[] Warborn RF Siegebreaker Oppressor | Crate + Calla + Ravager < 4:30 | HC friendly

no Gargabol
other shield


Crafted for % Armor at Angrim
Warborn Bastion set provides Attack Speed, Necro buffs (mainly to
Reaping Strike), %DMG, Armor, Heal proc, Aether → Phy conversion
Mythical Siegebreaker has the most flat damage but lacks %DMG.
Grants Siegebreaker ability I use to proc Maul with 99.5% chance
without having to skate through enemies with VM which I dislike.
Stonewall Defender has Physical RR and % Damage but
I decided to spare you the crafting of some good double rare.
Mythical Gladiator’s Distinction full Vit → Phy conversion is great
not only for Necro’s Vitality damage but even more so for Ulcama’s
devotion healing proc.
Two Seals of Might together with Warborn Bastion provide
full Aether → Phy conversion.
Mythical Chausses of Barbaros proc boosts our %AS to 200%.
The rest of the gear is not particularly interesting. I considered it BIS
for stats or skill points to Righteous Fervor

Righteous Fervor is needed to be only at 24 for maximum number of charges.
26 bonus seems to be marginal.
Buffed by Warborn Bastion and fully converted, Reaping Strike is a very important
WPS due to nearly 50% Leech it has.
Another important WPS that not only has great damage and 31 Reduced Target’s Physical
Resistance (more than Ulcama devotion) but is also a good proccer according to my testing.
Ill Omen has incredibly potent Damage Reduction which, if I’m not mistaken,
might be important for DPS as well by reducing enemies’ offensive debuffs.
As if we weren’t tanky enough already, Mark of Torment absorbs about 40% of damage
from a single enemy when we need it the most.
Gaze of Beronath item skill debuffs enemies’ Offensive Ability by 110. You can probably skip it.
Vire’s Might together with another Charge movement skill from augment ensures excellent mobility.
But for :crate: superboss we need to use a Shadow Strike-like one to avoid its damage debuff.
Use Volcanic Stride if you want to proc some devotion with Vire’s Might.
I didn’t test if Retribution is worth maxing.
Perhaps I would use Soul Harvest if it had 100% chance to proc either Maul or Ulzaad’s Decree.
Also one fewer button to press.
The rest of the skills is self-explanatory

Mandatory to reduce enemies’ Physical Resistance.
Armor debuff and Leech proc, great stats.
These two provide great absorption and stats.
Amazing Leech proc thanks to our 100% Vit → Phy conversion.
Attack Speed and Physical Resistance
The rest was taken for their stats.
Crate 0:40 (naked not attempted)
Ravager 1:36 (1:58 naked)
Callagadra 2:12 (3:20 naked)
SR 75-76

Various 75 or 76 runs with different bosses at the end:

Crucible 5:50

Filthy casual run:

credit to The_Coyote whose Budget DW RF Oppressor
              inspired me and should be used for leveling

Feedback and ideas from comments

Might be a good idea if you have problem with facetanking Calla for example.


As it is a true S&B - I must simply like it :slight_smile:

Good work and great times you got

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Thanks, I don’t chase / grind timers but since they happened to be good why not use them for marketing purposes.

Btw you busted me when I was editing it secretly in a different thread. I couldn’t message you back because your profile is private. Consider making it public not only for private messages but I’m sure more players than just me check out guides from builders profiles.

Zero lifesteal? Only WPS and healing procs? Hmm… :thinking:

P.S. Good build!

P.P.S. Why not using Mark of the Voracious One to hardcap Shattering Smash (and give it lifesteal) and leave 24/16 RF?

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That’s a good alternative. It crossed my mind but the medal I’m using is also good. Perhaps I can mention it somewhere in the OP.

Yes, turns out when you have the following leeches

  • Necrotic Edge Reaping Strike
  • Scales of Ulcama
  • Maul
  • Kilrian’s Flame

The following absorptions:

  • Turtle
  • Crab
  • Ascension
  • Mark of Torment

And heals:

  • Warborn proc
  • Health pot

You don’t need it. Although I did use ADCTH pot in farma fights just in case but it didn’t feel necessary.

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Reaping Strike, you meant?

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Btw against Ravager / Callagdra the build felt as expected but against Crate it felt surprisingly tanky.
You know, standing near many crates and not dying instantly. Maybe :crate: could be killed faster.

I wonder if it’s not the :crab:'s protection from Elemental damage :thinking: (on top of :turtle: and others).
I’m a strong :crab: + :turtle: believer, even more so after testing that they stack properly with each other.

It’s not the first time when I confuse the two. Necrotic Edge sounds more leechy to me.


Hmm… since the medal gets additional +1 to RF in, I could drop the Gargabol, still be able to have 24 RF and maximum number of charges and wear Combustion Band for some more RR :thinking: or maybe some other ring