[] Acid Aegis Sentinel - Experiment159b - Leveling Journal


Introducing Experiment159b! The laziest Sentinel with a penchant for the green stuff…

Hello everyone! First “guide” for me, be nice!
I wanted to level an acid Aegis of Menhir Sentinel from 1-100 but I could really only find leveling guides for fire shield leveling and most of the acid builds were end-game. I thought to myself, self, surely it couldn’t be that hard to level as an Acid Sentinel using only Aegis of Menhir. So I decided to try, and journal that build as it came along. This is a solo self-found build journal. I used nothing from my bank or stored items from GD Stash. Everything I have, I found on this character with the exception of crafted components and relics. Ngl, I was tempted a few times to pull stuff like my full perdition set, but honestly it wasn’t needed as this build seems powerful enough.

Note: This is not an end-game build guide, this is a "How Brewshock84 leveled an Acid Aegis Sentinal guide. There are a plethora of resources on this forum for end-game guides and farming. I am only leading you to water here. If I continue to play around and test eng-game with it, I will add a section for it.

This is a work in progress, currently at Lvl 100 and you are free to follow along and provide feedback! I will continually update GT at the end of each leveling branch. Thanks for reading, I hope this helps you, and let’s have some fun!
(Borrowed @Stupid_Dragon formatting from his beginner build guides)

Update: Level 100 has been achieved! It’s been a fun play! I still have AoM and FG to finish on Ultimate, and to farm for some better roles on the MI’s. I am going to try and farm for this end-game build next [] Walking Wasteland - poison Aegis/DEE Sentinel [SR 90] [All Celestials] [50 sec Crate kill]
GT Lvl 100

At level 100, this character is far from optimized but it performs pretty decently. I was able to get to the crucible on Gladiator difficulty to 90 without much difficulty. I am not the best pilot, but I’m sure with a little more effort it could go past 100.

How the build works

    Pretty darn simple! Use Aegis of Menhir and supporting skills for Acid and Acid resistance reductions(RR)!
    I leveled from 1-50 soley in Oathkeeper. Using Aegis of Menhir and Guardian of Empyrion as the active attack and Celestial Presence as the passive RR. Post 50, I began to use Occultist for more active RR.


This is the path I took. It may not be the most optimized, but it worked and I had no issues. Once endgame is reached, modify to whatever build you are aiming for:

  1. Crossroads (red)
  2. Ghoul (bind to Ascension)
  3. Crossroads (Green)
  4. Spider
  5. Manticore (Bind to Aegis of Menhir)
  6. Remove Crossroads (Green)
  7. Crossroads (blue)
  8. Eel
  9. Murmur (Bind to Aegis of Menhir, Change Manticore to Guardian of Empyrion)
  10. Empty Throne
  11. Wretch
  12. Chariot of the Dead (Bind to any aura, I used Presence of Virtue
  13. Remove Crossroads (Blue and Red)
  14. Raven
  15. Crossroads (Green)
  16. Abomination, Tainted Eruption (Bind to Curse of Frailty)
  17. Compass
Monster Infrequents

There are quite a few Monster Infrequent’s (MI’s) that really help spice up this build… to the point it would probably be pretty crippled without them, though, I have not tested that. Anyway, most of them will be in your way through the leveling process and shouldn’t be too difficult to get. When you are leveling, you are not looking for god roll’s. We only want the MI’s skill modifier, specifically to Aegis of Menhir. I point these out in the Leveling guide below, but I will list them out here for quick references.

    Ronaparax’s Sting
    Ravna’s Claw
    Magi Visage
    Crimson’s Vile Scepter
    Basilisk Fang
    Gargoyle Girdle All you are looking for is Def stats and the +1 Oathkeeper.
    Fleshwarped Defender
    Colossal Defender
    Either of these shields will do nicely. The AoM bonuses on Colossal Defender arent great. What you really want is some good acid or fire dmg and a high shield damage.

    Honorable Mention: Vine Ring These are decent rings with the +3 to AoM. That said, they really don’t have much more to offer unless you get some with 3 different resistances or some extra Acid bonuses. See my snapshots for examples when I found decent ones.
    Honorable Mention: Viloth Ring These are decent rings as well with +3 to Path of Three (Yes, I found it funny). They also come with OA which is nice.

