Builds that can kill Ravager

Hi everyone,
Are there any builds that are capable to kill Ravager on ultimate outside those uber tanky super boring retaliation/pet builds? Is there any build that still maintains decent clear speed in the campaign/crucible and is not a total snooze-fest?

thanks in advance

Any build can, imo. You only have to know what to do, if you play a melee character, you would need to have some kind of burst damage and if you’re a caster/ranged you just kite.

Nightblade builds struggle the most. Mostly they have no source of kite/burst and their defense doesn’t allow them to take a hit or two.

Casters are the easiest, you can spam him till he dies and sometimes even take no damage from him.

The safest are retaliation builds, because you usually have tons of HP and armor, and therefore you take like 2k physical damage from him instead of the usual 6 - 10k.

Soldier builds have armor and armor absorption, therefore it is the safest mastery for ravager.

Overall, if you really want to kill Ravager, you’ll find a way to kill him with any build, doesn’t matter if weak defense or not.

I shoulve been more specific. I am not looking for a build that can kill him by kiting around the tree for 1.5 hours. I am looking for a build that is tanky enough to face him and just be able to leech at higher rate than he damages, but at the same time a build that has decent clear speed in the campaign and is not totally boring.

I have 2 chars atm, one justicar ranged purifier and ultos conjurer (both heavily inspired by Superfluff builds). They both have solid gear, I would say in 90 % slots they have BiS or near BiS items, both are capable of clearing 170 gladiator crucible but I dont know how it would be possible for them to kill Raver. I mean his HP bar literally doesnt even move and even though I can facetank him for a little while, he always kills me.

I’m in the same boat I have a super fluff inspired purifier and a few lightning vindicators. All builds certainly crucible 150 viable and one of them made it to 169. They all melt ultimate with ease but my most powerful one managed to take down like 0.5% of his health kiting around a tree for 10 minutes before pilot error and dying :slight_smile:

My best guess would be a witchblade stacking armor and physical resist with stoneguard set, shield, and mostly blue devotions. he may take down ravager well within 5 hours and his kill time on trash heros would be about 3 minutes per hero.

Give this build a lookover. It’s probably what you’re looking for.

If you want to facetank Ravager, you need at least 4k armor and 30% physical resist, on top of that, it’s nice to have him at least 90% hit chance and have something that would heal your health back. Either Shaman, Occultist, Nightblade or Inquisitor. You also need a shield for that.

I’ve tried to facetank this guy with multiple builds. DK, spellbinder (lol), trickster, witch hunter, retaliation warder and super tanky with super decent damage witchblade. The most successful was Warder, where I only stood there holding one button and occasionally pressing Wind Devil and Wendigo Totem, the other one was Witchblade, but this guy needed to back off once when Ravager had like 30% HP, because he managed to successfully hit me 4 times in a row. The other builds I mentioned either could face tank his before 50% HP form, or not at all.

With the recent DA patch, I don’t think any build can beat him anymore. My caster battlemage used to be able to beat him because it has 5k DA to evade some of his attacks. Now, it can’t anymore.

You were just writing theories. I’d like you to prove with videos with the recent patch that “any build” can beat him (melee, ranged, caster, dual wield, 2 handed).

I never had more than 4k DA, and all my characters have 2800 - 3200 DA and still can beat him. Also, if you don’t believe me, I don’t care. I am not writing that to look “cool”.

With the recent DA patch, I don’t think any build can beat him anymore. My caster battlemage used to be able to beat him because it has 5k DA to evade some of his attacks. Now, it can’t anymore.

All builds with a okayish source of sustain and 60%+ phyz resist can facetank him.

As the old saying goes, “No proof = BS!”

You are spreading misinformation

Ravager and Mogdrogen were always beatable when you use

> Retaliation
> DoT Kiting Casters (DEE Witch Hunter, Frostburn Infiltrator, Burn Sorcerer etc.)
> Powerful Shotgun CDR builds like Multi-Devastation, Rune of Hagarrad Casters
> Kiting Casters like Mortar Trap Caster

The only build that could kill him while facetanking was Retaliation build the rest can cheese him to death


> JoV’s DW Melee BMcan beat him
> Krieg Death Knight with proper optimization should still be able to beat him (I am not so sure about this one)
> Mad_lee’s specialized Belgothian Setupcan do it as well

Now these are only few examples off the top of my head. The biggest issue with these two fights is that they’re boring as shit, require special prep and take some time. That’s why they’re rarely considered as benchmarks for builds, only forum member JoV went out of his way to kill him these guys.

So you’re basically spreading misinformation when you say DA was the only thing that allowed us to kill him. I killed him within a few days after Ashes of Malmouth was released on Witch Hunter w/o dying, some guy killed him using Krieg Death Knight within a few days of AoM, JoV’s two melee builds both killed him. All of this was done way before the crappy DA meta was introduced to the forums.

Or you can just kite him with crappy defenses hoping his breath doesn’t evaporate you :rolleyes:

When AoM was first released, the DA stack hasn’t been patched yet. Patch made that you can’t stack DA anymore. I used to be able to beat him with any build just by stacking DA. Now, can’t anymore.

I’ve tested it with my dps caster. I managed to down his health to 50%, then at this point, he can 1 shot me.

So far, I’ve only successfully defeated him with my commando tank and tanky 2 handed ranged vindicator. My commando can face tank him, but has bad clear speed (definitely not OP’s cup of tea), and my vindicator always had to kite (can only take 2 hits after he’s down to 50% health).

If you think what you said is true, you should provide a video with 3 different builds able to defeat him (melee non-shield, ranged dps, and caster dps). All done with the recent patch.

You just have badly optimized builds at this point, or you’re straight up trolling.

If you have game knowledge, you don’t need anything more to beat him.

Also, stop being so childish and asking for videos. There are many videos (on youtube for example) with builds that beat Ravager, even pet builds do that.

Because someone wrote “any build can beat him”. Try to beat him with “any build” (aside what the OP’s said) with the recent patch. No proof = BS!

On HC even but Spellbinder OP.

Thanks! I see that you were using a shield and not an off-hand like most dps casters are. But, at least you’re not just spouting BS.

Completely untrue 3,6K DA and fevered Ravager too. This is just one example

If you think DA is the only way to beat this guy then you’re the one spouting BS.
Like I said, the biggest problem seems to be that you and many others are too focused on facetanking.

Another build that comes to mind is veretragna’s shotgun build

So like I said, you’re spreading misinformation by commenting on things you seem to be inexperienced with

I’m surprised no one linked this poor fool fluff’s build which took down Ravager in 5 minutes.

Then again, I wouldn’t be inclined to help someone as rude as him.

EDIT: My comment was aimed at dragon slayer. And not the OP! :rolleyes: