Bigger chest

Hello, eve,n with the transfer option, i find the chest a bit small. I was owndering if it would be possible to make it bigger of have quests to make it bigger. A small inconvenient point is that you cant acess the chest right from start when creating a new character, you have to do some quest first, so it is slower to make mules. Of course that isnt a major problem, but a bigger chest would be convenient.

Here we go

You are aware that you can buy more stash space, up to three more tabs for a total of four?


There are utilities that you can use to improve stash space:

Otherwise, the issue has been discussed many times and it seems unlikely that the devs will be increasing the stash space.

Creating mules is the most time consuming solution to increase stash space… simply use a tool or copy the transfer.gst/gsh files around.

I was expecting this to be a complaint that the female character needed bigger breasts.

I was hoping it would be, I’m tired of these stash space threads. :furious:

Why would you need mules for early game anyway? You don’t get much worth keeping before you can access the stash after completing the first quest.

Stash tabs MTX confirmed !

It was about time.

I think i could buy some at the beginning but that was really not a lot. I see no valid reason to not make bigger chests, unless it was complicated to code maybe?

haha Best response.

Exactly how many stash tabs would be suitable? Will it ever be enough?

Well i never felt i lacked space in d3, and i played it for about 500 hours+. And yet i was storing a lot of epic items. The problem is there are so many builds and so many possibilities i am always afraid to get rid of a purple item, so i always store them as they can be valuable . This is actually the first Hns where i care so much about inventory’s spaceso much. Given the amount of classes(there are many more classes because of the masteries combinations)i always think “i may need this later”.

The curse of every packrat in the world. “I may need this later.” :smiley:

If you want a bigger chest, i suggest going to the gym and workout more. :rolleyes:

Or just do push-ups, lots of push-ups

Don’t be confused by wearing lot’s of push-ups.:rolleyes:

Why not both, do push-ups while wearing push-ups.