[] - Deathmarked Ice Cold Spellbreaker (no MI) - SR85-86 - Ravager of Flesh 1 min - Callagadra 2:03 - Avatar of Mogdrogen

Last time it was fire, now it is ice.

Nowadays I don’t check grimtools when I theorycraft a build until I feel it finished, because usually there is something very similar already uploaded, and thats spoils the fun. This was the case with this DW Deathmarked Spellbreaker as well. When I thought that it is ready I looked at grimtools and found this one created by non other than fordperfect. At first I was a bit disappointed as his opinion was not really encouraging about this deathmarked spellbreaker, but hey, I was committed and as the main design principles and the results differ, I decided to share her with you. This is just a showcase, so no essay this time.

I have this disability that I create builds using only epic items, so this applies here as well.
The other main difference that when I imagined this toon I was totally into an AA+WPS build. This is a one week old build so expect changes in the future. :slight_smile:
FINAL VERSION GRIMTOOLS I consider this the final version of this toon. Thanks for everybody who contributed with valuable suggestions!
SR75 + SR76 chunk 4
SR85 + SR86 chunk 4 I have done a few SR90 with her, doable, but honestly, after 85 she become too inconsistent…
Ravager of Flesh 1 min now with correct link…
Calla DED in 2:03 Turned out that I have seriously overthinked this fight. Facetank + dodge sunder worked. Actually this is my first ever Calla kill as you can see the achievement popping up in the end. :slight_smile: me happy :slight_smile:
Avatar of Mogdrogen: Unfortunately I haven’t started recording :frowning: The trick was that the first animation what looks like sunder is actually just a summon skill and the second orange glare is the sunder what you have to dodge or if you soaked it, keep away for approx 1 sec while it last and jump back full facetank again.

General concept:

I had an ever-growing grudge against Ravager as he repeatedly stomped me so I wanted to create my own build which can reliably kill him. Although I was able to pull off kills earlier with my fire templar I wanted a toon which makes this guy looks an easy kill. That’s it. That was the plan.

Subject? check.
Location? check.
Desire? check.
Vengeance? check.

What do I need to do this?

Offense: Pneumatic Burst on
Kyra offense

  • VERY high single target damage:
    • Lots of attacks from max attack speed and dual wield. I must admit, I worked really hard to reach 200%. The attack speed stats nearly all on my gear are max rolled.
    • Almost constant WPS skill activation. In this build I have 99% WPS chance.
      • 3*25%: Execution, Whilring Death, Amarasta’s Quick Cut
      • 24% Belgothian’s Shears
    • Conversion:

Phys → Cold: 68% and Elemental: 30%

15% to cold from Star Pact
32% to cold from Deathmarked weapons
11% to cold from Mythical Night’s Embrace
10% to cold from Coldstone component
20% to elemental from 2 points on Manifestation
10% to elemental from Shard of Beronath component

Pierce → Cold: 57%

30% from Deathmarked set
13% and 14% from Dread Sigils of Alamos (I will not go to Steps of Torment soon….)

Acid → Cold: 24% from Deathmarked Shoulderguard. This is just a cool addition because Lethal Assault, Nidalla’s justifiable Ends and Merciless Repertoire as well has acid/poison damage.

Other than these Amarasta’s Quick Cut and Whirling Death are both max cold converted from Deathmarked set item skill modifiers.

  • Reasonably high OA: After @tqFan tought me how to use the Grimtools Monster Database correctly :slight_smile: I came to the conclusion that Ravager has 3136DA at lvl 112. If you fight Flesh which has 350 OA shred, you will need at least 3486 OA to be able to crit him. I have 3416 OA with pneumatic burst on which will give us 3066 OA after shred (cannot crit him) so I decided to go with Nemesis relic because we need the 150 DA shred from it to have better hit and a tiny (2,26%) crit rate against Flesh. It is not a very big number but with the dual wield setup we have a lot of attacks going out per second. Besides fighting Flesh I think this 3400+ OA is plenty for every other content you may want to do.
  • RR:
    • 6% cold from Viel of Shadow from Night’s Embrace item skill modifier
    • 18% cold from Reaper’s Mark (Deathmarked full set skill)
    • 23% cold from Rumor (Murmur devo skill)
    • 20% elemental from Viper devo
    • Flat 32 elemental from Elemental Storm (Rhowan’s Crown devo skill)

Defense: Pneumatic Burst on
Kyra defenses

  • High physical resistance: 57%
    • Full Deathmarked set → 16%
    • Dual Blades at 25 points → 20%
    • Berserker, Jackl, Dryad devos sum → 10%
    • Mythical Deathwhisper Leggings → 6%
    • Windshear Greaves → 5%
  • Health: 13701 - Well yes, this is a bit underwhelming, but this build would be unfair if it would have high health as well. :blush:
  • Reasonable sustain: 18% main 16% off-hand. With the amount of damage we push out this is enough. ~550 health regenerated per sec helps, but that is not something to seriously rely on.
  • Other forms of defenses to be mentioned:
    • 22% damage absorption from Maiven’s Sphere of Protection
    • Dodge/Deflect: No need to worry if you don’t get hit.:blush:
      • Base dodge with pneumatic burst on us 30%. This is extremely useful against slow, heavy hitters like Ravager and Calla.
      • Windshear adds 60% to this every 18 sec for 5 secs
    • Stun resist: 70% not that good, not that bad
    • Slow resist: 25% is quite bad, but still the number of attacks and attack speed makes up for it. Would be better if had more…


  • Pneumatic Burst up 24/7
  • Spam Reaper’s Mark on everything (Maul is connected to it, so the more targets we marked to more likely that Maul will pop)
  • Get close and intimate with Shadow Strike (Cleansing Water devo skill attached to it to nullify what needs to be nullified with surgical precision) Against ravager use shadow strike when you see the little eye icon on the bottom right corner of your screen to nullify it, or you will die.
  • Ring of Steel stuns our victims and applies 26% Fumble chance (this is HUGE!!!, so against Ravager we have 30% dodge, 26% fumble, which means 0000 we have 56% not to get hit at all)
  • Amarasta’s Blade Burst for damage but mainly for Lethal Assault. LA should be up 24/7 as well.
  • Amatok’s Breath either for movement and to trigger Dryad’s Blessing
  • Icechill if we don’t have better things to do.
  • Nullify if we need it.

In the following sections I will try to explain what and why I have chosen regarding skills, devotions and gear.

Skills (top down, left to right)

Auto Attack: I use Beronath’s Fury as my AA as it has physical, which we almost entirely convert to cold, and elemental damage. Rumor devo skill is attached to it for the RR.


Dual Blades: Max. Pierce damage, +% cold and pierce and most importantly physical resistance.

Belgothian’s Shears: Max. AOE damage wps skill.

Amarasta’s Quick Cut: Max. Huge single target wps. Assigned blizzard to it so it can trigger aoe damage. One of the MVP-s of this show.

Whirling Death: Max. AOE damage wps skill.

Execution: Max. Huge single target wps. Aonther MVP.

Blade Spirit: Min. Just for proccing the attached Elemental Storm devo skill.

Amarasta’s Blade Burst: Min. Nice AOE skill, but we don’t want to spend point here.

Lethal Assault: Max. Flat damage, % damage.

Ring of Steel: Min. We take this because we want Circle of Slaughter.

Ring of Frost: Freeze is very useful in SR, the pierce to cold conversion on Ring of Steel is also good.

Circle of Slaughter: For me it is Min., but I can imagine that someone want 40%+ fumble chance. I am ok with the 26%.

Shadow Strike: Min. Used for mobility and to trigger Cleansing Waters devo skill from Ulo.

Nidalla’s Justifiable Ends: Min. – skill recharge and +cit damage is nice.

Nightfall: Min. Attack damage converted to Health is always handy. For one point spent it is at 8.

Pneumatic Burst: Max. Half of our health restored, huge OA boost, huge health regen, + total speed. One of the best skills of Nightblade.

Breath of Belgothian: I would take this just for the -3 sec skill recharge. Having +50% health regen is just the cherry on top.

Shadow Dance: Min. This is our main defensive skill. We have +10 on it, so for 1 point it will be at 11.

Elemental Awakening: Min. Elemental resistance, minor damage boost.

Viel of Shadow: Min. Although generally nice skill with OA shred we take this because we want Night’s Chill. Also has -6% cold resist on it from our amulet.

Night’s Chill: Max. -% Pierce, Cold, Acid resistance.

