[Cold Melee] DW Scourge Strike Cold based Spellbreaker

Scourge Strike is a rather underpopular skill around these parts. The skill arguably has the coolest icon (no pun intended). But most importantly it is actually a damn good skill.

Grimtools -

Spellbreaker - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/mN4W7zQZ

*Screenshot with Pneumatic Burst, Lethal Assault and Hungering Void

Witch Hunter - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/wV1P8zM2

*Screenshot with Pneumatic Burst, Blood of Dreeg and Lethal Assault

Cabalist - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/pZr3WG0N

*Screenshot with Blood of Dreeg, Soul Harvest and Hungering Void

Spellbinder - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/Q2zolKdV

*Screenshot with Soul Harvest, Moment of Clarity and Hungering Void


Which is the best setup?

Each build has its own strong points. That being said I believe the following is the order of strength -

Spellbinder > Spellbreaker > Cabalist > Witch Hunter

Why not use full Deathguard Set on Witch Hunter?

It is both a sheet DPS loss and a performance loss. 2pc Vileblade is BiS.

Why not go for Leviathan on the Spellbreaker?

Leviathan is a sheet DPS increase but an overall performance loss because 2x Scourge Strike that Time Dilation gives us is very important.

Why not use Time Dilation and Affliction on the Witch Hunter?

Time Dilation a DPS loss unfortunately. As for Affliction, I’d say it’s a pretty big DPS boost but I had to give up certain degree of defenses to get it which is why I didn’t bother.

Why not use Essence of Beronath on the Spellbreaker and the Cabalist?

I prefer the OA for more reliable crits but Essence of Beronath is good as well.

In Closing-

Special thanks to JoV for reminding of the weapon Crescent Moon.

Scourge Strike is a pretty powerful skill in its own right. The flashy and the relatively safe playstyle make these builds one of my favorites. I enjoyed tinkering with these concepts hope you guys do so as well.


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and also badass animation !! :cool:


The update has been delayed cause i accidentally pressed back and the entire write up was lost :furious:

It does?

I thought it just hits with both hands pretty much like every other DW animation

Guide updated btw,

Scourge doesn’t scale with CD? Learn something new everyday, I guess.

Well depends.

If it’s something Belgothian Relic or Time Dilation CD Reset then it will

CDR on the other hand doesn’t effect item granted skill

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Nice build and nice new avatar pic, Chthon :slight_smile:

Err…You do realize kill times gets things nerfed right?

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What’s the damage distribution on your Scourge Strike and your ABB look like, BTW? Certainly an interesting concept as always, man

I’ll post it next time i log into the game


Sorry just logged in to say this that can someone use the screenshots and item names to compile a Grimtools link for me?

I have a shit connection and compiling a link would take me more time than it’d take one of you

I’ll add the GT link to the main thread

Good Night btw, or Morning i guess?

Here’s a GT link: http://www.grimtools.com/calc/nZoXMkNA

I assumed Outcast’s Frostbite in the weapons, otherwise the GT was ~1k hp short of the pictures. OA in GT somehow never seems quite accurate yet.

Oh also there’s an issue with a couple skills, Star Pact and Shadow Dance are both 2 levels lower than in the Grimcalc. I didn’t have enough +skills for Star Pact and came 2 points short when softcapping Shadow Dance at the end.


Correct GT link

You made a mistake with the chestpiece

Thanks for the help

Saved me a lot of time

Skills points distribution is a bit questionnable from my point of view:
Why 10/10 Nullification ?
Why not at least 1 point in Ring of Frost - Merciless repertoire - Overload ? (you are not starving at all with skills points)
Overcap Elemental Awakening is kinda mandatory for cold/frostburn build in the current patch.

keeping the initial spirit of your distribution with some corrections:

how i would do it:

Well duh. And I wondered yesterday if your screens were washed out because the chest piece looked weird.

It’s your fault for making a Spellbreaker without DM jacket I tell you :rolleyes:

-I prefer a defensive playstyle and Nullification’s low CD at level 10 helps me

-While it’s true Ring of Steel with the crit bonuses would hit hard. But the issue is CC
Freeze doesn’t work on targets like hulks, but Stun on the other hand does. Sure hulks melt before they can land a punch. But i still prefer dropping the transmuter for just in case scenarios. Hulks are the strongest non-boss, non-hero enemies in the game at the moment

-The stat distribution you provided would work very well, but having a low CD on nullification is helpful
Not saying you’re wrong. Just saying i’ve gotten used to relying on certain skills, devotions and items a little too much :undecided:
Which is also the reason why i picked Behmoth and went with MoD


Here you go

ABB isn’t a damage source, i just hit it when i need Lethal Assault

Plus ABB doesn’t work with DW melee, if you still need it i can provide you the damage breakdown

Thank you. Was just curious as to how many types you ended up with. It’s silly, I know, but having tons of random damage types thrown in bugs me, XD.