Add movespeed to green and purple devotions

Some builds can’t afford Mark of Traveller.

Some builds can’t afford Mark of Traveller without losing a bit of dps from modifying damage optimized item setup.

Corrected :slight_smile: but I’m not arguing against adding the MS, just wanted to be precise.

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not really, some builds just need that fat effective 40% res from Ugdenbog or even more effective res from Spellscorched. And usually getting Restless Remains in gloves is much more important than getting Mark of Traveller in boots.

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  1. It doesn’t solve all problems
  2. Builds, that already have good slow res, benefit very little from this component

On the other hand, Mark of Mogdrogen could use a buff with some little res

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On “let’s bump other stats instead”.

My GDStashed elemental cadence battlemage in SR set. Green / Purple devotion setup centered around Sage. Doesn’t need much to look decent - just 100 more OA, 200 more DA and more aether, vit and pierce resistance, especially aether. Lots of elemental resistance though, 53% just from devotions, 50% overcaps in GT and 70% overcaps in game. Didn’t turn out to have great %damage either, which was kind of the goal here, could use another 200-300%. 127% movement speed in GT with Kraken and Lion, would had been forced to use Mark of Traveler / Mogdrogen if I didn’t had that and/or used a different ring, but that basically means either compromising already bad DA and resistances or losing 5% attack speed on something that can’t afford to have it’s damage reduced further.

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You have also low lifesteal on it. You went too much for damage and other stats suffer from it. My version is OK becuase of the tankiness it provides.

Thus the problem with your arguments to begin with…once a stat is available so homogeneously that there’s no thought process involved in acquiring it, might as well just raise the base movement speed and cut the stat out of gear/devotions.

Sounds like it’s worth collecting then, hm?

I guess we should increase everyone’s Offensive Ability by 1000 too cause having 100% hit chance is an important QoL to every build.

100% hit chance is necessary (and is easy to obtain). However, movement speed is merely QoL and is toward the bottom of the shopping list. Therefore it shouldn’t be a restricted stat for any mastery combination, but this is currently the case (at least it is not a common issue though).

Stupid_Dragon Clearly showed that Mark of Traveler and Mogdrogen are low value relative to other components. Making them comparable would be a great solution, no?

In which case we’d all end up being faster than PoE light! :upside_down_face:

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I admit, your version is significantly more polished than mine. I guess going for Crab and Hyriam was a mistake, since I wasted crapload of skillpoints for what Seru could had given me alone, which opens an opportunity to get some other OA / DA constellations too as well as 3% more adcth by picking up Toad (reasonable pick).

Could point out that my version has better passive AoE due to ring choice and Hyriam, but since other stats are crap with bloated elemental resistance it ain’t worth arguing over.

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Just put the movement speed on Seru and Blind Sage and the problem is solved as was suggested before. It will not be abused this way. But I would also like to point out that Candle needs a buff.

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That’s not that easy.
Boots components with movespeed are little below average
Very few pants have movespeed
Boots add ~8% on average

If it was that difficult to have a proper OA on the builds, someone would make a similar thread. But we have lots of different ways:

  1. Devotions
  2. Components for different slots
  3. Augments for different slots again
  4. Skills
  5. DA shred

Meanwhile variability for movespeed is worse

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I still don’t see the problem with this since move speed is something every build needs and none of them will become OP suddenly because they have 135% movespeed.

No need to jump off un-necessary slippery slopes :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have an idea: let’s rework every devotion to give you +x% to all damage, +x% to attack speed and casting speed, +x% to movement speed, +x% to OA and DA, +x% to all resists, +x% to HP and +100 to light radius, so players don’t needlessly hurt their brain thinking how to optimize their builds.

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Feels alot like


It would if I was interested in presenting logical arguments. I’m just here to mock this suggestion. I’m glad that Zantai is not listening to you guys on this and I can’t imagine the homogeneous boredom that a game designed by some of you would be.


yeah, because adding QoL would be soo bad, right?

Ask Zantai to revert the QoL changes to Thermite Mines too, if you are so afraid that QoL stuff will ruin a game to boredom.

Also all the stash, auto pickup, loot filter etc. Who needs QoL, heh?

Also all classes having access to Movement Runes? Oh God, the Homogeneity :scream:

And tbh, the whole “homogeneous” thing is a rather stupid argument based on sheer exaggeration for no good reason.


It’s really not, but if that’s the mindset you’re going to get into here, then I guess there’s nothing further to say.


Why is it not though?

We have movement runes for all classes while it was previously only available to certain ones through mastery skills like Blitz, Shadow Strike etc.

If Runes did not make the game more Homogeneous, then I fail to see how you can argue that every devo colours getting access to movespeed will.

And if one is fine, I dare say the other is too.

I understand that it is ultimately upto you guys to decide which direction you want to take your game, but using homogeneity as an excuse feels more like laziness tbh.


add some run speed to all medal augments?