Phantasmal Armor: Min. 9 points for one, nice defensive skill.

Anatomy of murder: Min. +14% cunning worth 1 point.

Merciless Repertoire: Min. Additional damage.


Iskandra’s Elemental Exchange: Max. Elemental damage, energy leech, energy regeneration. This is crucial against Flesh.

Manifestation: 2/3 for 20% physical to elemental conversion.

Overload: Tried to Max it, but this was the skill what I have decided on to cut a little bit. Mainly for OA and Aether res.

Maiven’s Sphere of Protection: Max. 22% damage absorption. No brainer.

Star Pact: Min. We take this because of the 15% physical to cold conversion.

Inner Focus: Max. Huge OA boost.

Arcane Will: Max. Against any foe which actually counts this is a perma buff with offensive, defensive and utility aspects.

Nullification: Min. It is always better to walk in the park with a nullification in your pocket rather without it.


I categorize devotions into four buckets why I chose them based on their primary purpose. RR, Damage, Sustain and Utility. Of course, all of them have multiple benefits but I grouped them to the bucket which I think is their most prominent aspect for this build.

RR: Viper, Murmur, Rhowan’s Crown

Damage: Hawk, Dire Bear, Amatok the Spirit of Winter

Sustain: Revenant, Berserker, Dryad

Utility: Jackal, Empty Throne, Ulo the Keeper of the Waters


This build utilizes the full Deathmarked set which generally makes your nightblade damage cold. I think this is a very powerful set because it has everything what you need. Damage, conversion, phys res, attack speed, +to all skill, RR. Generally great. I will not explain the items of the set, just focus on items of this build which are not part of Deathmarked.

Ring 1&2: First of all FU Alkamos. I have done around 180 runs of Steps of Torment and you dropped two of the shittiest rolled Alkamos’ Touch of Dread, no Anguish. So I had to go to discord for GD trade. Yes, it is the Dread Sigils of Alkamos set. These two rings are designed exactly for this toon. You need these.

Amulet: If you are obsessed with no-MI builds like me Mythcical Night’s Embrace is what you want because of the phys to cold conversion and the RR on Viel of Shadow. If not, go and get an Ellena’s Neckalce. You can literally get one in 3 minutes from Ellana (the big bad Slith matriarch in Hargate’s Island. Even without any prefix and suffix this amulet is vastly superior to any legendary amulet for this build. It is ridiculously good.

Gloves: Mythical Iceskorn Talons. Cold/frostburn damage, huge % attack speed, lethal assault, buf to Amarasta’s Balde Burst.

Boots: Mythical Windshear Greaves. Defensive ability, physical resistance, +2 Amarasta’s Quick Cut, +2 to Whirling Death. Windshear proc is also very good.

Belt: Mythical Blade Breaker Sash. Crit damage, Cold/Frostburn damage, OA, DA, +1 Belgothian Shears, +1 to all skills in Nightblade

Pants: Mythical Deathwhisper Leggings. Cold/Frostburn damage, OA, Physical resistance, Aether and Chaos resistance, +2 to Amrasta’s Blade Burst, +2 to Lethal Assault.

Medal: Mythical Undying Oath. Cold damage, health, health regen, resistances, +2 to Pneumatic burst complemented with cold damage and – skill recharge to it. Rune of Amatok augment both fits to the theme and also the best choice here.

Relic: I have gone with nemesis, because in one hand I needed the OA shred against Flesh. In the other hand I really like the “Asterkarn Magical Blade Killer Hunter Bitch with a Pet” concept.

As always, constructive criticism is welcome.

Happy Gaming!

p.s. if anyone have alkamos rings with not min pierce to cold and speed stats and want to trade please reach ot to me :slight_smile:


I am not sure you need any advice/improvement if you kill Ravager, but i am really surprised no points in Mirror and no point in Blade Spirit - such a good proccer.

4 points in Revenant instead of taking Ghoul

Clever using of Winshear for the proc.

ngl there is so much that confuses me there and that i don’t understand
main thing being how does it not get instad deaded with 13k HP at 75-76+ @_@
but well done :+1:


Removed 1 point from arcane will → added to blade spirit and attached elemental storm to it and tried a run on ravager. It was dead in 1 min 3 sec. Thanks! :slight_smile:
updated grimtool and ravager video link

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You’re gonna love my 9000 HP builds that stomp 75-76 when they finally get posted!

