[] - Siegebreaker Tactician (no MI) - SR85 - Ravager of Flesh - Callagadra - Avatar of Mogdrogen

Hello Gamers!

Please find below my second “no MI, no Dope” all Superboss killer tune.

I wondered why not try to tease a very special (totally nuts :blush:) part of this community namely, HC players. I have never played HC and don’t plan to start in the near future, but I gave myself a challenge and tried to came up with something which is very durable, imo HC viable, (but let you HC players decide on this) but also can do content in reasonable time. There were a lot of things which was new to me in this journey. I haven’t got a tactician so far and haven’t got a gun+shield build either. This is what I came up with.


This build is not for you if you want to kill Ravager in one min. For that try this.

This is a rather slow build, but speed was not first priority here.


SR85 Will go further I promise.

Ravager of Flesh I was so f*kin stupid that I have summoned Flesh out of habit. This is the WORST manifestation for this build by far with the huge OA shred and energy leech. This is just the end of the fight, because it takes ages to kill ravager without critting it and dodging lifeleech… sorry, my bad, really…

Callagadra Facetank + dodge sunder.

Avatar of Mogdrogen: No record here, although pretty usual Mog fight. Took about 8 mins.

I have learned a lot from this journey as the results haven’t come easy.

As always, constructive criticism is welcome.

Happy Gaming!


very good build, a truly tanky hitman! I made the same mistake choosing the ravager of flesh on my Targo Tactician and this ruined any chance of a decent fight :rofl: well, i think that’s definitely a good choice for HC

Tactician seems to be the least developed character in this community. I briefly considered Tactician during my no-MI superboss killer development project, but it seemed very difficult, and I’ve never seen a Tactician build that takes down a Ravager in less than 2 minutes. I think you’re an accomplishment in that regard. Furthermore, I think it would be a pretty shocking feat to improve the build so that you could take down Calagadra in 3~4 minutes.