Best set for Trozan´s Sky Shard?

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I´m Playing the Trozan set atm. Love it. Though I´m wondering if there could be something even better out there. So I´m hoping for users with experience in all three Trozan sets.
What´s the pros/cons of them, and eventually (if possible to answer):
Which set is the best one?

As far as I figured:
Trozan - High CDR for the shards, strong converstion to lightning/cold, nice lifeleech via Sigils
Iskandra - More like Tri-element (hard to focus on RR?), High physRes (but basically the same as with a Trozan Warlock), nice lifeleech via %WD on shards
Allagast - Many projectiles and Aether damage

What´s your opinions?

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allagast without a doubt

Vulkn’s allagast MH is built to be arguably the strongest glass cannon out there, rivalling even AAR

DMT’s version is a solid tank with very respectable damage output

Pick your poison

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Until this abomination is finally tuned im afraid it remains to be the best.

Trozan suddently pale in comparison.