[] (3rd Edition , elemental+bleeding, Bysmiel pet conjurer, No Green Item, No doping-all-superboss killer)

Subsequent to my no-MI 3 Superboss killer WitchBlade,
and Subsequent to my no-MI 3 Superboss killer Death Knight.
and Subsequent to my no-MI 3 Superboss killer Warder
and subsequent to my no-MI 3 superboss killer Warlord

I present my fifth no-MI all 4 Superboss killer pet conjurer.

I’ve seen countless posts asking "what fun do you get out of a pet conjurer who orders his pets to take down monster bosses while he just stands by and doesn’t even take them down himself?

Do you want to feel the fun of taking down tons of enemies, like warrior along with your pets, instead of just watching as a bystander? Do you want to take down all the super bosses quickly without the need for hard-to-obtain MI items?

The answer is my Bysmiel pet conjurer.
It was developed with the goal of quickly beating all super bosses without using hard-to-obtain MIs and without any drug doping.

My original build : https://forums.crateentertainment.com/t/1-1-9-8-1-1-8-x-awesome-powerful-die-hard-superboss-killer-conjurer-elemental-bleeding-bysmiel-pet-conjurer-no-green-item/111923
Version 2.0 : https://forums.crateentertainment.com/t/1-1-9-8-elemental-bleeding-bysmiel-pet-conjurer-no-green-item-all-superboss-killer/130853

When I was playing GRIM DAWN recently updated to, I saw my pets being melted like ice cream by Ravager and Calagadra’s “sundered skill” and was forced to modify my build to ver 3.0. So, I replaced my shoulder gear and belts and invested more skills in “Aspects of Guardian”.

However, regardless of the version of the game and the version of my Conjurer, Devotion has remained completely unchanged to this day. This is because, as I said in the original build, half the secret to my Conjurer’s power lies in my devotion.

In, my all gears and devotions were buffed quite strongly.
As a result, my Conjurer took 30% less time to take down all the superbosses, making my Conjurer a very strong Conjurer without MI items.

Too many buttons to press?(so called piano build?) The most powerful character in GrimDawn is the pet conjurer, and he has a lot of buttons to press to match. This is true of almost all pet builds, not just mine. However, if you use the mouse utility, and assign attack sequences to mouse buttons, he has no difficulty at all compared to the super lazy versions of other characters.

Here it is, my latest version 3.0 :
Equipment/skill/devotion: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/RVvnD7JV
Here, you can download a copy of the hero:
[] before killing Mogdrogen_minjunconjuror.zip (1.9 MB)
[] After killing Mogdrogen_minjunconjuror.zip (2.0 MB)

Below, you’ll find combat videos of my 3rd Edition of the Bysmiel pet Conjurer.
Play Video: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCxExu-LEcHhRH4iLnSF9Ow
(All battles against enemies were fought without doping any augmentations. However, in the battle against Mogdrozen, there was only one drug doping, for a Lightning Resistance of 80 over 80)

General combats

SR 85~86 : Highly aggressive and fast-paced combat


Will you do a version of this build with MI?

There are no plans to develop an MI version. This is because I think there’s still a lot of room for improvement with minor tweaks to skill distribution and debuffs. Especially if I make my pets more defensible so that they may live longer, there’s still a lot of room for time savings on super bosses.

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