    Levels 1-20

    I personally leveled on Normal without Veteran Modifier. I honestly do not think the extra difficulty is worth it for the first 50 levels or so. If you like the extra challenge, feel free to go Veteran but keep in mind things will take longer to kill, particularly things that are Acid resistant like Ronaprax.

    Lvl 2: 2 Oathkeeper (OK) 1 Aegis of Menhir (AoM)
    Lvl 3: 2 OK 1 AoM
    Lvl 4: 2 OK 1 Avenging Shield(AS)
    Lvl 5: 2 OK 1 AS
    Lvl 6: 2 OK 1 Aegis of Thorns (AoT)
    Lvl 7: 2 OK 1 AS
    Lvl 8: 2 OK 1 AoM
    Kaspar: 1 AS
    Lvl 9: 1 OK 1 AoM/1AS
    Lvl 10: 1 AoM 2 AS
    Lvl 10 Snapshot
    Obviously, the first ten levels are going to be easy. Relative to that, I have found acid AoM to be efficient so far. I probably would have put a few more points into AS earlier on, as those AOE breakpoints make a world of difference. I also got lucky with a few +acid drops. Be sure to visit the Putrid Den a few times for a +Acid weapon if you don’t have one. The boss drops Pusquill’s Tail
    Viloth in the Devil’s Crossing sewers also drops +Acid rings Viloth’s Ring
    You could do a few farming runs for these items, and also a chance for a totem in the sewer.
    At this point, I have only completed the quests for the Burial Cave and the sewers.
    Lvl 11: 3 OK
    Lvl 12: 2 OK 1 Reprisal
    Lvl 13: 2 OK 1 AoM
    Lvl 14-18: 2 AoM 1 OK (You should have AoM maxed by now).
    Lvl 19: 2 Reprisal 1 OK
    Lvl 20: 2 Reprisal 1 OK
    Lvl 20 Snapshot

    Damage is starting to wane slightly, most mobs are still one shot though, and still able to face tank most bosses and champions. Have not died yet! Just about to finish up with Warden, which will open up Act 2. As soon as you have, head to the Rocky Coast and the Stirring Hive. Farm Ronaparax until you’ve gotten a decent Ronaparax’s Sting.

    If you suffer at all, check your components to ensure you have some armor, armor absorption, and resistance. Resistances do not have to be at 80% this early in the game, but they shouldn’t be zero for the type of element you are fighting against. IE Aether for Warden Krieg.

    If you chose to go to the FG campaign at this point, there are a few MI’s that you should try and snag. Magi Visage Thanks to @tqFan for the point out. The lvl 20 version is good but the level 40 version is better as it gives +3 to Guardian of Empyrion
    To access the area required to find the Magi, you need to complete the quest Paying Debts Note* You do not need the quest to obtain the seals.
    Crimson’s Vile Scepter is another one that you will use pretty much till 100.

    Levels 21-36

    Lvl 21: 1 Ascension - Bind to Ghoul
    Lvl 22: 2 OK, 1 Guardian
    Lvl 23: 3 OK
    Lvl 24: 3 OK
    Lvl 25: 2 OK, 1 Scion of Dreeg
    Lvl 26-28: Max OK
    Lvl 29-32: Max Celestial Presence for those delicious acid resistance reductions

    You should be around Homestead at this point. This is a great place to upgrade your shield! Remember, Aegis of Thorns converts 100% Fire to Acid for Aegis of Menhir, so we want anything with Acid OR Fire. The shield Fleshwarped Defender drops from Fleshwarped Commanders and Vanguard in and around the Rotten Croplands. Fleshwarped Defender Note: we are not taking Judgment even though this shield has bonuses for it.
    Also, when you get the quest to kill the Dermeptradon Queen, Ravna, she drops a great MI for Acid Aegis builds. Highly recommend you farm this off her before you proceed through questing. Ravna’s Claw
    It took me 5 kills to get one.
    Lvl 36 snapshot

