Compass/radar/minimap size


It is starting to become very annoying - opening the full map M so I can have a clue where I am, but this means I have to stop and look on the map - only because the Compass/Radar/Minimap from the top-right corner of the screen is too small (1) and too zoomed in (2).
There is still some space on top of the quest line area (key thing) so the Minimap could be bigger.
The fact I cannot zoom in/out the Minimap is incredibly frustrating.
As it is, the Minimap is plain useless right now, finding myself opening the M every minute and then move on and then repeat, only because the Minimap is too zoomed and too small to serve any orientation purpose.

Please, I would very much appreciate if you could fix the Minimap - zoom out, bigger size.

Good day.


You can already make it a bigger size by clicking on the triangle on the righthand side of the UI. This makes it bigger, off or default size.

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Thank you. I have the compass toggled to a bigger size now.

I would be glad to be able to zoom out too.

Hi, first i want to say that i really like this game a lot and enjoy many of its current features. It runs really well on my mediocre PC and i like that CRATE is so community-friendly regarding modding since i do mod almost every game i play. I have played the game for a few hundred hours by now (probably more than thousand) and the one issue that bugs me is that i can not zoom out on the minimap.

I know most environments by now relatively well, but when i raise a new character i try to get almost everything uncovered. Which means that i have to use the normal map quite often to check if i have not missed out on something important. This behaviour means that i can barely enjoy the beauty of the environment since i spent way to much time looking at the map instead of my character and its surroundings.

If i would see more on the minimap i could use it instead of the map screen which is way less distracting from actual gameplay. With the zoomfactor it has right now its utterly useless for me. I do know you can enlarge the minimap but that does not help at all. I mean you can zoom out/in really far on the normal map, so why lock the minimap?

I have read a few answers on similar topics but they do not cover the fact that having to use the map so often just takes away a lot of immersion and not using it and always feeling that i might miss something important is not helpful either.

So plz make the minimap zoomable or if you do not like to give me an understandable reason why. Or maybe you can point me to a possibility to mod the zoomrate inside the minimap? Even if not zoomable if i could alter it to show a different scale ingame permanently it would be alright too…

Thx in advance and big thumbs up for the rest of your efforts regarding this game…

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Thank you for plainly describing this issue we both have with the Minimap.
I hope it will be fixed.


Any idea if the compass was fixed?

No, because it’s not broken.

That statement of yours is quite curious. I thought that I and the other fellow explained how this is a big issue - but judging from your reply, it is now obvious that it won’t be fixed and I guess it wasn’t even looked in or considered to do anything about it.

How unfortunate.
Please consider this thread closed, as I discontinue using your services.

Your faithfully,

Very Disillusioned Customer

If you were hoping for something similar to a translucent map overlay then no, the devs are dead set against that sort of thing.

Oh my, you have no clue what this thread was about, as you didn’t read it.

TL/DR zoom out / zoom in the compass

I won’t bother to reply any further.

I read it, but honestly I can’t see a problem with it. The mini-map comes in two sizes. What you seem to want is for it be even bigger so that it covers practically the whole screen to me. Am I wrong? How are you going to see where you’re going apart from navigating by this huge map?

You may see it as a big issue, but this is the only time I’ve seen anyone asking for it to be changed.

I think the OP just wants to be able to see more of the level inside the minimap window, not make the window bigger. I kind of see their point, it’s not that great for navigating with.


I’m with the OP here. If the minimap remained in size but could also be zoomable - that would be a blast for my game experience as well. Even with the big size, the minimap cannot help me navigating. Please consider this suggestion!

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+1 from me. I wish I could cram in more of the minimap into that god-awful circle without needing to enlarge it.

From my privileged min-maxer’s/speed-cr-running perspective, the biggest pita about the current minimap is its inability to detectstraggler’s if left in the smaller size.

And if left in its bigger size, it actually hinders your piloting as the UI eats into what yiu can actually click on.

e.g. if there’s an enemy standing right where the mutators are, it becomes untargetable

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In the mean time you can do what a lot of other veteran pilots and I do - if you continue pressing down on the LMB before opening the actual map, your character can still move/attack.

So, you can steal quick glances at the map while fighting a less dangerous mob to give you an idea as to where to go next, while relying on the minimap for the finer details, if that makes sense.

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Hello @sir_spanksalot,

Doing that led me to create this thread, as my opinion about the game design was severely dropping due to its terrible navigation/orientation feature which is the compass.
Realizing the current compass is completely useless, I did exactly what you described above, but it didn’t last long because my game immersion and game over all experience were completely wrecked.

I get it mate. But you have to be reasonable here as well. On the grand scheme of things, crate needs to fix/address much more pressing issues than the minimap.

In an ideal world, of course we’d be up in arms with you here, clamouring for a more friendly UI. However, there’s a very real chance that it won’t happen because crate is a small team.

It’d be a shame if this design oversight really pushed you away from the awesome game (and community!) which GD has to offer.

So all I’m trying to do here is to give you the “poor man’s” workaround. :stuck_out_tongue:

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True. But then again I, knowing a thing or two about programming, think to myself that reducing the zoom of the minimap cannot take that long to implement.

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I am with OP on this. Zoom for radar would be great.

@medea_fleecestealer for moderator you have poor attitude in my opinion. You should be listening to customers and trying to understand them not keyboard fighting them as you are doing with MBEUNE. I have just bough Grimdown and 2 expansions this week and love the game but seeing how you treat customers I have to say I lost good dose of sympathy for the Grimdown cause. Something you may think about.


To be constructive. Wouldn’t it be better to say “Thanks for suggestion and playing Grim Down. We will pass it to Dev team to consider” ? There everyone would be happier, even if it will never get done :slight_smile:

Awesome game none the less.

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