A question about freeze mechanics on augments

Hi guys!

I’m looking at Outcast’s Frostbite (https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/430) or similar augments and wondering if I could make a build around it. Does this chance to freeze apply to weapon damage/attacks, or skills like Albrecht’s ray etc?

If it applies to weapon damage, I presume it would be proportional to the weapon damage of the attack maxing at 3% for anything dealing 100% weapon damage or above; If the weapon damage of an attack was 50%, it would have a 1.5% chance to freeze target. Would that be right?

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It would only work with % wep damage. or if you have a skill with %wep damage from an MI. AAR wouldnt benefit without https://www.grimtools.com/db/prefixes/11270 or something

That’s correct.

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Awesome, thank you :slight_smile:

Color me intrigued- looking forward to seeing what you build around this!

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Just came up with something, will try to test it soon :smiley:

Maybe I’m wrong but I would assume an attack with 50% weapon damage would instead act as a 3% chance to freeze for 1 second instead of 2 seconds. So skills with multiple ticks like AAR with the Conduit would result in multiple smaller freezes.

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You aren’t wrong; % Weapon Damage affects the results, not the % Chance of those results.


That’s a new one. I had wrongly thought it modified the proc chance. I guess it makes more sense that it’s the effect which is modified, given how other ones work. The % threw me of!

I haven’t tested this build yet, but in theory, something like this could freezelock most enemies?


It has 3% chance to freeze on jewellery and both weapon slots, for 15% chance to freeze. Then the ol’ mageslayer Olexra’s trick, with extra duration on it to prolongue the freeze resist debuff

Looks interesting. I was just looking over chance to freeze sources and I’m not sure if you’ve noticed it but have you also considered this weapon? Only downside is using it means losing the conversion on Flames of Ignaffar so a different skill would have to used. Chain Lightning with some Lightning damage converted to Cold from a chest piece could work perhaps?


I did come across that weapon for other similar freeze playstyle builds and thought it looked great. But I guess I wanted something wtih rapid speed, so a channelled attack (ideally with 200% cast speed) made sense to get the most freeze chance per second, especially for enemies who are resistant to freeze. Even if they resist most of it, if they’re getting frozen (and unfrozen) multiple times per second it should still considerably slow down the enemy damage output, even if they’re not ‘locked’ by it… What do you think?

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Both approaches of Cold FoI or Northern Wyrm sound good on paper, i think it’ll just have to come down to testing and seeing which is stronger and more consistent.

Have you also considered Time Dilation as well? I’m not entirely certain how it works but from some build videos I’ve seen, doublecasting Flash Freeze with full Mageslayer seems to result in longer Freezes.

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I didn’t know that! That is definitely worth testing. If it’s true, that could make/break the build. In that case, Eternity Relic might be helpful as well with caster offhand

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Some examples I can recall of the top of my head are AlkamosHater’s original topic that is a glass cannon built entirely around it and several other Freeze effects.

And more recently afanasenkov’s Spellbreaker. In particular, in the video below at the beginning, he doublecasts it on Margul for several seconds of Freeze. Granted Margul has base 118% Freeze resistance whereas Nemeses have 138%, but it’s still notable nonetheless:


Amazing, thank you for sharing this.


I’ll start toying with this idea (need to tweak resists ofc). With all of the augments used for chance to freeze I’m finding it hard to get decent oa/da as well. But, this could be a very fun support build, and I love that CC would be the form of support when CC is often redundant in the important fights. :smiley:


Wow, checking this out now. Yeah, it seems this is the minmaxed version of what I was starting to conceptualise! It’s amazing to see it work so beautifully in action, and this build achieves way higher damage than I would have gotten to. I feel inspired to see it and sad that I was late to the party. Heh :slight_smile:


Youre not late to the party man!! I didnt know about that either, shit i didnt know about many things in this thread alone. Thanks to you and @Evil_Baka, I consider this thread a party in itself!

The inspiration in this community gets passed all around, the creative passion is so strong here, ranging from competitive rivalry to janky meme build explorations, I love it all, but my favorites are support builds and specifically designed for a multiplayer environment. There isnt a lot of discussion in that area with this game being so predominantly single player (also awesome!), and its very rare to see builds designed for play in this multi-player environment being shared. I love that you are doing it! I always look forward to your stuff, and in so doing, BOTH of us learned a lot of new and cool stuff!

I just recently built a Petrify character, not yet complete by any means, but the goal runs parallel to this one- support in a multiplayer environment by petrifying everything. Perseus, designed after the legendary Greek hero who decapitated Medusa and held her head, which could still Petrify.

I have to double check Augments now, to see if any have a % chance to Petrify!

EDIT: We could have our own party! Your freeze guy fighting alongside my Petrification build, with another build using Luminari set to reduce enemy Petrify/Freeze resistances! And the final slot could be a glass cannon or something lol.

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Haha :slight_smile: Thanks Knife, I appreciate your encouragement!

Yeah. I love the multiplayer vibe. It’s a pity about the constant crashing!

It seems there are already so many great builders focused on creating powerful or interesting solo chars. But I don’t see as many working on team-based characters. Even synergistic duos or trios or something. I love the idea of coming up with the ultimate 2-person team or 3-person team, or 4-person team :smiley: I think it allows for a very different approach to building, potentially.

…and I just like healer classes and feeling supportive to others, so might as well try to express that through grim dawn, eh? :wink:

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Dude you are preaching to the choir here, my brotha!