Build Compendium X (Forgotten Gods)

Hi Stupid Dragon, thanks for your hard work! Add this one, please :slight_smile:

  • [2H Ranged] [] (g3) (sr+) (vid) Krieg’s Sniper Elite - Aether Penetrating Ranged Death Knight SR75+ (StavoR)

    • Damage: Aether
    • Active Skills: Cadence, War Cry, Bone Harvest, Mark of Torments, Aether Corruption
    • Passive Skills: Spectral Binding, Master of Death, Field of Command
    • WPS Skills: Markovian’s Advantage, Zolhan’s Technique, Reaping Strike, Necrotic Edge
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You need full-char-items screenshot in your thread to paste in compendium


I’ve changed the screenshot with stats, please check again, thanks!

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Could you please add this build. Thanks :slight_smile:

  • [] Wrath of the Unknown Assassin - CDR/Proc dw melee pierce infiltrator ~6:15 170 (g3/4) (c+) (sr+) [] Wrath of the Unknown Assassin - CDR/Proc dw melee pierce infiltrator ~6:15 170 (g3/4) (c+) (sr+) (Valinov)

    • Damage: Pierce
    • Active Skills: Beronath’s Fury, Shadow Strike, Ring of Steel, Amarasta’s Blade Burst, Nadaan’s Strike, Word of Pain, Inquisitor’s Seal, Pneumatic Burst, Word of Renewal
    • Passive Skills: Aura of Conviction, Seal of Blades, Blade Spirits, Deadly Aim
    • WPS Skills: Belgothian Shears, Amarasta’s Quick Cut, Whirling Death, Execute
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Hi I am not 100% sure if this is correct also i don’t know how to do color in this new thing. Sry about that let me know if i have to change anything.

[Caster] [] (g3) (c+) (vid) [Haze - Fire AAR Sorcerer] (vizix)

  • Damage: Fire
  • Active Skills: AAR, Thermite Mine, Flashbang, BWC, Nulification, Displacement
  • Passive Skills: Flame Touched, Vindicitive Flame, Blast Shield, IEE, Maiven’s Sphere of Protection, Whirling blade(x2), Prismatic Aura, Reckless Power, Arcane Will
  • WPS Skills: none
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you need a screenshot of your build to be add in compendium

@Stupid_Dragon ?

I missed it and already added the build, so it stays as is.

but he still hasn’t added a screenshot
offer to fix a thread to remove the build ftom compendium for violation of the rules

Hi Stupid Dragon, please add this build to the collection!
Build have green MI’s with yellow affixes only, so I write it as G3. Feel free to correct me if am wrong.

[Caster] [] (g3) (c+) (sr+) (vid) Vitality Dark One Cabalist (Nery)

  • Damage: Vitality, Vitality Decay
  • Active Skills: Biting Blades, Ravenous Earth, Curse of Frailty, Mark of Torment, Bone Harvest, Bloody Pox, Displacement, Blood of Dreeg
  • Passive Skills: Harbinger of Souls, Spectral Binding, Solael’s Witchfire, Blood RIte
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Screenshot is there?

He meant Valinov’s build.

I geddit. So praets get special treatment HUH? :stuck_out_tongue:

just kidding <3

Hah, if I had a buck for every formatting mistake I fixed in people’s submissions I’d have had enough for a PC upgrade by now.

But if I did actually strictly enforce the formatting people would just stop submitting builds and compendium would had been done for.

Char stat screenshot just happens to be a thing I can’t fix myself, and since I’ve already added the build (I forgot to check the screenshot) then I’d rather not bother Valinov over it. I’d appreciate if he adds it later, but threatening him with removal of the build is absolutely out of question.

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I have a new submission, hope I’ve done everything right.

  • [Caster] [] (g3) (c+) (sr+) (vid) Elemental Proc Deceiver - 6:10 4 buff no banner Crucible, SR80+ (Plasmodermic)

    • Damage: Elemental
    • Active Skills: Word of Pain, Curse of Frailty, Storm Box of Elgoloth, Aether Corruption, Inquisitor Seal, Obliteration, Blood of Dreeg, Word of Renewal, Displacement
    • Passive Skills: Aura of Censure, Arcane Resonance, Prismatic Aura
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With a discussion that took place in another thread today in mind I’d like to remind that inside this thread it doesn’t matter to me whether your build is an absolute content destroyer or a meme that could barely farm hives in twin falls, or even a battlemage - all of these can be submitted into compendium.

This is the only performance-related limitation:


Hi, still don’t know how to add the green color i think the rest is the same as other formats now. And thanks.

  • [Caster] [] (g3) (c+) (vid) Cyclone Wind Devil Druid (vizix)

    • Damage: Lightning, Electrocute
    • Active Skills: Aether Corruption, Wendigo Totem, Storm Totem, Chain lightning, Wind Devil, Nullification, Mirror of Ereoctes, Displacement
    • Passive Skills: Star Pact, Iskandra’s Elemental Exchange, Maiven’s Sphere of Protection, Prismatic Aura, Modrogen’s Pact
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Coloring is done by encasing the text with font color tags. This is how it should look like:

* <font color='YellowGreen'>[Caster] [] (g3) (c+) (vid) [Cyclone Wind Devil Druid]( (vizix) </font>

  * <font color='YellowGreen'>Damage: </font> Lightning, Electrocute
  * <font color='YellowGreen'>Active Skills: </font> Aether Corruption, Wendigo Totem, Storm Totem, Chain Lightning, Wind Devil, Nullification, Mirror of Ereoctes, Displacement
  * <font color='YellowGreen'>Passive Skills: </font> Star Pact, Iskandra’s Elemental Exchange, Maiven’s Sphere of Protection, Prismatic Aura, Modrogen's Pact

Ah yeah thanks a lot!


/10 Chars

Hey, Stupid Dragon, can you add this King of Chaos!

  • [Caster] [g3] [c+] [sr] [] Chaos Theory - 6:30m Crucible 150-170 resilient no greens Chaos AAR Mage Hunter [c+][sr] (Mad_Lee)
  • Damage: Chaos, bit of Vitality
  • Active Skills: Albrecht’s Aether Ray, Inquisitor’s Seal, Storm Box of Elgoloth, Word of Pain, Horn of Gandarr, Ritual Circle, Mirror of Ereoctes, Word of Renewal, Displacement
  • Passive Skills: Maiven’s Sphere of Protection, Iskandra’s Elemental Exchange, Aura of Conviction, Severed Faith, Presence of Might, Aether-Ward
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