Best, absolute tier 1 build for a Death Knight?

What is considered THE best build for a Death Knight?


Also leveling guide for someone who is brand new and have no gear etc [] Beginner's Apex Death Knight

2nd place: [] Drain Essence Death Knight -> CR 4:21 + 170ex naked 5:30/ SR 110/ Ravager 1:18 + Callagadra 1:27 + Mogdrogen + Crate (with the retal nerfs recent patch, it is still fine build of course, also require more rare gear than linked blade arc build - reason why I think this is 2nd best DK build)


How is reaping arc DK not currently better than regular BA ? :sweat_smile:

  1. there is no build guide/thread for it only this [Feedback] Uroborruk's Reaping Arc
  2. Reap arc will get nerfs, for sure.

Time will tell

3rd best Death Knight might be Leviathan Cadence build…

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