Become the new Build Compendium curator

After many years of support @Stupid_Dragon is moving on from looking after Build Compendium X, and we are seeking someone to take over the maintenance of it as we head towards the new expansion.

With Fangs of Asterkarn on the horizon this is the right time as the game and the community continues to evolve. Get hands on experience by adding the backlog (everything since July :grimacing:) so that you will be ready when it is time to set up Build Compendium XI.

If you are calm and friendly, plan to stay with us for the foreseeable future and like to toy with Markdown and BBCode, then apply in this thread or send a DM to @medea_fleecestealer and @eisprinzessin telling us you are the one to step into Stupid’s and his predecessors’ shoes.

Edit: Please take the time for this poll.


I’d like to use this occasion to encourage everyone to move on to GT builds.
Scans threads automatically, a lot of filtering options, way more readable.
I don’t think there’s a need for anyone to continue all this manual work.


Thank you - then it is poll time. Let’s see how others think about it.

GT Builds vs. Build Compendium
  • GT Builds is the future and I have stopped using the Build Compendium
  • The Build Compendium has its merits but is too much work
  • I like using both
  • I hardly use any of them
  • Out of habit I have stuck with the Build Compendium and not given GT Builds a proper go
  • I dislike GT Builds and rely on the Build Compendium
  • something else (please specify in the topic)

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You can select up to three answers. Regardless of the outcome, if anybody steps up as the new curator, we will support their decision (provided there are no other objections). However should the outcome favor GT Builds, then you might want to spend your time differently.

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i think GT builds needs to include additional search parameters to be truly great, currently you can’t search builds for green MIs and is limited to only 1 item etc

i think the build compendium has merit, but because of the way the Discourse forum format is makes rough to search too, but Dragon did a good job of presenting XY parameters for the builds at a glance in its class sections, giving it some decent usefulness
^(this however is also no doubt a fair bunch of work for whoever would maintain it)

i don’t think it would be necessarily a bad thing if GT builds took over, but i also think it needs extra stuff/features to do that well


I use Compendium, GT builds, tag search on forum and just youtube searches for builds. Each individually has gaps in it. I’m not sure how exactly GT pulls data for its builds section, but it’s definitely incomplete.

Overall, Compendium is the most convenient one to use. Though I recognize how troublesome it is to maintain.

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Both are great, but I gotta say what bothered me in the compendium is the quality of the builds that are being added here sometimes. Now before everyone gets their panties up in a bunch, it’s my opinion, okay, I have a warped perfectionist view of GD builds. There is nothing wrong with playing unoptimized specs/builds and doing pet/retal/shadow strike hybrids with faction only gear and classless. But at some point compendium is so flooded with very poorly optimized specs that it loses its point kinda.

But is GT Builds able to evaluate a build’s efficiency?

Maybe builds can be sorted into sub-categories like optimized, challenge, improvable and dated.

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not at all, but they are just easier to access I guess since everyone goes to grimtools anyway.

I honestly don’t have a solution for the problem as it will require a group of people filtering out compendium entries which will definitely create a lot of drama, since some builders can’t handle critisism (but at the same time feel the need to share their sometimes heavily underoptimized specs). And Zantai doesn’t like drama here, this has to be a drama free place, any notion of controversy and mods roll in with mass deletion of the comments and changing thread titles.

The community aspect is the one benefit of the Build Compendium, which Grim Tools does not deliver. But are actual build discussions not better for this?

Questioning the purpose and value of collecting builds: Now I wonder, how much inspiration are top builders like yourself drawing from other people’s builds?

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I am just shamelessly stealing my shit from iMarcus and Chinese builders :scorv:

In reality we share and borrow each other ideas a lot within our little toxic builders community

Build Compendium is a collection of… builds :astonished: of every quality, idea, possibility, playstyle. A book of people’s imagination, consider it like this. Your elite community already has its own top 20 best optimized GD builds (and going to have another one?). Maybe it should be pinned in the future. But as another collection, separated from, uh, usual builds from Compendium.

ngl, when i first joined the forum/started browsing the compendiums my impression for a long time was these was sorta “curated” build collections, and mainly only the “good”/well optimized was included (unsure if that was ever the case or just wrong perception), and at a certain point then straight up became include literally anything posted as long as the formatting was right :sweat_smile:
Granted that “curation impression” might simply have been because at a time largely only dedicated players and builders actually posted stuff, and it wasn’t so much because curated but the "throw every build at the wall"stage of the game simply hadn’t been reached yet.

That’s why build submission rules and tags like [cr+], [sr] etc. were set. If we going to have another Compendium for next expansion, these criterias may change, sure. Depends on its curator.

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My issue with GT builds is that it seems to require a specific formatting and I have no idea why some of my builds got in there while others did not even though I pretty much do all my posts the same way.

Personally prefer the compendium for that reason since it is a person managing it rather than an automated process, but then again, since someone needs to manually add them I can see that being an issue (for the curator) as well.

Maybe @Dammitt can fix such issues, if we point him to them - like here :smirk_cat:


Seems like Compendium and GT builds have different purposes :yum:

prefer the compendium currently but i don’t think anyone should have to do all those manual tasks…

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my personal opinion, as an ORDINARY PLAYER (and collector-)): I constantly leaf through the compendium, select builds with the marks “all celestial” and the like (after all, the only thing I haven’t overcome in the game is the crate-), cover every topic, I look for a link to GT, click on it and… discover that I DON’T EVEN HAVE HALF OF THE ITEMS IT NEEDS! -))) (ok, ok, I wiped both the saves and the database with the release of 1.2 and it is clear that for myself I wrote all sorts of things for convenience: my own stasher and an extension for chrome that shows the presence of items in my database.)

and thus I spend a lot of time NOT on the game-)

result: personally, I would REALLY like something like the long-standing GrimSheet (and, again, my attempt to develop it Grim Dawn [Builds] Contest for NTQV project) - a minimum of graphics, all the information on one screen and, the main thing is that all builds are in one table with the ability to filter by build capabilities, type of killing a specific celestial, the speed of clearing the crucible and the achieved shard…
I guess someday I’ll write my own automatic parser for themes from the compendium myself… someday, oh-)

ps. I also remember there was a Russian site with builds (i found!, it seemed like they also collected builds by hand, but still…

If forum Compendium wins, could we get true “Table” of contents in open post like this:

Classless Soldier Demolitionist Occultist Nightblade Arcanist Shaman Inquisitor Necromancer Oathkeeper Berserker
Soldier - Commando Witchblade Blademaster Battlemage Warder Tactician Deathknight Warlord ???
Demolitionist Commando - Pyromancer Saboteur Sorcerer Elementalist Purifier Defiler Shieldbreaker ???