[] Just Another S&B Blade Arc Warlord [SR85]

Build Idea

The basic idea behind the build was the desire to have a S&B Blade Arc build with really high (sheet) damage. Warlord looked like the most promising class for this purpose. While Warlord has a specific Blade Arc set (Targo) and shield (Kali’s Ka) for this type of build, using the Spellscourge set looked more promising - +100% weapon damage to Blade Arc seemed to be the way to go and hard to beat for the intented purpose.

(with all permanent buffs and Ulzaad’s Decree - see top right)

Download: _Zifae.zip (1.1 MB)

Overall, I would say that the experiment was successful. The damage is relatively high (370k with Ulzaad’s Decree). With other procs, almost 400k can be reached for short times in the campaign. In crucible, with buffs, 500k sheet damage is also possible for a short time.

However, while the character can finish SR75/76 relatively quickly - a run without death is not guaranteed, at least in my hands. However, a death usually does not mean that the run cannot be completed within the timer. Higher shards mean more deaths for me - but were possible, i.e. in my test run, the character could go up to SR 85 and did not run in an impossible wall (the number of deaths from SR 80 to SR 85 was, however, numerous).

The main goal for the build was crucible though - and with 4 buffs and 3 banners it was possible to successfully complete 3 out of 4 150-170 test runs (the first run ended in a death in 170), the time per run was ~6 minutes, my best time ~5:30. Taking my usually abnormally bad times into account - either: I’ve gotten better spontaneously (well - not) or it’s my fastest character so far, which in more capable hands could probably stay under 5 minutes. You could probably even change a few augments for a pure crucible-runner (rings, boots)

A big problem outside of the crucible with its buffs is however the low energy regen. The build runs empty relatively quickly and requires Elixirs of Spirit - actually it would need more than possible to consume. This makes difficult opponents almost impossible in the present form - a test run against Ravager of Minds ended relatively quickly (in his favor). Another small issue are some relatively small resistance overcaps.

Build Details

Some details for the gear choices behind the build. The center of the build is the Spellscourge set with its boni to Blade Arc. The cooldown reduction of the set also strongly increases the uptime of War Cry and Ulzaad’s Decree. Overguard - another strength of the set - is one pointed (lack of points - but the one point is good invested here). A Sandclaw Splicer, Balthazar’s Crest, as well as Mythical Grasp of Unchained Might with its Blade Arc boni support the Blade Arc focus of the build.

The chest armor is Mythical Dread Armor of Azragor (for the Adcth). Both rings are used because of the resist reduction, the boots and pants mainly for the skill boni - and the belt was used for the flat damage and to have less green items. As relic Doom was selected (flat and higher %physical damage).

Both nodes of the main damage skill are maxed. War Cry is used for the enemy damage reduction and the resist reduction of Break Moral (11%-point more the Spellscourge Blade Arc boni). The uptime is acceptable (5.7 sec skill recharge). Oleron’s Rage is maxed to have an acceptabel offensive ability. Decorated Soldier (8/8), Field Command (12/12) and Squad Tactics (11/12) also got a strong investment to either increase damage or offensive ability. Other skills in the solider mastery are one pointed. Oathkeeper mainly works as support and flat damage provider (Safeguard and Rebuke), Celestial presence is maxed for the resist reduction, Presence of Virtue for the offensive ability and energy regen. Three points were invested in Haven (for the health bonus and the healing effects increase).

The target for the devotion set up was to have Azrakaa (without proc), Oleron (with proc), Bear (with proc) and Ulzaad (for the proc). The rest of the devotions was than selected to get the necessary affinities, resist reduction and resists. As flat resist reduction is already provided, Scales of Ulcama are not used (while they would solve the energy issues mentioned above).

Performance Documentation

As I don’t make videos - not prove for the crucible performance, but at least an image of SR85 can be provided.

(as stated earlier - SR80 → SR85 was with quite some deaths)

See also

As the presented build was planed as “isolated talent” (damage) build, it has only limited all-rounder abilities. A more balanced general purpose (and better tested) S&B Blade Arc Warlord should be the one posted by @fordprefect

To see the Spellscourge set in its natural habitat (Battlemage) and with its full Devastation glory, see @afanasenkov26 Bottlemage

Bonus Build

And as small bonus just a tiny 100% block and 100% block recovery test - can kill (slowly) Ravager of Minds without pharma - Warlord, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

Concluding Remarks

The build is only posted here to have another S&B Blade Arc Warlord. It is based on a specific philosophy (damage) and is imho quite sure an imperfect meme build. But the intented target - to have a high damage S&B Blade Arc build was imho reached. However, the high multitarget damage makes the build rather fun to play and a usable SR 75/76 as well crucible farmer (even if deaths can occur).

Have Fun