AAR & Elemental Damage

First of all I would like to denote significant difference between AAR — FoI — DE

  • FoI have WD on skill
  • DE have ADctH on skill
  • AAR have nothing of this

Also we have Conduits for each skill that give us 24% WD, and of course most of all it needs AAR because without WD you can’t get life steal

In the last patches (I think it was great idea) some items was updated by modificators for AAR: Hexflame and Mark of Ulzuin
Now we can made builds based on Full Fire AAR

But we couldn’t make the same for Lighting and Cold because items for this damage types replace our Conduit with 24% Weapon Damage to Albrecht's Aether Ray

This items are Aetherbolt Pendant, Mythical Stormseer Sapphire and Conduit 100% Aether Damage converted to Cold Damage to Albrecht's Aether Ray - 100% Fire Damage converted to Cold Damage to Albrecht's Aether Ray

Is it possible to replace modificators for AAR Lighting and Cold damage to other items like we have for Fire Damage?

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Is Pulsing Shard such a bad fit for elemental AAR that you’d rather have %WD for lifesteal? What about Essence of the Grim Dawn, for fire?

Sorry, I have a pretty hard time following what you actually want.

Aetherbolt Pendant
Provides fire > light damage conversion on AAR, what is wrong with that?

Mythical Stormseer Sapphire
Provides fire > cold and aether > light damage conversions on AAR.

Conduit of Arcane whispers
Unique prefix
Aether and fire damage to cold conversion on AAR.

As mentioned, you can get life steal from pulsing shard so there is really no problem as I see it, you “just” need to get an appropriate pulsing shard for your damage type(s)

Pulsing Shard is a green item and we all know that use green items is not comme Il faut

Game and items should not be balanced for this stupid “no green” crusade that some of you guys like to limit yourselves with… xD


I just want the same situation what we have with Fire AAR

Where are a lot of not usable Daggers and Scepters where can be replaced some modificator for AAR from amulets

The rest of the world that plays Grim Dawn and make builds can make Lightning, “Cold and Elemental” AAR as much as they want.

Most of all Purple items are better than green
Thats why “we” use only purple and some times blue items

No that is not the reason you make builds “without no greens”, because then it would be an “achievement” to make a build that is “greenless” - you guys do this because of some stupid tradition that started around AoM when people started using several double rare affix MI’s and crafts on their posted builds. The “no green” crusade was a reaction to that.

Some Greens are BiS, even with “crap” affixes. And the reason is because many MI’s offers skill modifiers that can not be found on Legendaries.

If you really wanna play greenless elemental AAR, then a more reasonable proposal instead of changing the already existing and used amulets, would be to add life steal modifier to a medal. But then it would conflict with Ulzuins medal.

I mean I can think of a ton of builds that are “impossible” without green MI skill modifier.


Why does everything have to be the same? I think it’s good that this game provides a variety of builds that require different lvls of dedication to make them work.

Just use the green offhand. Any prefix with “of celerity” is good enough for lightning AAR. And that is arguably easier to farm than some legendaries.

Cold AAR needs some tweaking though. It needs a fitting main hand and maybe full conversion to cold on the amulet instead of the cold/lightning split that we have right now.


That I agree on, +1 on full conversion to cold on Stormseer. Then one would have to convert the remaining lightning to cold somehow

all that you write very well


the game has too many items for AAR that occupy the amulet slot

and all I’m suggesting to move some of them to other items (maybe dagger or maybe gloves it’s no matter)

what happend with Fire AAR is very nice
and I propose to develop this direction further

which means you have to make a choice. I do not like when itemization become too “hand holding” and “obvious”


Maybe Shard of Asterkarn could fill this role, the dagger gets outclassed by Trozan’s anyways.

Add some x -> cold conversion for AAR and/or a modifier along with some cast speed.

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We did discuss that weapon on the one-hand weapon thread by adoomgod here One-Hander Feedback Thread I not recall that cold AAR was mentioned

About amulet slot being preoccupied is true, not just AAR, but very often is the case. There are multiple skill modifiers, conduits, set items, SR set, +skills, conversion. AAR in specifically needs some unload to different slots.

About no greens crusade, don’t get it. Yes it’s easier for players to replicate a build, but very often green MI contains very important skill mod or skill points, that are impossible to be found elsewhere. Like playing Cold Blademaster and not taking Kuba pants?

So, pulsing off hand is good here. Fire and lightning are easier to build, cold needs more skill points support!

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It’s good that we were able to tune in to the same wave

That too many things with similar functionality takes amulet slot for AAR

And it on the contrary lowers a variety of builds

Since the Arcanist became more powerful and on AAR began to play more people

  1. Offer add to Mythical Codex of Lies

    • + 147% Elemental Damage and on proc add -15% Elemental Resistance

Because this is the only one Legendary Off-Hand in the game with +X to AAR skill

  1. Offer add to Mythical Essence of the Grim Dawn

    • +106% Elemental Damage and on proc add Flat Elemental Damage

I believe that additional RR on codex that already got a rr to aether and chaos are bit too much
But maybe adding a some elemental bonuses on some offhands that are “overshadowed” their more popular “fellows” could be a thing


Add AAR support to another off-hand is a good idea too :heart_eyes_cat: