DA Stacking and the Crucible

That’s the million euro question now, isn’t it? I guess we’ll just wait for and see.

But no, seriously, Crate doesn’t base their balancing decisions upon a user created poll.

Does this look like a democracy to you? -Love, Zantai

300 comments, hell yeah :smiley:

Yes lets take the chance. We can always come back and write here if certain things don’t work and they could hot fix or something if the problem is real. But maybe it won’t even get there

You could simply see these types of builds for what they are: an exploit of a system. A mathematical aberration that is outside of the spirit of the game. The best way, imho, to discourage this behavior is to openly diminish it for what it is.

You can talk about balance till the cow’s come home, but the simple fact is that someone somewhere always finds a way to circumvent a system.

You can say the same about builds with ridiculously overcapped resists (100+, for example). But PTH cap is far, FAR better alternative to completely imbalanced “0% chance to be hit”.

I already remade most of my builds. And the thing is… they got buffed. Not nerfed to the ground, but actually, really fucking buffed.

If Crate will balance the things right, then these builds would be able to lift the burden of DA and gain more DPS, maybe more Armor, more resists here and there.
I theorycraft a lot, but I know my stuff around my favourite class, so here’s my two cents.


  • 40% (Crucible CC penalty)
  • 50% (Mythical Night’s Embrace’s Icechill)
  • 20% (Shard of Asterkarn’s Chilling Presence)
  • 15% (Mythical Shard of Asterkarn’s Wind Devil)

= 45% Freeze resistance :p:D

Icechill can have its cooldown reduced by TD and Belgo too. :cool:

Only downside is going Trickster means no OFF.

I agree, but a hard cap is not the best solution. A gradual cap is. And we always want the best, right? :wink:

Monsters penalty to they CC on PC, not players CC on monsters. Player CC is still useless .

Thanks for the clarification. That’s much more reasonable.

So It’s useless after you get “40% avoidance to Everything and an additional 14.3% damage reduction (multiplicative with other defenses)”, isn’t it?

If you guys don’t want to solve the problem from its root, in this case, is just 20 waves of the crucible.

Why don’t you just cap everything from the beginning?

Cap armor and armor absorption to make sure player can’t tank the heavy physical hitter.

Cap OA and other damage attributes to make sure player can’t take down beefy monster too fast.

Isn’t this a better way to let you guys more focus on your “pressing” task?

Lol wtf? Really? Here’s a screenie of it on my mobile device. Hint: just maybe not “all” mobile devices are created equal. If you’re not using Tapatalk… You should be.

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Time to switch over to my Gog version of the game. Will update if [and only if] the changes aren’t terrible to my main toons.

Well, nobody should say I´m a “DA Hater” and never played Crucible.

Today, I played Crucible Gladiator for the 1st time. Right, never before.
I didn´t know anything, no waves, no tricks…I even spent 48 Tributes for the first 100 waves because I thought I would need them (and couldn´t take all buffs for 160 to 170…).

All I did with my DW Trickster (Bleeding) was getting 5000 DA. Full defense.
I´m no skilled player, I´m 40+ and never played an ARPG before Grim Dawn.

Guess what?
I did it 1st Try. It was close perhaps 2 times because of some Wendigo Wraiths (don´t know what they did). The rest was…a walk in the park.

Sorry, for the “hardest content” all you have to do is stacking DA? Seriously?

@ Superfluff:
Had to think of you while playing. “Snail”…yeah, a very old snail. I want my old Damage Dealer back. :cry:

Exactly my point. I don’t even get why ppl that abuse DA are so pissed? What the point? With 2000%+EHP you can as well do first waves of Aspirant, its not that different.

Lol true. Also true for the opposite. “Nerf DA and we’ll have only 2 kinds of cruci builds instead of 3. It’s fine anyway, I don’t play cruci” :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow well you are doing great then:p

This is a joke right?
All you have to do for the “hardest content” is chain Mirror + MoT and get TD.
Or get a shield + soldier + all damage reduction devotions. Or make a fire build + warpfire and run around while mobs die.
This is really getting ridiculous. People who admit they never played crucible before, pretend they know something about it and ask for DA nerf. The point of Crucible is the items per time spent ratio. Stacking DA is already much slower than other builds and abominations like 6k DA will get you nowhere. In the same way i can get resists overcap, 4k armor and 30k hp and it will take forever to finish 170. Why is there nobody complaining about that? Imo people are blowing this out of proportion.

-Chain mirroring is kinda being addressed

Shield+defensive devotions+damage reduction isn’t what you would term as broken it’s in-line with the classic pre-nerf Shield meta and isn’t easy to achieve outside the Soldier mastery. If a nerf is required it’ll come

-DA is available to all classes, can be stacked to the point that you are immortal, it completely trivializes build’s core concept, I personally never tried go in w/o capping Stun resists but I can see one or two DA heavy builds w/o capped stun resists. It leads me to believe it trivializes other resistances which is not too far fetched imo, kill speed might seem slow but DA stacked monsters can get an average of 13-15 minute kill times.

-Finally, this thread is going around in circles, the best thing would be to wait for the changes to arrive. They already said they’re addressing the crucible.
As JoV said if the “other side” offers good stuff we won’t have any incentive to go DA heavy and the changes to PTH might won’t be change much unless a build is solely relying on this singular exploit.
If the PTH nerf is too heavy we can always come back and have a civilized discussion such as this one. Their proposed value does seem a little bit unfair to me personally.