[Deprecated] [Tool] Mastery Editor

Wanez Modding Tools should be used instead (also deprecated, but still works afaik)

old information for the tool

Because of this huge wave of new masteries and increased mastery cap I figured I move the developement of the tool I wanted to make for myself to right now. And I saw in Ceno’s Video how much I would hate moving stuff around with coords and paint :smiley:

Current Version: v0.2
Google Drive

Goes without saying, but BACKUP your files because this is still very much a BETA

This is a .HTA file and as such using “Internet Explorer” in a seperate window, I felt like its the easiest and fastest way to get something like this done and since 99% are probably using windows, they can load .HTA without issues.
Also its Open Source because of it, everyone who knows a little about HTML, CSS, JavaScript can work on it.

Current Features (v0.2):

  • The path used is the one to your UI folder of that class
  • It sets position (X,Y) when you change it in the tool (what you see inside the tool is where they are placed in game)
  • Click a position and than pick a skill from one of the two lists (top listview shows unassigned skills, bottom already assigned to a position)
  • A position can be cleared with a button click
  • It can update the skill buttons inside your classtable.dbr
  • It can update Skill Tiers
  • Names shown inside the tool are the ones set in your UI folder, using ‘FileDescription’ or the file name if ‘FileDescription’ is not set
  • Skill Name can be changed from within the tool (FileDesription, not in game, Im not parsing tag files, maybe in the future)

I believe thats it for now, if people like it I will keep working on it and add more features :wink:

Changelog (the latest update notes come with the tool)

Some pictures

Attachment: Mastery Editor [v0.1] 01.jpg
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This is gonna be very helpful!

Thanks WareBare, much appreciated :slight_smile:

Oh man, you just made my project SO much easier!!! I could kiss you…but…like…in a manly bro kinda way.

OH man I wanted to create that myself but did not have the time. You are awesome. Many thanks <3

Edit : Already have a bug, I might try to fix it or at least provide you screenshot if I can. It does not display all my skills even after multiple reloads.
Do you have a github or something so I can make a PR ? If you are looking for crossplatform desktop-web-apps (or whatever we can call those) Electron is pretty cool :slight_smile:

this is awesome - your work is pushing the limit of the game !

you should add a check that searches for synonyms of “necromancer” and makes the program report “memory leak error” or something :slight_smile:


  • Added information button (the small blue one with the “?”) as a small tutorial"
  • Added MOD field in settings
  • Added a new button inside the Mastery Section “Set ClassTable”, it will edit the classtable.dbr file’s ‘tabSkillButtons’
  • Added a new button inside the Mastery Section “Set Skill Tiers”, it will change the skill tiers and list the changes before actually doing it
  • When choosing a Skill position you can now clear that position, the skill will than show up in the top listView
  • A bug was fixed that was causing to reload the first mastery when a skill was changed, no matter which mastery was being edited
  • You can now change the name of the assigned skill with the button “Change Name”, it will set the FileDescription for you to change how the skill’s name appears within the tool
  • Skill Names are now allowed to have spaces and other special characters
  • Various small bug fixes

sorry didnt see that edit before… yes I am checking in that fast :stuck_out_tongue: well, as long as I am awake at least.

I need more info on that bug, its possible it just doesnt show the skills inside the window but in the listview (top). the window is using exact coords, if x or y is wrong it will show up as an unassigned skill (top listview) - that actually happens to skill29.dbr and skill30.dbr for demo.

github or anything else is not necessary for this, I think. That is coming from someone who has an autosync inside his IDE :smiley: if you make a change to a file just upload it here, should be small enough.
Once this becomes a huge deal and a few different contributers working on it every week we can think about github.

will give this a shot and see how well it works once I eventually get to work on something other than fixing bugs/adding items to Grim Quest, seems promising.

2 weeks later, I finally got around to playing with the tool. Took me a bit to figure out how to use it, but now that I’ve looked at your screenshots, its very simple. I can see this helping modding speed when it comes to rearranging things. Will start dumping suggestions here if I think of any. :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah, the idea behind this and the upcoming tools is to speed up some of the most tedious parts of modding. And I figured those using the tools will most likely be modders and have the patience to deal with a bad GUI.

For the next version I am using Electron as suggested by Diacred and it opens up a lot more possibilities than what IE7’s JavaScript/CSS has to offer :smiley: And I have to say I never knew there actually was something like that available, didnt even know about HTA before doing this, anytime I had to write something that wasnt a website I used C++/Java, but since I havnt done anything not web related in over 5 years it would have taken a moment to get into it again :smiley:

And any suggestions are welcome even those unrelated to masteries :slight_smile:

I don’t know how much of my suggestions will be relevant with your next version, but so far the only issues I have had are:

*Scrolling is funky when selecting a new skill. It seems to only want to scroll properly while the mouse wheel is over the scrollbar. Otherwise it just moves up/down one line, and then it just scrolls the whole page.

