Collection of resource and villager behavior related suggestions and feedback

  1. [Suggestion] I’d like to be able to better understand how my villagers are moving around town. Right now I can only really see where a villager is and what direction they’re heading. I would like to see the path they’ve recently taken and the path the intend to take. Likewise, when targeting a build site or labor site it would be nice to automatically render the paths of assigned builders/laborers.

  2. [Feedback] Some build sites are too far away and villagers get stuck bringing materials, only to give up half way there when they need to seek or stock shelter. It’s unclear when this happens.

  3. [Bug?][Feedback] I’ve found wainwrights waiting for tasks when villagers are carrying resources from distant places. For example, many of my build sites are stuck waiting on stone to be brought to the site. Villagers take a very long time to bring stone from stock yards.

  4. [Feedback][Suggestion] Related to #3. Resources tend to sit in the closest storage structure to where they were produced. It would be a lot nicer if resources were brought to storage structures near where they’re most likely going to be needed. Some possible solutions: a) Allow players to set target resource amounts on storage structures. b) Automatically adjust target resource amounts on storage structures by local projected resource consumption rates relative to global rate. c) When a build site is created, register a job to bring the necessary resources to the nearest storage structure.

  5. [Feedback][Suggestion] It’s difficult to tell production and consumption rates of non-food resources. It’s also difficult to tell where resources are being consumed. Having charts similar to the food charts for all resources would be extremely helpful. Also, having an “Items consumed in the last year” section on any buildings that have recipes would be extremely helpful.

  6. [Suggestion] Related to #5. Showing derivatives on resource/food charts would be extremely nice. Honestly in a city builder it’s arguably more useful to show derivatives of resource stocks than the current count.

  7. [Suggestion] Allow military reserve forces in addition to standing army. It feels pretty bad to dedicate tens of villagers to sit in a garrison until raiders shows up.

  8. [Suggestion] Allow garrisons/forts to stockpile arms/armor rather than require the individual soldiers to obtain their own. This also lets new recruits go directly to the structure to arm themselves.

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