[] Thor, the Strongest Avenger: 4:20 Crucible Gladiator 150-170, Shard 90, Celestials, the ultimate melee - physical Archon; last build by mad_lee + unreleased builds

Maxing Savagery isnt really worth it, it would add a small WD multiplier, but you lose far too much stats for that. And this build already has insane DPS. It has almost 250k tooltip DPS, but its REAL DPS is probably ~350k due to WPS, as well as very high OA and crit damage.


New GT: Archon, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

New videos:


Can i have a link to leveling guides?

you can find all guides here: Beginner build guides Compendium (for AoM + FG expansions)


Can someone kindly describe the devotion pathing for this build please? If possible for both the current version & the Empyrion version. Thanks a lot!

Someone (@Gnomish_Inquisition :smiling_imp:) is already about to explain it to you. I just wanted to say that Empyrion version is inferior to the current one and is there as an example of how many different specs I tried before figuring out the optimal one.

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just work your way inside out, take tier1 stars first (inner ones), then graduate to take tier2 devos, - use temporary filler devos if necessary, then fill out all the tier2s ("middle ring"devos/devos that require more than 1pt to unlock), finally fill in tier3s/outer edge devos/devos with high affinity requirement but no affinity reward
doing it this way, regardless of the devo map, will always lead you to a complete followed devo route


Thanks for explaining how to fish, instead of just providing the fish. I understand now, and this will help immensely in knowing the paths for other endgame build guides as well.

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No need to farm for new items or anything, but we are changing our devotions to answer the challenges of the new patch. Build feels much tankier and smoother than before with the same damage output. Find the updated grimtools in the op.

Here are some videos with build’s current performance:

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It seems Ravager had a very bad time applying sunder, interesting :thinking:.

He really chickens out when you confront him with a properly min-maxed build. :scorv:

Thanks for the update. Was planning to use the build whenever i get to making archon, and really wondered how much it shifted with 1.2.

Stag instead of panther for 3 more physical res.

Not really. It already has 64% physical resist and facetanks Ravager of Flesh and probably Callagadra if you dodge her Sunder. Getting 3% extra for the cost of 57 OA that Panther gives is a really bad trade: build’s damage and survivability scales really well with OA.

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Perhaps I overlooked something, but the build seems to have no oa or da shred ability. So wouldnt the Dark Progenitor rune be a better choice since it has both?

I love Dark Progenitor, it’s one of my favourite runes! But unfortunately it doesn’t suit this build. First of and foremost Rahn’s Might is a good source of Internal Trauma and it works as aoe when you zap thru the mobs (Lightning damage is converted to physical, remember?). It also has lower cd. And then build kills stuff too quickly to meaningfully apply Dark Progenitor’s debuff on a regular basis without interfering with the flow of aa too much. And then we already have a source of flat OA debuff - Azrakaa devo’s proc.

Bonsoir , qui dois-jr choisir entre l’ordre de la vigile de la mort & Elu de Kymon ?

Bonsoir, ça n’a pas d’importance


Hi, this may be a very dumb question but I have question on the devotion bindings. Would it be better to bind Assassin’s Mark to Upheaval and bind Maul to savagery? Since AM is “on crit” only, you don’t miss anything with Upheaval, and Maul has no cooldown so savagery could be good for it?

My best guess is you are using maul like the skater builds use aetherfire and rely on the dots of Vire’s Might to proc it?

Hi, there are no dumb questions!

However binding AM to Upheaval wouldn’t be the smartest decision: Since Upheaval only procs when WPS don’t proc and we crit. So here we have 59% to proc wps (29% Feral Hunger + 30% Smite). When we hit with Savagery game first rolls the dice to proc wps or not, and it will proc wps 59% of our Savagery hits. Savagery hits without wps only amount to 41% of all Savagery hits. And if you crit during those non wps Savagery hits only then will you proc Upheaval. So basically our Upheaval hits don’t come often enough to bind such important devotion as Assassin’s Mark to Savagery.

You can however bind Maul to one of the wps, which is a bit less reliable than Vire, but for some players it can feel smoother in terms of gameplay.

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