[] DW Olexra's Chill + Mageslayer Frosty Spellbreaker - SR 90ish

Hi everyone, me again with another build. This was pure meme when I put together the pieces but thanks to Z, Olexra’s Chill got good mods and Mageslayer got attack speed during the playtest so it’s now a solid archetype. My version is a bit defensive so damage can be increased by spirit dump and relic change. Note that this is not a whole guide but merely a showcase for who’s interested.

Image from the game with perma buffs and LA buff


Build is fun to play. You can play hit&run in danger and facetank when suitable. You can stack 250-300k’ish frostburn damage but the duration is not that long.

SR 75-76 Complete Run

SR 85 Complete Run

SR 90 Complete Run

With a few deaths. Go 8:00 to see almost 3 mins Kuba fight :rofl:

Thanks for reading, any comment & feedback is welcome


Pretty cool build :slight_smile:

Does ABB scale with attack speed or casting speed ?

I have a few questions about your devotions. Not trying to be an ass, just picking your brain.

Why Toad instead of hawk or Scholar’s light ?
Is it for the ADCTH ?

And why not complete ghoul and get the points back from Jackal ?
They could be placed in wendigo for a bit more Physical resist
Like this ? Spellbreaker, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

Attack Speed

Beast racial damage and Adcth but beast racial is important againts Kuba with cold builds.

You need extra 1 point for that if you don’t change anything else. If build needed OA or something I could easily get Hawk over Toad and get extra point from there. Anyway Jackal is for speed mainly, that why I also got Lantern(along with good stats).

If build didn’t need speed, and had 2 RR sources, I would skip all unnecessary devotions and take 4 point Ultos to get more damage like this Spellbreaker, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator but you gotta do what you gotta do :stuck_out_tongue:

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That all makes a lot of sense, thank you :slight_smile:

This is the kind of details that experienced players are aware of that I wish there was a guide for somewhere…

Shows that I still have a LOT to learn about the intricacies of this game

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love how this build plays, any advice for leveling? thanks

Love the build as well, it’s a very nice weapon now.
You only got a 1.2s CD on Abb right? Do you use standard attack in between?

First go for Nightblade side, get ABB and Dual Blades, then get SS; invest some to passives and pneumatic burst. Basically play like cold Nightblade, you can go Arcanist side later. You will find Spectral Longsword from skeletons in arkovia use them as weapons.

Thanks. Yes, you don’t have my time to hit between other skills anyway.

just using bloodreaper set atm with both weapons

another issue with levels - devotion path? always get confused if you don’t lay it out since some stuff gets respecced

Sailor>Viper>Ghoul>Spider>Murmur>1 point Red>Revenant(and remove that one point afterwards)>Amatok>1 Point blue(remove sailor)>Raven>Toad>Can’t get Oklaine without dagger or scepter so take anything with 3 green>Yugol. Use the rest points as you please they are not that important. You can copy my route after you get full gear.


factions to go for?

Doesn’t matter much but go for Death’s Vigil which provide more for cold damage in the beginning.

Deep SR Kuba on single rr cold builds :sweat: :gun:


Excellent build, as always Ford… I’d been playing with a 2-weapon Mageslayer Spellbreaker, alternating around Ascendant Conduits, Spectral Bludgeons, and Ugdenbog Chillstrifes as the mood took me (stacking Aeon’s for some truly epic freezes), using Berenoth, but with that huge boost to the Olexra’s Chill, I find your build is much more consistent. About the only change I’d suggest is putting Blizzard against Blade Spirit and Rumour against ABB. I also would rather do a minimal investment in TSS instead of Ring of Steel, and use that to trigger Raise the Dead to open engagement with a couple of skeletons while at a distance.


Such a nice build. Thanks for showing it.

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What do you think about switching one Olexra’s Chill for Herald of Amatok (maybe with a little skillpoint investment into Blade Spirits?) or Beacon of Winter’s Veil?
Any alternatives for Alkamos rings? Band of Eternal Haunt, Starfire, Chillsurge, Elemental Balance set?

I doubt it will fit here without changing the playstyle drastically.

Might work after buffs but you’ll lose ABB points and mod, plus it has physical base and you can reach %55 ish conversion at most. But it’s frostburn duration can work in this build.

Alkamos rings provides good stats and key proc but you can use elemental balance rings if you don’t have them.

Ahoy! I’m a relatively new player and I’ve been bouncing around a lot of cold builds because i find it the most enticing (infiltrator, spellbreaker, reaper, sorcerer, even cold blademaster) but I lack clarity on end game viability of some of these builds.

I sort of understand the big tests to be SR depth, Crucible viability, and Celestial killing power. It seems like it’s super rare for any build to excel in all of those, but curious where this one falls in there? If a guide only mentions SR does that mean it’s probably not as strong in Crucible or taking on the big Celestial baddies?

Crucible speedrunners often push build’s damage to the limit which can mean too little Physical resistance or other things to beat Callagadra for example. But I think they can most often than not be adjusted to this job if you sacrifice some DPS.

Thank you for the context! So in other words, it’s very unlikely that any given build could be a ‘one size fits all’ for cruci & SR 90+ & celestial killing?

I think there are many builds that can do that and there would be more if people care / prioritize being able to do all these. In my opinion. I assume being fit for Crucible is beating it consistently and not necessarily be super fast.