[] Warborn Cadence 2H Warlord, No-MI All 3 superboss Killer(Calagadra: 1m 45s, Ravagar: 1m 42s, Mogdrgen: 1m 53s; No-Pharma, SR 86+)

Subsequent to my no-MI all Superboss killer pet Conjurer
and Subsequent to my no-MI 3 Superboss killer WitchBlade,
and Subsequent to my no-MI 3 Superboss killer Death Knight
and subsequent to my no-MI 3 superboss killer Warder

I present my fifth no-MI 3 Superboss killer Warlord.

:reminder_ribbon: Warborne Cadence 2H Warlord
Equipment/Skill/Devotion(16/April/2024, Seoul, South Korea :kr:): https://www.grimtools.com/calc/D2pW181N
Devotion Selection Sequence: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-XaZEiHrWnQ
Here, you can download a copy of the hero :
Warborne-Warlord.zip (1.8 MB)

snap1 snap2 snap3

Performance: (No pharma doping, No cluster, except for Mogdrogen)

General battle (including Lokarr: 10sec, RaShalga: 7sec, Kra’vall: 7sec, and other general combat): :arrow_down: :arrow_down:

vs Calagadra (1min 45sec) :

(This build is currently a bit unstable to defeat Calagadra by sliding alone.
As an alternative, I present a build with greatly improved anti-Calagadra stability by some devotion changes and minor skill tweaks : https://www.grimtools.com/calc/M2gno3gN.
anternative_Warborne-Warlord.zip (1.8 MB) but, it took 1m 52s to defeat Calagadra. by the way, with the upcoming release of game ver, there will be a major change in physical resistance throughout the game. So, after the release, I will attempt a better fix)

vs Ravagar of flesh (1min 42sec) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=efZ0XSuQkTw

vs Mogdrogen(1min 52sec) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=POtCD2maKfA

SR 75-76(6min 50sec) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lY5vBF0ESNE&t=1s

SR 85-86 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQChevvoSSk&t=3s

My comment :
I’ve heard that, for Warlord builds, the Retaliation Warlord was once the most powerful and dominated Grimdawn Worlds. The Retaliation Warlord has been nerfed several times, but I understand it is still very strong. Furthermore, many of the oathkeeper skills are shield-oriented, so I was hesitant to develop a 2H Warlord build because I didn’t think I would be able to make a decent build. However, Warlord is an important part of my Soldier-based super boss killer project, so I decided to push through my hesitation and develop it.

Initially, I used the Avenger set to create a Warlord build, based on Strike rather than Retaliation
Equipment/skill/devotion: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/D2pW1dBN
Performance(Cala, Ravagar, SR75-76): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pVyyPwZ1J_I

However, I wasn’t very happy with the performance (2 min 12 sec for Calagadra, but over 2 min 30 sec for the Ravager of Flesh). As an aside, while using the Avenger Set, I also tested a build that used Leviathan and Cadence instead of Oathkeeper’s Righteous Fervor, which resulted in much higher damage, but failed to take down Calagadra and almost always resulted in my death in the middle of the fight. It was a build that left me with a lot of frustration and anger that I could have accomplished my goal with just a little more power.

Finally, I didn’t think I could improve any further, so I switched to the Warborn set. I am pleased to report that the Warbon set has shown that a strike-based Warlord can achieve pretty good performance. However, if you know of a better off-the-shelf set, I’d love to hear about it.

If you have any improvements or questions for my Warlord, I’d love to hear them in the comments.


Hello. This build guide is very helpful. thank you.
I have a question, but in this build, I don’t use Necromancer as a subclass, so I feel that Leviathan’s status is a waste. Therefore, I don’t think the weapon needs to be Leviathan, but are there any other suitable weapons that you think would be better?

To: Nagisa

I think whether or not Leviathan is appropriate for Warlord depends on the goals of the build. For my Warlord build, The goal of my warlord build is to “use cadence physical attacks to quickly take down superbosses”.

With that goal in mind, Leviathan is a great fit for the Warlord build because it provides +2 Cadence, +2 to all Soldier skills, very high Physical Resist of 18%, which is critical to withstanding the high damage of the superbosses (Cala, Ravager), and very high Attack Speed, which is critical to boosting my DPS.

My Death Knight, Witchblade, and Warlord all use the same Leviathan. Although it is unfortunate that Leviathan only supports the Necromancer’s skills and not the Occultist and Oathkeeper’s skills, based on my goals outlined above, I consider Leviathan to be a very good weapon for my Warlord build.

