Crazy Fwuffy - Pet Purifier


We both know this was only a matter of time and I was eventually going to do something like this…
And yes, it is a Pet Purifier. You haven’t lost your sanity and are not seeing things that aren’t there.

  • [Pet] [] (g3) (c) (sr+) Crazy Fwuffy - Pet Purifier (Maya)

    • Damage: Pets
    • Active Skills: Summon Skeletal Servant, Summon Eldritch Talon, Summon Chillmane, Summon Revenant of Og’Napesh, Blackwater Cocktail, Flashbang, Thermite Mine, Word of Renewal, Inquisitor Seal
    • Passive Skills: Aura of Censure, Flame Touched, Vindictive Flame, Presence of Might (x2)
    • WPS Skills: none

GrimTools Link:

Shattered Realms, Shard 75-76:
No Shrines/Potions/Consumables used except for Tonic of Mending.

Crucible 150-170, using 4 Blessings + 4 Lvl-1 Stormcaller Beacons:
No Potions/Consumables used except for Tonic of Mending.



One more for Fwuffy!


Got enough Reserbirbs now. You may bask in the glory of the Pet Puri

What the fuck

That’s the only thing I can say


But … how???
And … why???

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Excuse me, what the fuck?
Maya, you really need to start making videos!




Ok, Crucible done. Sadly, can’t do it twice with 1 round of Blessings + Banners :sob:

Pet Purifier?

I am feel violated :cry: I have to return the favor and play&post Conjurer with birds and Manticore :hear_no_evil:

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well, I’m looking forward to vids how does this completes SR75-76 boss rooms.

Someone else will have to do the videos I fear. But it does it terribly. Not viable for serious play.