before your Infiltrator guide and it serves better purpose than my own, which is pretty old.


After watching half of Shadowstrike Skip Guide - Grim Dawn ZIPPING - YouTube by @RektbyProtoss and Eluminator
I’d love to make some build guide with hard to get MIs and use this technique to farm them.

name Petwalker - Walking Simulator Budget Pet Conjurer (Pets)(Conjurer)(Maya) name


Hello Nery, thank you so much for all your work. It is possible for you to reshare the " [Advanced mechanics guide by Nery et. al. ]? It’s seems to me that it’s down, maybe I’m mistaken.

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Check THIS link if it’s working for you. Mind that the guide wasn’t completed and it’s pretty old.

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Sounds like it needs to be completed then.


What do you think of this format of build entries: Build Compendium for Mods ?
For me it’s more readable but it is a bit rough and lacks the flow the current one has.

  • Keep current format
  • Move to new format

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