    Levels 37-50

    Lvl 33-36: Max Path of the Three
    Lvl 37: 1 Presence of Virtue, 1 Haven, 1 Resilience
    Lvl 38: 3 AS (we’re gonna take this opportunity over the next several levels to max out AS and Reprisal)
    Lvl 39: 2 AS 1 Reprisal
    If you have reached the Asterkan Road rift and have not done the Hidden Path quest, take the time now to do it since the third seal is here.
    The Hidden Path: 1 Reprisal
    Lvl 40: 3 Reprisal
    Lvl 40 Snapshot
    Lvl 41: 2 Reprisal, 1 Safeguard
    Lvl 42: 3 Haven

    At this point, I have finished the main campaign. I hopped over to Elite just to open up the Devils Crossings sewers so I could try to farm some new Viloth Rings, with no luck actually. Then I came back to Normal to start AoM so I could grab a decent Baskilisk Fang.

    Kasparov(Elite): 1 Reprisal
    Lvl 43: 3 Haven
    Lvl 44: 3 Haven
    Lvl 45: 2 Haven, 1 Safeguard
    Lvl 46: 3 Safeguard
    Lvl 47: 3 Safeguard
    Lvl 48: 1 Safeguard, 2 Ascension

    After finally getting a Basilisk Fang, I swapped back to Elite - Act 1

    Lvl 49: 3 Ascension
    Lvl 50: 3 Presence of Virtue

    We did it! We went all the way to 50 without anything from a supporting class! Now we will be focusing on the Occultist to beef up our dmg and resistance reductions.

    Lvl 50 Snapshot: Oathkeeper, Level 50 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

    Levels 51-65

    Lvl 51: 1 Occ, 1 Curse of Frailty
    Lvl 52-55: 2 Occ
    Finished Act 1 (lucked out and found a decent Colossal Defender from an Aetherial Totem in the Wardens cellar) and opened up Act 2 just enough to reach the rocky coast and give the stirring hive another go for a new Ronparax’s Sting.
    Heading directly to the FG campaign to acquire Crimson’s Vile Scepter This MI will be a big boost in dmg for Acid Aegis.
    Lvl 56: 1 Occ, 1 Vulnerability
    Lvl 57-60: 2 Vulnerability
    Lvl 61: 1 Vulnerability, 1 Occ
    Scored a decent Crimson’s Vile Scepter on my first try. While you are around the Basalt Crag’s, try and farm gargoyles for a +1 Oathkeeper belt Gargoyle Girdle
    Lvl 62-63: 2 Occ
    Now that we’ve gotten a few upgraded MI’s, we’re gonna finish all the campaigns in Elite. You can do these in any order you choose!
    Lvl 64: 2 Blood of Dreeg
    Lvl 65: 2 Blood of Dreeg
    Lvl 65 Snapshot

    Levels 66-75

    Now that we are 65, we can begin looking for recipes for either Malediction or Meditation relics. These are big dmg boosts for acid builds and the latter is preferable for its +1 Oathkeeper. If you find either of these, work on crafting them. *Warning - they will be expensive in mats and iron bits.

    I got a recipe for Malediction and I crafted it… it was a pain in the d***. What you will need in total to craft it is:
    Relics: Blight, Terror, Mistborn Talisman, Calamity, Glacier, Corruption x2, Torment, Guile, Squall, Ruination
    Components: Bloody Whetstone, Void-Touched Ammo, Consecrated Wrappings, Rotten Heart, Venom-Tipped Ammo
    It also took a f*** ton of Aether Shards, so I recommend you hit Burial Hill and Underground Transit farm some up.

    Lvl 66-72: 2 Blood of Dreeg. At lvl 70, I pulled 2 points from Smite and 1 point from AS to get Rebuke and Clarity of Purpose and an additional point into Ascension.
    You can also take a point in Eye of Dreeg and its mutator Focused Gaze if you need a bit more poison DOT. Once we hit 70, better versions of all our MI’s will be available.
    Lvl 73: 1 Occ, 1 Blood Burst
    Lvl 74-5: 2 Occ
    Lvl 75 Snapshot w/Devotions complete.
    At this point, you should ensure you have completed the Hidden Path and Rowari Legacy on both Normal and Elite for the extra skill points.

