Crucible dlc coming this week!!!

It has a teaser trailer and some screenshots. It is looking good. :smiley:

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This looks so good!

I hope there is some nice reward though other than just legendaries, I have them all already. A devotion point/skill point or something would be great. Or new items :slight_smile:

Not in the Crucible.

Good point. I didn’t even think of that.

its less than 24 hours until released but why the price isn’t annouced on steam store page?

I really want this… I’ll actually be really fucking dedicated to crucible and make it my bichhh!

Rhaaa time as come !

Because as far as I know it’s free for those who supported the game during Kickstarter, so they will probably put up a price tag on it tomorrow.

This is a reply made by Zantai to my post. Do I understand it correctly, that the devotion points are present in Crucible? Thanks.

"You could, if you wish, play the Crucible entirely to (steadily) level up and never set foot in the Campaign.

It will not be as easy to reach 50 Devotion Points as it is in the Campaign, but it is possible.

By skipping the Campaign, you would miss out on Factions/Faction Rewards and extra inventory bags."

is free for early access right?

for KS backers/people who backed during KS to be more accurate :wink:

No it’s free if you were a backer on kickstarter.

Sooo, for us who are receiving the DLC for free…Will we receive a code from Humblestore? Will it be on day 1 (so tomorrow)? I still remember getting a game on Humble and waiting some days to receive the code, after the release day :confused:
Or will we get an automatic update from Steam? :confused:

Yes :D:D:D Via a Merchant which takes your Tributes (gained by staying alive) in exchange.

I don’t know what Crate are doing about the release of keys, but it’s not (as far as I know) an automatic Steam upgrade
Unless it changes the code is added as…" add a new game" in steam NOT via the Grim Dawn page, but this might well change so DO NOT take this as guaranteed info ;):wink:

Would the Outcast’s faction honored status quest be featured with this DLC?

no it’s for, with the introduction of Aetherial rogue-like dungeon :wink: the DLC is only the crucible, along with it will come a regular patch with balance changes (free for everyone).

Survival mode exists in a mod called Eternal currently and its pretty well made

Has 45 waves, Devotion Shrines, Bags, Vendors etc you actually dont need to play campaign at all

Then at the end you can fight these ‘gods’ super bosses.

Pretty sure its also already using hidden music in the game files for crucible as ive never heard this music before

So you guys got a lot to match up to since this was made by a single person with your modding tools.

FYI make an option to ‘clear loot’ because after a while theres crap loot everywhere on the floor, by Wave 45 theres hardly floor left just shimmers of bad gear and others are reporting terrible FPS and you actually need to hide everything near the end

Well in that case…

The Crucible will function smoother, cleaner and more diverse then that mod it seems :slight_smile:

From Zantai’s post in Update 99:

“The Crucible DLC is coming later this summer (pricing to be determined at launch). As a special thank you to those who have been with us at the beginning of Grim Dawn’s journey, everyone who purchased the game through our website prior to/during the Kickstarter, or through the Kickstarter campaign itself, will receive the DLC for FREE.”

Not a problem in the Crucible as nothing drops. You only get rewarded if you cash out or keep pushing on and survive until the end.

Zantai’s post in Update 99:

Push On, or Cash Out
In the Crucible, death marks the end (especially true for Hardcore players). Every 10 waves of enemies, you have to make a difficult choice: continue on for the next 10 encounters for a chance of greater reward, or cash out what you’ve earned and not risk your own demise.