[ –] lMarcusl's SR Build Collection

In this thread I will be posting all of my endgame viable builds. These are builds that can run SR75-80 within timer, as that is the endgame content I focus on. The only other endgame content I’ve done with all of them is Lokarr/Bourbon clones. I don’t hunt Superbosses on the regular and I don’t play Crucible, so I can’t tell you how they perform there.

Each link will redirect you to the build’s dedicated Overview thread, where you will find a detailed description of the concept of the build, explanation of skill, devo and gear setup, GT link, gameplay videos and a rating of the build’s performance in SR75-80 on a scale of 1 to 10. Take these ratings with a grain of salt, as RNG in the Shattered Realm can skew the results by one or two points.

All the builds are tested for Since the patch will remain accessible after the release of 1.2, these builds will be forever viable with their current setup in that patch branch. I have also posted an update in each overview thread (under the build link) for 1.2. However, the testing for 1.2 was not extensive, mostly involved just a single SR80-81 run to see if the build still performs. I’m taking a break from GD until Fangs of Asterkarn, but I will probably do some minor retesting of the builds then.

Damage type symbols:
:faction_legion: Physical :damage_fire: Fire :damage_cold: Cold :damage_lightning: Lightning :faction_dreeg: Acid :faction_outlaw: Piercing :faction_beast: Bleeding :faction_solael: Vitality :damage_aether: Aether :damage_chaos: Chaos

A star * next to a link indicates that I made at least two vastly different versions of the build, and all the versions are overviewed within the same thread. So don’t get confused when you click two different links and it takes you to the same thread, the builds are all in there.

:damage_fire: 2H Ranged Fire Strike Pyromancer
:damage_lightning: Ultos Warder
:damage_fire: Fire Retaliation Commando
:damage_lightning::damage_cold: Trozan Druid
:faction_outlaw: Belgothian Blademaster
:damage_fire::damage_lightning::damage_cold: Beastcaller Conjurer
:damage_aether: Aether Panetti Mage Hunter
:faction_solael: Demonslayer Witch Hunter*
:faction_solael::damage_chaos: SoC/PBlades Witch Hunter*
:faction_outlaw: Gunslinging Runemaster Infiltrator
:faction_dreeg: Dreeg Cabalist*
:faction_dreeg: Acid DEE + Ravenous Earth Cabalist*
:damage_cold::faction_solael: 2H Melee Alkamos+Morgoneth Reaper
:damage_fire: Flames of Ignaffar Purifier
:damage_aether: Uroboruuk Spellbinder
:faction_legion: Spam Forcewave Tactician
:damage_lightning: Barrelsmith Bombadier Purifier
:damage_fire::damage_lightning::damage_cold: 2H Ranged Cadence Battlemage
:faction_beast::faction_solael: Wildblood Conjurer
:faction_dreeg: DW Acid Righteous Fervor Dervish
:faction_legion: Warborn SnB Phys Cadence Warlord*
:faction_legion: Markovian SnB Phys Cadence Warlord*
:faction_solael: Skelemancer Ritualist
:damage_fire: 2H EoR Shieldbreaker
:damage_fire: Gun’n’Shield Virtue’s Light Paladin
:faction_solael: Howl of the Wendigo Blade Arc Witchblade
:damage_fire: Reverse Vanquisher Templar
:damage_cold: Spam ABB Spellbreaker
:damage_aether: Theodin/Krieg Blitz Death Knight
:damage_fire: Pet Aurabot AAR Warlock
:damage_lightning: Crit/Upheaval Sniper Elementalist
:faction_dreeg: Retal DEE/AoM Sentinel
:faction_solael: Dark One Totem Archon
:faction_dreeg: Temp Blight Fiends Oppressor
:damage_aether: Vindictive Flame Defiler
:faction_solael: Word of Pain/Aura of Censure Apostate
:damage_chaos: Wrath of Tenebris Deceiver
:faction_legion: Korvan Wyrm Vindicator
:faction_beast::faction_outlaw: Rancor/Bloodrager Trickster
:damage_fire: Spam BWC/Infernal Knight Sorcerer
:damage_fire::damage_cold: Nex&Ortus FS+SS Saboteur
:damage_fire: Custom (non-Pyran) Mortar Trap Regen Elementalist
:faction_dreeg: Guardians of Empyrion Sentinel
:damage_cold: Chillwhisper Reaper
:damage_cold: Quick Jacks/CD CT Harra Sorceress