Builders vs Zantai

You’re taking the nuance out of his statement. He doesn’t ignore the extreme of crucible either. Every build that fast in crucible trivializes campaign too. 6 minute crucible is the current standard for OP.

Do you mean to tell me that it was underperforming in the Campaign?

I too like to think the world revolves around me sometimes.

I mean that we haven’t even seen its performance in SR. And that’s when we come to

Why does every build need to perform equally in every mode of play?

Not to mention some people’s belief that SR75/76 should be the goal is never going to be reality.

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Well, a 7 or 8 minute build trivializes campaign, too. Except Superbosses.

Bloodrager´s can do up to Shard 80 after nerf. Well, perhaps even more but I never had the passion to try it.

And I’m not talking that every build should be grate in every mode of play. But

Now builders write by themselves what to nerf in the build not to affect different modes. You said

But may be sometimes it’s better to listen to us and nerf smth with baby steps? There is always a time to make like “Hotfix x.x - set x nerfed to the ground” :grinning:

88 or even higher(but i’m lazy)

And a better pilot than me. :wink:

Please let me know the patch something was “nerfed into the ground”.

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Iskandra rework :rofl:

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True but the 6 minute ones to even more extreme an extent. It’s just a level of killspeed some of us find excessive

Oh, stop it.
Or I could ask some awkward questions like “why maelstorm dmg was reduced” or “why RoK dmg mod on the hat was reduced”.

I haven´t played FG more than 2 times so I can´t really say what is hard here. But for someone who can finish Crucible in any time, nothing in Main Campaign is really hard or time consuming anymore. Except: Grava! And my special friend Gargabol…

So you like Garga Boy,huh? Btw Lokkar or Mad Queen can be considered challenges,right?

Lokarr? I struggled with him the first few times but if you know what you do there…no, not really.
And Mad Queen is only hard if you are over-confident.

I feel like my main point got lost in the little details. We all have a different opinion for what’s correct for the game and none of them are objectively true.

I’m just saying it’d be refreshing if people were calmer, more understanding to the other side, and less hyperbolic when a change is made away from what they like.

And the salt over nerfs is especially silly to me because for every extreme outlier nerfed you can clearly see way more buffs to underperformers. I’m happy to discuss and debate what’s fun game design on a person to person level on the Discord server but I just wish people were more tolerant and adaptive to changes they don’t like.

The stuff like not liking a complete set rework like Iskandra this late into development I empathise with more even though I agree with SOME sort of rework being good for the set. I at least understand how disruptive that is. Whereas a nerf is usually not major in impact.

Well, in the end there is an objective truth: As long as Crate sells copies of Grim Dawn and people play it, everything is fine and “correct for the game”. And (quite understandable for me but I am an economist) in the last consequence Zantai has exactly to achieve this goal.

I thought that is already the case…

It was gonna be at first, but then people complained at 170 was too difficult.

I remember those days… I almost wish they would come back. only a handful of builds capable of doing it. But I suppose thats what sr 75 is now.

The crucible buffs probably could be toned down again as opposed to buffing the monsters.