Automatic skill use trick by Rakso



Someone found a real use for the bug that gets me killed when I complete a quest outside a town (Gulgoth, Ballog’Nath, Myla Finegan, etc.)???

Very going to play with this. On a channeler - priceless. Still the bug drives me nuts - hate dying to Myla or Ballog after the are dead because I am ‘stuck’ using the attack that killed them endlessly while standing in AOE.

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It doesn’t seem to activate if you just click(important keyword right here) a button. You always need to press and hold that skill to the moment of clicking the pause to activate this glitch.
Not sure if calling it a bug is right. So far 1k+ hours in the game and I never seen an automatizer like this happening for me by itself out of nowhere like ever before.
Anyways good luck.
If you want to disable this you just need to click the glitched/bugged button again to release it from it’s repetetive state. Alternatively, if that won’t help, just change that skill to a health potion or an energy potion while being at full health or full energy. The player character won’t be able to drink them, as there is no point in that action considering he’s fully sustained already, and it also solves the problem.

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Opening Character Menu also works, that is how I escape death if I am caught by the bug. Did a recording, but 140 MB MP4 is !upload. I think it is the same issue, different triggers. The game considers one button to be permanently pressed.

Note :: I use a controller.

Edit :: I am a noob at recording, figure someone is going to laugh at the 30 second 140 MB issue.

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Hope this will never be fixed, it just make gameplay more smooth

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:shushing_face: don’t jinx it :grimacing:

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Alternate title: “How to make Maya even lazier”


Only seems to work for channelling skills so …

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No, other skills work to. Summon Guardians is shown in the video.


Yeah, just tried it to make absolutely sure.
Works for everything :rofl:

No more repeatedly casting Wind Devils :yum: (please don’t fix this :zantai:)

EDIT: It even works for skills that require a target, like Reap Spirit (though you need to mouse over a target in that case)


You need to press and hold the skill while you already used it, an it’s currently in it’s cooldown state, an then pause. The rest of the steps is the same.

I tested it on all the skills of all my characters for like an hour. Unfortunately the video is a little bit messy and I should pick up a cooldown skill too(did potions tho to make up for it tho), and I also should mention in there more often that it works on everything rather than just one time-one word, but yeah, whatever. :slightly_smiling_face:
I didn’t found a single skill it doesn’t work on, so searching for one is probably futile. The only things it doesn’t work on are health potion and energy potion. These immediately nullify it for whatever reason.

Doesn’t seem to work on Conjurer pets and stuff like BoD actually :frowning:

You judge too early. I made it work on BoD just now, so it’s clearly possible.

Hm… is there a trick or additional input required for it?

I put BoD on hotkey, pressed the key down, pressed enter to pause while holding the key still down, let go of the BoD key, pressed enter again.

Once the CD is refreshed, it doesn’t recast it. Waited out the duration as well, still got no recast.

Repeat step from 2:24 on the video.

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Strange. One of the playtesters tried it the other day and it would only work with channelled skills. Don’t know what other skills they tried though. :woman_shrugging:

Ooh… so switch it to a skill that works(like wind devils for eg) and then to a skill like BoD.

Yeah, that worked perfectly.

Damn, kudos for the find :+1:

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Maybe had the same issue as Maya just now. It’s known as lack of creativity based on available resources, informations or observations(no offense ofc!) :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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But now, for the million dollar question.

Is there a way to do this for multiple skills simultaneously?

Like, can you have Wind Devils, BoD and Skeletons, all 3 being cast automatically like this?