I see, thank you for carefully answering difficult questions. It was very helpful. I am going to use it as an example! :smiley:

Voldrak's Crusher - Items - Grim Dawn Item Database, Avenger's Crusher - Items - Grim Dawn Item Database, Gutsmasher - Items - Grim Dawn Item Database
Voldrak is the optimal choice for Cadence, keep in mind choi is deliberately using legend because no MI theme, but Voldrak is the technical best option

I see. If possible, is there an optimal tree using something like Voldrak?
I’m having a hard time finding the best build for Kadenz, and I’m thinking about it. :frowning:

Slightly outdated but still more than viable [] Voldrakia : budget Two-Handed Cadence Warder from scratch (SR65+)

To: Shikishima, Gnomish_Inquisition

Thanks to you guys, I understand that Voldrak’s Crusher is a very good weapon for cadence, but if I abandon my no-MI stubbornness in the future, I won’t easily choose Voldrak’s Crusher over Leviathan.

I think the underlying reason for this is that people have different interpretations of the question, “Which characters are strong in Grimdawn?”.

For some, a strong character is a character who can beat the superbosses quickly, for others, it’s a character who can reach higher floors in SR, for others, it’s a character who can complete SR 75-76 faster, for others, it’s a character who can hardly die in any situation, and so on.

I consider a “strong character” to be a character who can beat superbosses quickly without Pharma doping and reach the higher levels of SR in time without dying. Therefore, Voldrak’s Crusher is an excellent weapon, but it will be difficult to beat super bosses without Pharma doping because it does not provide physical resistance. Of course, in the next version of Grimdawn (, Voldrak’s Crusher may surpass Leviathan, even by my standards.

the Voldrak suggestion wasn’t for you, i even mention you specifically build for no MI
but Nagisa asked which weapon there would be for Warlord/best for warlord, and Leviathan doesn’t come close to Voldrak on a Warlord if a player is willing to use MIs, hence why mentioning it

*and on an unrelated note; you can get phys res on Voldrak too btw :wink:

This is a great tip, but it would have been nice to hear it earlier. I feel obligated :grin: to start collecting Voldrak’s Crushers with good options now, so that I have a Voldrak’s Crusher to use at some point in the future when my no-MI project is finished or I abandon this project.

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Even without MIs, it’s amazing. I’m currently referencing this build a lot, but in the upcoming it’s said to be harder to get physical resist throughout the game, will the power of this build be maintained?

physical resist sources are reduced, yes; but you also don’t need phys res the same because enemy phys dmg is ridiculously reduced too now

In the next version,, I don’t know if my superboss killers will be able to keep that ability. Most likely, some build modifications will be required. If it doesn’t work anymore after a build fix, my no-MI Superboss Killer project will be closed. Separately, I’m already exhausted, and after a cursory look at the rest of the other soldier-based characters’ skills, I’m not feeling very confident, so Warlord is likely the end of my project.

I have added an alternative build to the text that significantly improves stability against Calagadra. It has a 5% increase in physical resist compared to the original build. The constellations added are constellations that will not have their physical resist removed in the upcoming release, so I believe it will contribute to anti-Calagadra stability in the future.

i tested your save ( - No doping). face tank mode vs Ravager of flesh fight is fail.

Do not attack the Ravager immediately after sliding. As you can see in the video, there is a deliberate delay after the sliding. Immediately after sliding, take a moment to walk a little further forward and then walk back and attack. This is where it differs from the fight with Calagadra. Is it fair to say that Ravager has a slightly longer sunder?. This was definitely not the case in, but in it felt like it was slightly longer. I’d be interested to hear from others who know exactly what this is.

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Will you tell me how to read ‘anternative_Warborne-Warlord.zip’.
In the zip file, there are many files…
Is there a program to read it? or what should i do?

Extract the folder (_Warborne-Warlord) included in the zip file into the Document > My Games > Grim Dawn > save > main folder. Then, run the game and you will see the warlord character. The folder to extract may not be there. I hope others can answer in more detail.

Hello! is it possible to just use the warborn set? 4/4 not the leviathan weapon? thank you
or it will have a big impact?

i saw some 2H maces like (Scion of arcane force) which give +4 cadence +4 warcry

thank you! please guide me x.x
ive wanted to change my Blitz type warlord i can only kill lokarr but in 2-5mins playing cats and dogs x.x

If you want to take down a Lokarr or higher superboss without pharma doping, you should probably have a physical resist of total 58 or higher. I’ve already shown in the text that you can defeat Ravager and Calagadra even if you don’t have a warborn set. Any weapon that can achieve a total physical resist of 58 or higher is good, even if it is not a Leviathan.

In the case of my warder, his total physical resist is only 40. However, with 30% life leech, 4x the health regen rate of the Warlord, and a temporary +18% Physical Resist, I was able to take down the Superboss. Warlord can’t be like warder, so if you want to take down a superboss, particularly Calagadra, by sliding alone, without pharma doping, you’ll need to use Leviathan because Leviathan provides an additional 18% Physical Resist.

In addition to 58+ physical resist, you should have around 200,000+ dps, 17%+ life leech, high health (including Turtle of devotion), etc. No one can tell you what the exact requirements are.