Coup de Grâce ( - Venomblade, Crucible no buffs, SR 90+, Mogdrogen, Ravager, Crate of Entertainment

Sad… Bye-bye SR, it seems… Gotta green it up.

Sure I will add some leveling advice

Don’t think it will be this bad:p Prob it will be even better

Awesome! Any idea when you will get around to that? I will prolly hold off on getting to far into the game until I know what I should be spending points on/what kind of gear to look for.

I’ll do my best, but now I’m besieged by my work:D

Good news, my friends, Dervish is prob even stronger now, soon I’ll update the thread

Nay, that’s SR got easier. Try crucible.


So here is my theorycraft version of the same idea -

I’m currently level 90 so I haven’t playtested it much. I think I’ve traded some firepower for a much more survivable build. I do have some rare MI in slots but I already have the leggings and the boots can be replaced; I was resist hunting (especially chaos). I almost used the Icetalons but went with the Voidsteel for some oomph to Smite and again chaos resist.

gt link-

I’m curious which is ultimately more reliable. I’ll report soon! :slight_smile:

Nice try:), but: no crit damage, less weapon damage as well as attack speed. And why this gloves?:rolleyes:

Nice … at least for you boss come per little wave… For me it’s always the opposite side, when i enter i wait a little and all death head walk toward me then chain rip etc… I don’t play this build yet but the archon build , take this as a feedback for overall SR room boss

Updated with current patch

My game is updated and still often encounter nasty thing in boss room , also the aggro range is still insane for me :smiley:

Still wearing those Irrah’s Venomtongue augments, I see… I think it was mentioned by someone already: Rotgut Venoms are identical but give energy regen on top %dmg and da. Yugol pools, Guardians, Blade Spirits, these are player pets. The don’t get those bonuses from Irrah.

Sorry, man, one more thing I gotta say (it’s a compulsion). Isn’t Smite straight up DPS loss? It always hits with one hand, doesn’t it? So, upon dropping Smite, on those empty 20% wps pool you still have 50% to hit with both weapons (a regular dw attack). Smite makes you always hit with one weapon in the 20% of your wps pool. I don’t know if this makes sense…

is this build survive after new patch? tnx a lot.

I’m not a man:furious:
Smite hits with two hands
Build doesn’t have energy problem, so it isn’t necessary to change augment, but to minmax, sure, change this

Yes, it’s still very powerfull

I grabbed the gloves to cap chaos resist and for the attack speed. As I said - I know it’s less offensive than your build, but how are you running around without any base stun reduction or capped resists?

The cool down on serenity is too long to count on, and without resilience you’re floating around 2900 DA which to me is right on the border of too low.

Not really criticizing, just trying to understand how it performs without checking some of the boxes we’ve been checking since crucible rolled out.

e; also with the patch I actually nudged a little closer to your build - switching the ring and gloves out.

Still much more focused on defense :slight_smile:

Damage output will be too low, your WPS pool 72%, less base damage and crit damage
This build isn’t about tanking, it’s about killing enemies while your safe abilities is up. Sometimes you may face such combos that noone can tank. In such case the only way is to kill 1-2 enemies during ghoul and then cluster

Here is Cruci run with new patch


Will you add a proper leveling section?
What skills to use for aoe while leveling? What boss skills?

What devotion path etc etc. Physical , cunning in points?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m going to add leveling section in a couple of days