    Also be sure to work on getting your rep to Exalted with the vanilla factions so that we can use the resistance powders to supplement once we switch to Ultimate.

    Levels 76-100

    Lvl 76: 2 Occ
    Hidden Path: 1 Occ
    Lvl 77: 1 Occ, 1 Terrifying Gaze
    Lvl 78-80: 2 Occ
    Lvl 81: 2 Occ
    Kasparov (Ultimate) 1 Aspect of the Guardian
    Lvl 82-83: 2 Aspect of the Guardian
    Fine tuning: As pointed out on the forum comments, I was overcapped on Aegis by 6 points due to gear bonuses. I pulled those out and put them toward Aspect of the Guardian.
    Lvl 84-88: 2 Occ
    Lvl 89: 2 Vile Eruption
    Lvl 90: 2 Ascension
    Lvl 90 Snapshot
    Lvl 90-100 Max out Ascension and use the rest to fill in where you need more points.
    Dont forget to do the Hidden Path and Shrine of Modrogon quest lines in all difficulties for the extra skill and attribute points! Don’t forget that you can use the checklist function of Grim Tools to see if you are missing any important quests for those extra points as well! Grim Dawn Checklist


Updated with a MI section. Added Lvl 65-75 in leveling section.

  • Maybe DEE max 2 nodes + transmuter now for more Poison?
    or 4 24+ level Guardians with Magi Visage and some other items might be possible with easy to get items
    or you don’t feel the need of additional damage sources?

  • if you want you could farm some good 60 level Poison relic Malediction / Meditation at level 65 from Totems if you want - I found they drop very frequently when you’re at this lower level

  • personally I would also use 1 / 0 / 1 Vire’s Might more more mobility and zooming (macroed to 1 button with the other charge for convenience)

Incorrect link


need to squeeze some stuff in the Compendium to fit your build :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks for pointing out the link, should be good now!

DEE is my go to after finishing up BOD, but I am certainly not lacking on damage right now! I kept an eye out for Magi Visage when I was working through to get Crimson’s Vile Sceptor but I didnt see one. Will certainly keep an eye out as I go back in Elite. I’m killing every totem i find in hopes for either of those relics… fingers crossed!

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Thank you for adding my guide to the compendium :slight_smile:

Now that I looked, I realized why I didnt find any Magi… i didn’t go far enough into FG! I’ll add that into the guide

Updated to Level 82.

from the lvl 75 snapshot

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Yeah I know I’m over capped, not much to do about it at the moment though with current gear choices being self found :sweat_smile:

but you can respec 6 skill points and distribute them to some other skill(s) :stuck_out_tongue: that’s what Coyote meant


Ha! Wow I’m dumb… didn’t even think about that :sweat_smile:
Thank you! I’ll update later

Lvl 82 update. Also no longer over-capped on Aegis of Menhir.

still has 32 level in Grim Tools :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah… so I guess GT will show the over cap where in game will just show max?

exactly - this was the reason for the image - ingame it will be shown as 26/26

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Thanks for that! Fixed and updated GT.

Took a bit of time of from GD for a work trip. Ill be updating this more throughout the week now that I am back!

I would also love to hear any feedback from anyone that has used the guide!


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Hey I just wanted to let you know I’ve gotten back into GD with a few friends after years of it collecting dust and have really enjoyed your guide. I picked up this build after enjoying Oathkeeper and not being sure what to do with it.
This has been awesome! I’ve made it through Normal(Veteran)/Elite into Ultimate in just a few days after following this guide. I’ve really enjoyed this build and just made an account to let you know that your instructions/notes are awesome. Thanks for breaking out things so easily for reference (devotions/leveling guides) - keep up the great work and I’ll try some of your other builds in the future for sure!


Thanks mate, I appreciate the feedback and I am glad my guide is helping you get back into the game! GD is awesome and I always come back to it.

I took a small break from this guy and I’m currently working on another build journal for a 2H Acid Witchblade. Should have it up next week-ish after my work trip.

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Updated and finished with 1-100 Leveling! Thanks for following along and I hope you enjoyed the process as much as I did! Cheers!


Have some difficult when leveling
I take a time when attack single target by AoM
Do i need a spam skill to support AoM?
Sr for my bad english

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