*It would be better to organize the list of skills (or rather, the descriptions) alphabetically, if possible. I have no organization for the skills in the UI folders, it was more like a mad dash to convert everything for Grim Quest.

*In the dropdown menu for mastery selection, if the masteries were ordered alphabetically, again… would be nice. Not as important to me as the above though.

I was going to suggest to auto-adjust the classtables/tiers but I see that is already implemented, awesome. Heck, you can even rename the skills from here.

Will come back as I use it more but for now those are the only things that matter. I had an idea for a suggestion as I was driving home from work the other day, but of course as soon as I got home and found this thread it was gone.


Another :

*If you could mark a skill to be circular/square, then auto fill with the default borders, that would be epic.

*If you move a skill, perhaps have the tool know to add/remove default connectors. It already adjusts tier levels.

Sorry if I’m being a nuisance, I’m just pointing out dream-features that assetmanager should have had 10 years ago in TQ, lol.

Im just glad there is finally some feedback in this thread :slight_smile:

So far Im not seeing any issues with your suggestions.

Sometimes setting skill tiers works, most of the time I get this. Any idea how I can fix it so it works all the time?

It would be nice if there were some hot key support. For example, hitting delete should ask if you want to clear a field if you have one selected. Using the arrow keys should let you move around on the ‘grid’ without having to use the mouse. Maybe a ‘clear all’ button would be nice too, or multi-selection.

does the skill file have any other characters than lower/upper-case, numbers or “.” “/” “;” “_”

the path and file name for
currently only includes these characters

of course there is no real error-handling at this point, so figuring out the skill causing the issue could be difficult :smiley:
Ill add something to it.

It would be nice if there were some hot key support. For example, hitting delete should ask if you want to clear a field if you have one selected. Using the arrow keys should let you move around on the ‘grid’ without having to use the mouse. Maybe a ‘clear all’ button would be nice too, or multi-selection.

probably not going to be with the next update, but I agree that this would be an insane QoL upgrade :slight_smile:

I might get around to update it today, adding most of the requested features, fix some bugs and add better error-handling to several features and maybe have a backup/reverse feature in case something broke.

Hm…Other than letters, numbers, periods (dots) and underscores, no. We are talking about skills, not the UI files right? Even then, the answer is the same.



I have several files that are not even being used, those would not be problematic right? I tend to experiment and not cleanup after myself…

Anyway, thanks again for the tool. Don’t worry about the hotkeys for now, like you said, it’s purely a QOL thing, the tool is perfectly usable as is.

the tool is using the UI files (skillX.dbr) to find the corresponding skill .dbr to change tiers (or if its a buff it will use the file path inside the buff .dbr to get the actual skill .dbr where the tier is defined).

for soldier
in: ui…\skill02.dbr
is: skillName,records/skills/playerclass01/cadence2.dbr,

and if skillName has something other than those characters it will crash, since the regex match I am using wont find anything and therefore the array wont have an index 1 (thats the error: Unable to get property “1”…). Ill add proper Error-Handling to give the skill causing the issue and skipping it to not interrupt the Tier changes.

Im going to assume skill04.dbr (Dodge) is using “dodge attack.dbr” - there is a space :slight_smile: and of course “copy of onslaught.dbr” but Im guessing that is not actually being used.
Any UI .dbr (skillX.dbr) that doesn’t have a position set should be ignored. And the tool only grabs files inside the UI directory, so any unused files outside of that are unused by the the tool.

I am going to change the regex… I believe if you change the skill the game will remove the old one and add the new skill (remove all skill points as a result)

I hate double posting, but its the only way to let you know there is a response if you have read the post before :smiley:

IF you want to change it right now you can go open
go to line 174
and replace

(pick the one you are feeling more comfortable with)

Either the entire line

skillDBR = uiFileContents.match("skillName,([A-Za-z0-9./;_]*),");


skillDBR = uiFileContents.match("skillName,(.*),");

or just the regex part


reload the tool and it should work.

I guess I could have uploaded the fixed data.js file :smiley:

I am going to change the regex… I believe if you change the skill the game will remove the old one and add the new skill (remove all skill points as a result)

Unless it’s specific to your tool, I’m not sure about this. I have changed skills that have already been invested in, they work fine unless you change the template itself. Moving the skill around, I’m pretty sure still keeps the skill as well.

As for your fix… well…

still getting the error, different line now though. :frowning:Did I do it wrong?

I guess it was a buff or pet causing this - changed regex for those aswell, it has to work now :smiley:

Nay, same error. I’m just overwriting the old file in the scripts directory (scripts/data.js), is that how I should be doing it or is there something else?

It doesn’t even show me the whole “You can still cancel!” tier change breakdown popup. I’m not suggesting that it did before - it didn’t then either. It’s weird, I’ve gotten no issues when I did this with Spirit, Hunting or Defense, but Storm and Warfare give me this issue. Earth gives me another issue entirely, I just ignored it because I’m not even occupied with that atm but to show you:

It shows me the breakdown

and then the error after I hit ‘ok’