[] THE METABREAKER: 4:15m Crucible Gladiator, SR 75-76 crusher, SR90, Ravager easy and tanky spin-to-win Shieldbreaker by mad_lee [sr+][c+][vid]

*always a great hair day with this build


During the 1.2 patch testing tons of stuff were buffed, some of it was nerfed, dozens of suggestions and reports were made by testers to Crate, most of them were accepted and implemented. I know, I was there. But few could’ve predicted the 180 turnaround that was the complete revision of health regeneration mechanic. HP regen was always more or less a supplementary healing mechanic for meta builds at best bar Avenger. After a complete overhaul it is now a formidable presence and a great alternative to ADTCH. But what if you combine two mechanics without sacrificing damage or other defenses? Will that break the meta?..

The build

<<<< GRIMTOOLS >>>>*

*Craft everything for slow resistance

The reckoning thru questions

Why not take Eye of the Storm for more damage/flat?
I tested both relics and Pyroclasm was overall better for me. EoR’s tooltip is higher with EoS, but Pyroclasm offers a Vindictive Flame’s hard cap plus its proc is great in crowds and it’s an another source of passive leech.

No more questions! Build’s performance speaks for itself!
Omg, finally!


All gear pieces are somewhat self-explanatory. Build is pretty lenient towards affixes on its greens. You can use a different pair of boots on it or even different pants, just be sure you will get similiar core stats as the build in grimtools.

Skill distribution is standard, we are maxing out our sources of flat however small EoR’s wd multiplier is and taking everything else that is needed. Devotion map is somewhat conservative, stolen loaned from @banana_peel himself.

This is the endgame build. It works as advertised once you equip required gear at character level 100 and repeat my grimtools as close as possible. For levelling/beginner guides look at this forum.


In Crucible and SR 75-76 everything is facetankable. Don’t leave Volcanic Stride from your Vire’s Might under Mad Queen tho. You can take up to 2-3 bosses in boss chunks at the same time, but obviously be mindful of who you are grouping up. Learn how to play the build by watching videos below.

Against Ravager you need a lot of buff potions to facetank him. And even then you have to dodge his sunders (and/or obviously totems). Have aether cluster ready.

Callagadra and Crate should be doable with heavy kiting while fighting only with blast shield or aether cluster up.


General (with Ascension up)

Defenses (with Ascension up)


Cyclone Shieldbreaker vs. SR 75-76 5:37 run

Cyclone Shieldbreaker vs. Ravager 1:13 kill

Cyclone Shieldbreaker vs. SR 90 5:03 run

In Conclusion

Cyclone’s support of Demolitionist side still raises some questions, like Chaos to Lightning conversion suggests that one should pump Hellfire Mines somehow, but even then, Mines damage in this build is kind of negligible. Ulzuin’s Pyroclasm relic could definitely use flat Lightning damage instead of the weird flat Burn damage as it’s the only Lightning relic for Demolitionist.


Metabreaking and Cyclone set in the same sentence, now we’ve seen it all folks!

(I do actually like this build)


as to not disparage the build with undue mockery or :hammer:

i’ll just say that it’s very comfortable in my casul pilot hands :ok_hand:

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Nice take using health regen on EoR build,

I did make such build (with adcth) before Celestial Presence change and temper, rebuke meta >< Hurricane! Cyclone Shieldbreaker. SR 85/Mogdrogen

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Lee knows… :grin:



You should try this spec, it’s a beast and very fun to play.

And to make it look like I am not just bumping my actual build guide and not an overview I am adding this video with build’s performance in Shard 90. Overall it’s not the build to venture into deep SR, but 90 is still doable if you are piloting it with care.


I am sure it is, I theorycrafted fire version of it inpired by this one and looks really good, but nowadays I have no time nor space to play so I can only do theorycrafts, could’t even test my existing builds againts the new mechanics and changes

Unfortunately fire one will always be inferior to the lightning one because Lightning one has better gear support. But it can work for sure.

I’d dare call this one newbie friendly seen how forgiving it is if you do a wrong move.


sleep resist 0%? I guess i ma sleep while playing this build then… :sleepy:

As long as the newbie follows my gt as close as possible :scorv:

Weak build. Zantai, plz buff Cyclone set!

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Any possible replacement for empyrions mercy and the blue ring?

Blue ring can be replaced with any ring with Lightning damage and attack speed but it should be really easy to find. Empyrion’s Mercy is hard to replace, but a well rolled green EoR sword should work as a placeholder. It wouldn’t be the same build of course, but it also wouldn’t be much worse.

Ty for the reply. Figured as much for the weapon. Its the only thing i need too

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Could this work as Archon? Considering Wind Devils are permanent now and you don’t have to recast them.
Also would Solael-Sect pants work? Another 4-6% adcth (i remember about 44% weapon damage, but still).