Dawn of Masteries

they are included…

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It seems that this mastery is only included in D3 classes and combomod.

Did anyone feedback to the developers to increase the animation slots? Where can I feedback this to them?

I did, more than once. Since they are reworking animations for 1.2. I hope we get more slots then

Cross fingers and hope for the best

Suggestion: Mage mastery - Icy Specter; at rank 16 you still incur the cooldown of 30 seconds to summon the second specter. Maybe that’s unnecessary?

hi im Wartec Prime on steam and Wartec77#7295 on discord. I hope ppl can pm and send friend requests on both I would like to play dawn of masteries with many ppl at different times as I like team combat on the mod and on vanilla with all dlc as well i have 1 rifle based char on mod and on vanilla with all dlc so add me up im looking to play im gonna go run a passworded room right now called wartec prime the password is 777 so join up when yall got time thx also ceno and the other mod makers who work on this mod i have a few things to say about this mod and yall first off yall are legend ty so much for making the mod please excuse my feverish skitzofrenic bi polar typing lol im so bad at it but also i hope you guy can make more skills open ended for gun tanks and rifle classes and defenses for 2h gun or gunslinger like being able to use shield skills and reflect buff aruas instead of just basing em around shield or focus also the earth class needs the second proc on the top right changed ied like to see it fire out as a fast moving magma orb that explodes on impact doing lava fire damamge to all enemys in a ten meter radius and make a 3rd proc that summons meteors from the sky and gives the user a ranged projectle relfect sheild that only works on relfect for range and magic cuz as it stands thats not really in the game all the classes are pretty awesome but nedian needs to be redone ithink and the necromancer classes should be overhauled the non grim dawn base classes ones.

Im down to play sometime, I have actually never played mp in the over 2k hours of Grim Dawn I have played. My steam friend number is 883025689, I go by fknflo on Steam, Not sure what you need, I am friendless on Steam so I dont have any damn how any of it works. Feel free to add me, I play all mods so Im down for whatever.

hi i sent u a steam invite im Wartec Prime