Anyway to disable the hardcore veteran message on the top left side of screen?

Hello I love the game I as just wondering though if there is just someway I could get rid of the Hardcore veteran message on the top left side of the screen as I find it really distracting, I like to have a bigger Ui so i can see okay, but the “Hardcore Veteran” display on the top left side of the screen is really bothering me. I think I may have some form of ocd lol. Is there any possible way to get rid of this message?

afaik it’ll go away when your HP reaches 0.


Stop baiting rektos.
As for the answer, that I’m not sure myself. It’s probably the first time someone mentions this. It exists to separate hardcore from non hardcore.

I have a suspicion it might be possible but having not messed with the modding tools really much yet myself I can’t say for certain. They would need more than just the Hardcore Veteran words disabled tho, they would also need it for the other difficulties as well in his scenario.

I’m curious @GlockenGerda if this can be done in a similar fashion to how you did your menu files, as in something that could be altered and then just drag and dropped into the Settings folder?

A little tongue in cheek but you missed a great opportunity to say, “Come over and ask, I’m just north of the Old Arkovia rift.” :wink:

On a more serious note: This must surely be moddable, as some other’s have said, but I don’t recall it every being asked. Folks in the modding area might have some input.

Or by starting softcore on normal…

This is easy. Download this file (or extract it from game files)
tags_uimain.txt (30.2 KB)
and put it in

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Grim Dawn\settings\text_en

Now what you need to do is change appropriate tags to empty strings, for example




The same with difficulty tag (i.e. tagChallengeDifficulty or tagDifficultyElite).


And bam… guess my gut was right that it could be done this way. Good lookin’ out.

I knew this method because I was trying to disable “Items Shown/Hidden” messages recently that I produce in such a number during fights that they form ~few minutes queue.

It hadn’t bothered me until I tried farming reputation and messages such as “You reached Honored” were delayed and I needed to open Faction Window to check my reputation rank. It also delays other messages.

Unfortunately it only makes them invisible, they still are in the queue and take some time to display. Hoped maybe it would skip empty strings.

I’m not even using my brain, just grepping all the files :grin:

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Well, well, well -Crate-…

… so they ARE planning on releasing there :smile:

Just as well. Been saying for a bit that they might as well.

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This is great, now I can add “Hardcore - Ultimate” when I play so I feel better about myself :slight_smile:


thankyou so much for your help! This is just what i needed excellent!

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