[] Anguish Markovian Warlord: Sub 3:00 SR 75-76, Celestials, no death SR 100

The build


*Craft for whatever you like, but physique and armor will be the best
**Bind devotions as the GT indicates

Chains of Anguish?

Ignore the debuff proc. It doesn’t matter at all, unless you are doing high SR.


In SR 75-76 nothing is unfacetankable. 4-pull is ok in most cases. Learn to dodge the most deadly debuff when doing 4-pull.
Against Ravager use buff potions. No big deals as long as you dodge the Nullification.
Callagadra is easy if you evade her sunder.


with permanent buffs


2:59 SR 75-76

SR 75-76 5-runs-in-row (4:48,4:28,4:58,4:32,4:45)

SR 100 No Death and Within Time Limit

1:14 Callagadra

1:28 Ravager of Minds


legit curious, because i’ve ran some stuff i didn’t like
first question is, how is this surviving, it has seemingly not much healing? 8% lifesteal and Maul only ? - and for me reliable healing has often been one of my main issues for blitzer (and certain CD truama builds like 1h Forcewave)
other question is, how does it survive to trauma reflect with only 40% reflect resist and only 27% phys res :sweat_smile: - asking because i frequently die to reflects with both more reflect resist and more phys res

Very strong block and damage absorption.
If you like, I don’t mind sharing my save files to you. Feel free to message me. You are welcomed.

unless you used specific GDstash rolls on certain stats should probably be fine for me to recreate from GT link i think? [Tool] GD save file editor
Appreciate it tho :+1:

Res overcap is very good on the GT link. It’s ok to have a bit fewer overcap. So choose those with better damage rolls.

I like you objective dude. :handshake:

like i said, my questions was about the build directly because the whole “top20 testers vs chinese community preferred builds” is silly to me.
For me i see a build presented as strong, i don’t really doubt it’s strong because of XY reasons, i just notice stat differences/“Z reason” that bring other question to minds for what i normally notice when i play, hence the specific survival/healing and reflect question since those are frequent problems on my playing so that’s the interesting part for me. - same way the interesting part for me was another build presented with 0 phys res but high armour and claimed to be high survival, which seemed abnormal on appearance/“different than usual”, so i tried it for myself to see if that stat difference made sense there, was never about being “best”/“top char worthy” but more if the base approach worked the way shown “when i play”.
Like, i know i could never run this in 3minutes SR, even if you gave me the special SR file you use for fast rooms, so i don’t need to fight over which build runs SR the fastest because i know i’m a slow SR runner regardless of build and don’t care about times much :smile:

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I got all your ideas, but no offense I don’t agree with this.
What’s the “special SR file you use”? I was not using a fixed layout otherwise I would run the 75-3 again and make it even sub 2:50. :joy:

was my understanding several players in chinese community used a SR fixed room layout for smoothest play/faster testing ? - used it myself back when it was shared but since file was a hardmod it broke on updating the game
So i just assumed that’s what’s normally being used/and was used here too, apologize if that assumption was incorrect didn’t mean to offend :sweat_smile:

At one time in v1.1.9.6 or v. some guy did a sub 4 (fastest at that time without fixed layout) but banana_peel owes it all to “extreme luck”, so the poster made a fixed SR room hardmod to guarantee banana_peel and other guys the same “extreme luck”. Strictly speaking, it was the opponent rather than we Chinese player who first used a fixed SR room.

No one in our community normally uses a fixed SR room, as far as I know, and we won’t use any mods when doing 3-in-row, 5-in-row, or something like that.

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Nice results! Saw sub3 coming from you guys when SR got its instant teleports, and full meter packs became a common occurance.

The items are good, but not a fan of that skill distribution, WPS pool cap is within your grasp. Have you tested it with normal shield?


Yep. You can see a totally normal shield in my package.
Bargoll’s Root feels a little stronger, but to tell you the truth, I don’t feel too much different. Maybe it’s because I only did tens of runs for each one rather than thousands and thousands of hours of building experience, so I don’t get the exact “average” time. After all, I’m only of 7000 hours in GD in total, rather than millions.
As for CR, I can only say I’m an above-average SR runner but never a good CR runner, so I reserve my judgment.
One thing that I’m quite sure about is that it’s pretty coooooool when the 10% chance of XXX physical damage happens to Blitz, hence I kept the Bargoll’s Root version.

Thread edited for completely unnecessary drama bait.


Yeah, those percent chance big flat phys are very good, you only get punished by armor once as opposed to regular bonus flat from the affix.

It’s very hard to get enough data to say what’s best, with balance as tight as we have today, me and lee played a lot of blitz with normal shield and bargol root and still can’t tell which one is better. And SR is still very random in terms of spawns and density, you can get 4 mins in one run and then 6:00 in the next one.

So upcoming top20, despite being much more thorough than before, will likely miss some builds. With this balance and so many new intricate dynamics in the endgame you need a team of like 20 dedicated people playing the game extensively for 2 months to forge a comprehensive top and nobody has such manpower. If you are aware of other very strong builds that don’t get enough recognition this patch, do share them.

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First thank you for inviting. My idea is:
Grim Dawn is a comprehesive game and nobody should have the right to define what “top 20” are. Who can say there isn’t anything we missed? Who can say the standard is 100% right?

My suggestion is: do not name the list “top 20” again. Be moderate and modest. You can name it like “the 20 most recommanded builds we have” or something like that. Explicitly tell people that the rank is only “an opinion” or “an advise” in the title, and keep in mind that changes may occur at any time. When there is something new deserving a place, accept it and change the list soon. Show evidence rather than just claim to be better.

Again, thanks for inviting.

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If your comment is not about the build, don’t comment. Final warning.

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How good is the Shieldmaiden here? I would’ve thought something like Panther would be a better choice allowing for a bit more cunning stacking and crit damage, also allowing you to pick up the flat damage node on Bear for instance. Or are the Targo hammer procs too valuable?

Block plays a very important role here because Markovian set does not provide any physical res to guard heavy physical damage bosses like Iron Maiden and Reaper.
Targa hammer’s damage is also good with AUTOMATIC life leech.
It’s more like a surviability choice.

BTW, shieldmaiden has 100/5s flat truama damage, which is no worse than 8 flat physical damage.

Hello. I am new to the game but not to builds per se. Why stack Cunning for this build? I thought that cunning was, in particular, just for ranged weapons and the very few odd man out melee weapons that req Cunning. I am just trying to learn something new.

cunning boosts Offensive Ability and physical+trauma dmg too

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Ahhh thank you very much for the knowledge