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if you start posting 9k HP builds trouncing through SR 75-76 like it was “regular” builds you deserve to be crowned the master builder :sweat_smile:


alright, i have to ask
how many ravager tries did you make before succeeding ? because i just can’t kill him,
11 tries, 11 deaths, dies in seconds to him several times @_@
edit, took me 16th attempts to kill him on what seemed like an extremely lucky fight dodge wise :sweat:

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With the current build what you can see in grimtools I can very reliably farm him. I would say at least 2/3 of the tries he dies, maybe even more. But the phenomenon what you describe is not unfamiliar to me. :slight_smile: Do you use a max level Cleansing water from Ulo? Because in my experience this (quite doownlooked) devotion skill makes this fight realtively easy. When I dropped it to go for more damage I got very regularly stomped by Ravager. It is invaluable for our survival to get rid of those bleeding/energy drain dots every 10 seconds. IMO

ye but your Ulo was assigned to wps, which means it’s pure rng proc - and then can’t control the cooldown/trigger.
So it’s not just that, it’s like the entire fight is/was just 100% rng based; get good dodges and lucky ulo procs and i might succeed 1/10 attempts .
Other times dies 3secs into the fight, or “guaranteed” if sunder happens when howled etc, like the amount of insta deaths when didn’t luck out to dodge sunder (since you’re full facetanking in the vid) was quite frequent.

like can tell/feel when the dodges are decent because hp stays above 50%, when the dodges seem to luck out it just sticks below 50% hp so fast that dryad/hp pot/pneumatic burst can just struggle to alleviate it for long enough

You made me curious, so got home and gave it a try. The link leads you to a totally unedited screen caputre. 4 consecutive kills and 1 death for first take. I think I can live with this.

(p.s. actually there was another kill before this take, I just forgot to start recording)

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here is glimpse into my experience :sweat_smile:

(lets just ignore the 1 fight where i realized i forgot Nemesis and tried to summon it mid battle :woozy_face:)

8 kills in a row after

I recommend you @Dantioch to fight like that for even higher consistency


I use elemental storm on 1p spirits already, but yes, Ulo on shadow strike is way better than on wps. ty


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This is a great build. You took away from me the opportunity to make a no-MI superboss killer SpellBreaker, and it’s amazing to me that your SpellBreaker takes down Ravager and Calagadra so quickly despite its low slow resist and physical resist. Furthermore, it is quite surprising that he can catch Mogdrozen despite having very low stun resist.

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Hey! Nowadays I use a slightly different devotion setup with 70% stun res. I just realised that I use an axe and Berserker is an option. Silly me. :slight_smile: I will write a detailed build guide shortly but until then here is the GT link for the updated devotion version.

I want you to be more passionate about making a no-MI superboss killer character. I’ve already made 3 of them. Many people tend to power up their characters with powerful MI that is very difficult to obtain. However, let’s show that anyone can make a very powerful character with just Legendary gear, with Devotion and skill tweaks.

See this post for my no-MI Superboss Killer series :


might be worth to note that builds with MIs can actually be easier to obtain than just raw RNG epic/legends; provided the build doesn’t purely rely on specific affixes on the MIs to work ofc
(base)MIs being guaranteed to obtain can take a huge swath of RNG/time out in setting a char up or finishing a build - specially for people that don’t wanna trade to obtain whatever RNG legend/epic they didn’t drop yet :sweat_smile:

Currently I am working on a Tactician. Theorycraft is done and I think it looks promising. :slight_smile: Will be back with the results, altough I don’t really have time to play nowadays. :S

Thanks for the guide! I tried a similar build but I’m having a hard time killing the ravager. I got pretty close in couple of tries but I don’t know what I’m doing wrong really.

Here’s my grim tools: Spellbreaker, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

I tried swapping the OA augments with DA on rings and amulet but it didn’t make a difference.

I can also share a gameplay video if necessary but I basically try to facetank it like you did. Sometimes I try to dodge if I have the eye debuff etc. but other than that just left clicking and spamming skills here and there.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Update: I managed to kill it after investing more in armor with this build Spellbreaker, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator
video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A5zZ18cUm6o