[] - Deathmarked Ice Cold Spellbreaker (no MI) - SR85-86 - Ravager of Flesh 1 min - Callagadra 2:03 - Avatar of Mogdrogen

here is glimpse into my experience :sweat_smile:

(lets just ignore the 1 fight where i realized i forgot Nemesis and tried to summon it mid battle :woozy_face:)

8 kills in a row after

I recommend you @Dantioch to fight like that for even higher consistency


I use elemental storm on 1p spirits already, but yes, Ulo on shadow strike is way better than on wps. ty


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This is a great build. You took away from me the opportunity to make a no-MI superboss killer SpellBreaker, and it’s amazing to me that your SpellBreaker takes down Ravager and Calagadra so quickly despite its low slow resist and physical resist. Furthermore, it is quite surprising that he can catch Mogdrozen despite having very low stun resist.

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Hey! Nowadays I use a slightly different devotion setup with 70% stun res. I just realised that I use an axe and Berserker is an option. Silly me. :slight_smile: I will write a detailed build guide shortly but until then here is the GT link for the updated devotion version.

I want you to be more passionate about making a no-MI superboss killer character. I’ve already made 3 of them. Many people tend to power up their characters with powerful MI that is very difficult to obtain. However, let’s show that anyone can make a very powerful character with just Legendary gear, with Devotion and skill tweaks.

See this post for my no-MI Superboss Killer series :


might be worth to note that builds with MIs can actually be easier to obtain than just raw RNG epic/legends; provided the build doesn’t purely rely on specific affixes on the MIs to work ofc
(base)MIs being guaranteed to obtain can take a huge swath of RNG/time out in setting a char up or finishing a build - specially for people that don’t wanna trade to obtain whatever RNG legend/epic they didn’t drop yet :sweat_smile:

Currently I am working on a Tactician. Theorycraft is done and I think it looks promising. :slight_smile: Will be back with the results, altough I don’t really have time to play nowadays. :S

Thanks for the guide! I tried a similar build but I’m having a hard time killing the ravager. I got pretty close in couple of tries but I don’t know what I’m doing wrong really.

Here’s my grim tools: Spellbreaker, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

I tried swapping the OA augments with DA on rings and amulet but it didn’t make a difference.

I can also share a gameplay video if necessary but I basically try to facetank it like you did. Sometimes I try to dodge if I have the eye debuff etc. but other than that just left clicking and spamming skills here and there.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Update: I managed to kill it after investing more in armor with this build Spellbreaker, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator
video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A5zZ18cUm6o

I finished Warder (soldier+sharman) yesterday. Come and congratulate me… I’ll congratulate you when your Tactician is finished.

No offense but I click this thread for information about the build in the OP and it’s the 2nd time your post here is nothing but advertising your unrelated build. I’d be grateful if you could talk about your new builds with the author of thread in PMs if possible.

just finished lvling the build and i killed Ravager on the second try. i guess i was just too nervous about only having 12k hp but the build kicks ass, very well done!

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Finally I was able to sit down and write the post what this toon (and ofc you) well deserved. Post updated with a few details.


  • Grim Tools doesn’t say Ravager has 2828 DA - you set its level to 100 instead to 112 incorrectly

  • at 112 level it’s supposed to be 3136 DA

  • Why does my calculator suggest it’s 2985 - 2986 DA (they give 11.61% and 11.59% crit chance respectively) instead?

    • 3136 is precisely 150 higher than 2986 so I’d say DA reduction from Nemesis got included in this calculation somehow rather my calc being incorrect

Wow, big thanks for pointing this out. Today I learned something again.:slight_smile: I quickly started GD and attacked Ravager without summoning nemesis and the tooltip shows exactly what your calculator shows in a 3416OA/3136DA relation.
kyra OA

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impressive results , bro

Hi, instead of using the Alkamos rare purple rings can i use open and close fist and hands rings?

thx for answer

You can, but those are not even close damage wise to the dread sigils. The sigils have flat cold damage, % cold damage, pierce to cold conversion and +2 to execution, whirling death, shadow dance, blade barrier and +3 to phantasmal armor and elemental awakening → 14! skill point what we actually use. Don’t expect the same performamnce from the judicators seals. If you can’t get the purple rings you can go with the blue ones.

These are target farmable and have much better drop rates.

Thx for answer. Yea i have blue Alkmos rings now, Ellena necklace whit +2 nightschill and double rare DIlgorr’s Eternal Curse (and 4 purple Anguish in bag…no Dread :rofl: ) I have something better OA and DA, but wore armour and something different (worse) in number of skill point. I i kill Raveger very fast and easy with jelly potions, but without potions is 1-3 for Raveger (with fast reflex on healing potions and mirror in critical moments) :rofl: Overall it is a great fast kill super boss build.