Cosmetic Packs Discussion

I love how you’ve managed to fleece suckers into paying for in game armor. This stuff should be included in the cost of the expansion. But, I guess greed is good as long as you aren’t Blizzard and you call it a “loyalist pack” so the sycophants can justify their asinine purchases.

Absolutely pathetic.

you’re not paying for armour, but cosmetic skins…
something some players have been asking for repeatedly (just like the plushies) as way of keep monetarily supporting the devs “somehow”
^i literally can’t throw more money at Crate because i’ve already bought everything they have on offer, cosmetics is then my only avenue to keep showing my appreciation for their works - but i guess not all can appreciate things like that and just want everything past present future in a single purchase…

guarantee you the expansions will get their XXX+ new items, and associated skins, just like each previous expansion did before


I don’t think you know what that word means (hint: look at your own post). I don’t think you even know what a loyalist pack is (hint: it’s just cosmetics).

See, people have been asking for a 3rd loyalist pack since the 2nd one came out. Years later, Crate finally gave in and devoted some of their limited time and resources to this request. Fans love it, Crate makes an extra buck or two, it’s a win win for everyone. There is nothing bad about it, at all. I hope this explanation helps you, one way or another. Get well soon.


What is pathetic is your reaction to a nonproblem.
Don’t want it, don’t buy it. It has zero impact on gameplay if you do or don’t.

There is just a teensy bit difference between Blizz putting full price cosmetics in a 70$ base game and Crate doing a pack after years of fans asking for it.

Some people, me included, want to support these devs for all the thousands of hours we put into a pretty cheap game. I have 3k hours so far, and paid ~60$ for the game and all expansions.

Now, Farthest Frontier isn’t my cup of tea (genre, not the game itself), so I don’t mind other ways of supporting them. And let’s face it, that pack is going to be AMAZING!

You have no say over how I spend my money, so get over yourself.


It´s not like Crate tries to sell us different gravestones for 8 bucks, like Blizzard does.
And iirc the community begged Crate for more DLC, back in the day. (?)

Having played Grim Dawn 8000+ hours for just about 70€s (yes I bought all DLC, because I am a Crate fanboy) I truly don´t feel being taken advantage of.

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Certainly seemed so.

Yes, how dare we put in 2 months work creating badass armor that the community has literally been asking us for for years and then charge for it, which unironically the community has been asking for for years.


That’s good and all, but you clearly forgot to ask ShavedMonkey first, else this whole obvious waste of time could have been averted!

Maybe ShavedMonkey is just bitter the Scorv pillow didn’t win the plushie poll…


Apparently reading is still optional on the internet.

Go take your daddy issues somewhere else.

also the slight difference of giving money to small game game studio / people that make the game rather than satisfying some detached investors or ceos :stuck_out_tongue:


i’m sorry sir but my stock portfolio can’t hear you over all the weeping from lost dividends because not enough horse armour gets sold :face_with_monocle: :money_mouth_face:

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Yes, I’m sure that they really had to twist your rubber arm to get you to sell more cosmetics. It must be such a hardship for you to sell cheap digital clothing for a premium price.

I don’t really care how long it took to make, it and the previous sycophant packs should have been included in the game. The very idea of selling cosmetics at all is loathsome as a concept. It’s not particularly surprising coming from sleazy video game merchants, but it’s still loathsome all the same.

I would suggest to you that your greed is astounding but I doubt that you possess the moral or intellectual capability to grasp it as a concept.

:thinking:That way of expressing yourself is reminiscent of a certain banned character who was complaining about the last patch​:thinking:

I can see that it is hard with you to think. Go troll somewhere else.

If you want to argue the moral high ground of microtransactions in videogames, the golden horse armor for Oblivion shipped back in 2006. You’re 18 years late to the party.

But I’m sure someone of your extreme intellect and morals knows better than to pick a fight over it on a tiny forum of an indie studio with a history of literal years of free content updates for their games, never mind the huge free content update shipped just 2 months ago. Why, trying to make that argument here would just be…beneath your intellectual capacity!


Just for you I’m going to make 5 steam accounts so I can purchase the packs multiple times


Nah, Crate have no idea how to do it right. This is how you do it! :laughing:


Clearly @ShavedMonkey has no idea about the development history of Grim Dawn and much the have grown content wise. With so many free stuff added and altered. Just browse all the Misadventures.

The community has requested in the past for a new loyalty pack to support Crate. Hence the name hint hint.

You are not obligated to buy it, because as you might not know, people have free will.

For me it’s a instant buy.

So don’t blame Crate for you being shaved :wink:


oh morally superior chosen one, let us bathe in your righteous light so that we, the unworthy, the wretched scum of the earth, can catch a glimpse of what is good and right in this sorry world. let your superior video game morals be a beacon to all of humankind because only then salvation is possible. may your superior intellect, sharpened in video game discourse, lead us the way to the promised land.