Creamy Fwuffy - Traumatized Warlord


I wanted to make a non pet build based on DoTs (Damage over Time). And I wanted to make it as lazy to play as possible.
It is not exactly optimized and the concept and other things were indeed unapologetically stolen from others.


  • [S&B Caster] [1.2] (g3) (sr+) Creamy Fwuffy - Traumatized Warlord (Maya)

    • Damage: Physical, Internal Trauma
    • Active Skills: Forcewave, Summon Guardian of Empyrion, Summon DeathStalker, Upon Rylok Wings
    • Passive Skills: Divine Mandate, Counter Strike, Field Command, Presence of Virtue, Presence of Might (x2)



O) GrimTools Link:


Crate of Entertainment:
Took around 1 minute. No potions/consumables needed except Tonic of Mending.

Callagadra, Scion of Sands:
Took around 2:50 minutes. No potions/consumables needed except Tonic of Mending.

Took around 3:40 minutes. No potions/consumables needed except Tonic of Mending.

Ravager of Flesh:
Took around 3:30 minutes. No potions/consumables needed except Tonic of Mending.

Shattered Realms, Shard 75:
No potions/consumables used except Tonic of Mending.



How to Level as Soldier –


Everything into Physique, except for when you need to invest into Cunning or Spirit to meet the required stats for equipping items. It is recommended that you keep a few spare points while leveling.


The idea here is to provide you with a Soldier only leveling setup so that you can pair it with a class you like, without having to use different setups to level different builds.


  • Focus on the player’s defenses like Resistances first and foremost.
  • We are going to use Forcewave as our primary skill, with physical damage being the focus.
  • Grab the strongest two-handed weapon you can find and you are pretty much good to go.



  • Blue Crossroads > Sailor’s Guide > Remove Blue

  • Green Crossroads > Raven > Remove Green

  • Kraken > Purple Crossroads > Hammer

  • Dire Bear > Yellow Crossroads > Dryad

  • Remove Yellow > Tortoise > Owl > Remove Hammer

  • Harvestman’s Scythe > Toad > Eel > Lotus

  • Vire, the Stone Matron (5 points for Fist of Vire)

  • Tree of Life (4 points for Healing Rain)


Note - Assassin’s Mark is good for Physical damage builds due to its Resistance Reduction. However, keep in mind that it requires enough Offensive Ability to actually activate, since it procs on Critical Attacks only.
If you find yourself able to Crit consistently, taking the devotion is highly recommended.



  • Lvl 10 – 16/16 Forcewave, 1/1 Tremor.

  • Lvl 20 – 12/12 Rending Force, 1/12 War Cry, 3/3 Terrify.

  • Lvl 30 – 12/12 War Cry, 12/12 Internal Trauma, 7/8 Decorated Soldier.

  • Lvl 40 – 8/8 Decorated Soldier, 8/8 Scars of Battle, 1/16 Counter Strike,
    1/12 Field Command, 4/12 Squad Tactics.

  • Lvl 50 – 12/12 Squad Tactics, 12/12 Menhir’s Bulwark.

  • Lvl 60 – 12/12 Break Morale, 1/16 Blitz, 8/12 Field Command.

  • Lvl 70 – 12/12 Field Command, 16/16 Menhir’s Will.

  • Lvl 80 – 10/10 Military Conditioning, 10/10 Veterancy.

  • Lvl 90 – 12/12 Fighting Spirit, 8/12 Blindside.

  • Lvl 100 – 12/12 Blindside, 16/16 Counter Strike.


Note - The skill point investment is intended for a more defensive focused approach and if you must absolutely level with Soldier only, without picking a second class. It also does not factor in any additional skill points you may get from items.


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Save File : (839.9 KB)


Random Screenshot -

Crucible is kind of slow at around 6:30 minutes, but build was never intended for fast Crucible clears anyway :woman_shrugging:

Final reserbirb and done

Y u no mandate.

Would need to get OA from somewhere else then :frowning:

Build & save file updated, now faster and tankier than before :3

So… was trying out different setups to see if I could switch to Divine Mandate for better Crits and ended up not liking it since I had to rely on DA reduction from Blitz/Judgement, additional OA from capped Fighting Spirit, etc to be able to Crit things like Callagadra and even then ended up with worse overall experience :frowning:.

But, in the process of testing various stuff, ended up with something that could facetank Callagadra and had better defense and survivability in general. Probably won’t be able to Facetank in 1.2 due to Sunder, but on, we have slightly slower kills than before in exchange for a easier to play build :blush:.

Updated the GrimTools Link and Save File.

Gargabol ring most likely. Looking at your ele res, anything of attack, aggressive of anything or aggressive of attack would fix your OA to be able to switch to mandate, and you’ll gain higher damage output in the process and slow res too. Also you’ll be able to switch bloodied crystals with runebound topaz for extra tankyness and cc res.

Maya building with MIs and relying on affixes?


Just stash it like all pro gamers do :sweat_smile:.

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Or farm it? I can show you some of my legit gargabol rings and you might be surprised how well they would fit maya’s builds :smiley:

So can I, and? Farming exact suffixes/stats, especially on dungeon bosses items, is pretty tedious, and it is understandable to avoid such MIs.

i agree

depends what you wanna achieve. if you just want the build to work, you’ll settle with what works without big efforts, if you wanna push it further, you’ll farm those items and unlock the whole potential of the build.

It seems Maya is satisfied with current no-green setup that does not rely on random affixes. Is it the best performance-wise? Probably not, it can be better. Lazy and comfy for topic author? For sure.

I am not against green MIs or even stashed items (even though I do not understand such methods in loot-based RPGs). So I assumed stashing Gargabol ring since its farming is just boring, especially if you want to play the build right now. Use items you have to improve this build and make it better for your personal taste - or play it as is, we can see the results. Depends on what you want to achieve, yes.

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Slight changes to the build to prepare for 1.2
Cannot facetank anymore, but strong and lazy as before otherwise :blush:

I will update the save file once 1.2 officially releases.

Hey Maya, I’ve built most of your builds and enjoyed the heck out of them, as someone who loves lazy builds and finds a deep satisfaction in watching my minions just mow stuff down. Just wanted to share a similar build that @Crab_Turtle_2112 made with a similar DOT focus. Little bit more active, but just a potential inspiration as I know you tweak your builds after posting them between patches more than most. This one has an MI, but I killed Crate with just the ‘of Supremacy’ suffix. Thanks for all the inspiration.

That one was the inspiration for this.

Crab went all in on dps for his setup. So, I wanted to try something a bit different with mine while using the same base concept.

(originally the idea was to facetank cally, but is back to kiting now since facetank is not really viable in 1.2)

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Finally decided to go with Mandate on this one to see what kind of Crits I could get.
I did end up sacrificing a decent amount of survivability for it since I didn’t want to use greens. But, the result still ended up being good enough for my tastes.

Build updated and here is a random screenshot of bullying local wildlife -

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local drunken hobo was bullied successfully -