Could we add emigration to the game?

Just like we have groups of immigrants from time to time, could there be groups of emigres from time to time? Maybe based on their happiness, if a settler/settlers is very unhappy for x months, they emigrate to another village or leave with a trader.

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Evidently you’re doing too good of a job, because villagers absolutely can leave if they are too unhappy. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


you can also consider villagers dying too early in their age as emigrating/ascending to afterlife.

Fair enough, guess I haven’t hit those thresholds yet. Thanks!

LOL cannot agree more! After more than 10 lookout tower guards had left, I began to know that pubs are required near the barracks and lookout towers.

Pubs aren’t actually required at all. I have a town of a thousand that has never had a single pub and has never has anyone unhappy enough to leave. Just keep the other demands covered and keep them safe from raiders and you will be fine

Thx for your advice! Do you mean guards will escape when they “feel” unsafe? I can handle the settlers except the guards: they are always emigrating even when their happiness data are all 100%. Perhaps I still misunderstand the underlying mechanism, but putting pubs near barracks do make sence in my game.XD

If you build pubs and brewerys, beer becomes something that your villagers are concerned about. But don’t build those buildings and you should be fine, like Resonance, I never built them and never had an issue. I’ve had people unhappy enough to leave before, but it was when my weaver wasn’t making enough clothes and my traders weren’t bringing any in. So they’ve never left because I don’t offer beer.

Sure, beer makes villagers drunk and therefore cannot work for quite a while. I see, you reminded me that I perhaps failed to provide enough armour to soldiers (instead, I traded every single armour for gold LOL). I will pay more attention to the supply in my village and thx for your advice !

Can confirm it is already a thing. :sweat_smile: May or may no know a village it happened to…

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