Adding font size option (particularly for Steam Deck)

Yesterday I tried Grim Dawn on my Steam Deck, I found the overall experience ok. The UI is clearly not designed for console (particularly inventory) but it’s still possible to play quite well. However the font size is way way too small (skills, quests, dialogs, journal, …), after a certain time playing it starts hurting and tiring the eyes, I tried to find an option to enlarge the font size to get bigger text, but to my surprise there’s none. It’d be great to have it.

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^i’ve heard this has helped nicely for 4k players where readability is an issue too because small text

*font size is also tied to the UI scale setting, so unsure how much changing the font itself will allow

Thanks for the reply, I’ll take a look at this solution.

I think being able to tweak some particular texts would already help a great deal. The priority would be skills/devotion/items/map names texts that require to focus attentively on reading them. Then the more secondary ones like dialogs/quests/journal texts (why not adding an option to display them on a separate interface that pops up with the text in big size like in Red Dead 2 when reading letters/books for example).