Change faction

Hi guys! Just made a stupid mistake by chosing the wrong faction when it comes to decide between the Kymon’s Chosen and the other. Is there a way to change it or am I actually stuck?

You can decide again on later difficulties at the cost of grinding rep from 0 for a new choice.

You can use the tool GD Stash to change your Faction choice.

Thanks guys!

If all GDStash changes is the faction values, your world state will end up borked, so I don’t recommend it.

If the quest are done it doesn’t impact much. The door seem to be linked to your Reputation so you can enter the one you have value with. The Seller in Homestead also seem linked to that fact so you can swap from one to the other to buy the augment and access the “door” (and bounty table) you want.

If the person want to do the actual Quest than I guess it might cause some issue.

Still it take 2 difficulty (with Writs at Honored) to nearly max it (not a lot of farming needed). With the Mandate you will end up with 20k + just from one difficulty so really easy to get both and be able to use the Augment from both side.

seconded, you cannot really change your faction choice, only your standing, i.e. get more liked to access better gear or more disliked to spawn nemesis, not to contradict your decision.

The faction choice is in a quest file and does not get changed that way.

Mmm…is that clearly stated in your tool? I don’t recall seeing that. :undecided: Just concerned people might bork their save file.

Not clearly, no, might have to change that. As to borking the save, you can always set the values back and restore consistency

The problem was that I was following a Lightning tank caster build so I only needed the gear from the faction, I’m on veteran difficulty so I’ll follow their quest line in the next one but thank you all for your answers! :slight_smile:

The gear is irrelevant, you pick the side for the nemesis you plan to farm.

The gear is actually pretty decent, especially early on, if you’re playing self-found or is lacking in gear…

Not to mention the faction resist epic augments. I have some characters who specifically picked a faction because the resist augments were exactly what they needed to cap their resists.