[Deprecated] [Tool] Wanez Modding Tools

Quickly updated to the new forum format. Keep in mind these tools have not been updated for a long time, but modding at its core hasn’t changed, so they should work just fine as before.


These tools are not affiliated with Crate Entertainment. They are an unofficial addition to the existing Grim Dawn - Modding Tools, and they won’t replace them either, you still have to use Asset Manager to compile the Mod and build Assets, you also need the DBR Editor, because this Program will not allow you to change everything. The idea behind these Tools is simply to speed up modding and make tedious tasks more fun.
Those of you who know my “Mastery Editor” and used it will probably want to upgrade to this one.

Download can be found on GitHub Releases.
GitHub Repo for up to date information, the Readme will always have more information than this post.

Backup your mod’s source, just to be save.


  • You will get an unsigned installer, this may cause some false-positves with your firewall/anti-virus software since they usually distrust unsigned software.
  • The installer will start installing the software and create a shortcut on your desktop
  • Auto-Updater: the Program will check if there is a new Release available (this will not include any Pre-release/beta versions)
  • GitHub ReadMe.md is available inside the Program (this will load the online-contents of the README.md file)
  • The Change Log is available inside the Program (this will load the online-contents if changelog.md from the GitHub Repo)
Mastery Tools - Selection Window
  • Drag Buttons where you want them.
  • Use the Fields to make small adjustments to button position
  • Buttons can be placed below another with double-clicks calculating the distance between Button A & B to determine the coords for C.
  • Button and Text files are saved with the new coords (no need for you to manually do any of that)
Mastery Tools - Skills/Training Window
  • Skills can be dragged into slots (this will automatically change their coords and tier)
  • Transmuters/Modifer Connectors can be set with the program
  • SkillTree and ClassTable can be set by using the “Save UI” Button, this will save the order in which the skills have to be in (depending on their transmuters/modifiers) and save skills with set coords, so they are able to show up in game
  • Skill can be edited by either double clicking a Skill on the UI or selecting a Skill and using the Button “Edit Skill”
  • Tags can be changed and saved
  • certain settings can be set, such as “isCircular”

Special Thanks

  • ASYLUM101 for testing the very first versions and providing feedback and ideas to improve the Mastery Tools

I vouch for this product, 101/101, changed my modding life for the better. Now I have more time to do other modding stuff instead of playing with the coordinates I can just drag and drop.

Can this support custom connectors?

not at this time, but I gladly add anything that works in game.

added support for the custom connector in the picture, will add more later, had to push this out asap due to a bug with the skill tree generation.

At those using the “Zenith Connector”:
There is currently no creation of image files, if you don’t have the connector image in your source it won’t work in game.

Full Change Log can be found here and inside the Program.

  • Win 32bit version added (those using the 32bit version - please let me know if it’s working) - this also increased the size of the installer (basically doubled it)
  • Mastery Wizard (create new Mastery with WanezToolsGD)
  • First two Wiki Pages available inside the Program (both are a huge WIP)
  • Mastery Setup in Mastery Selection (allows you to edit Mastery tags including Combinations)
  • Skill - Edit Properties now allows you to edit Skill values (of arrays) by changing a few numbers rather than editing the array per hand, the tool will calculate the numbers for each level, let me know if the field you are looking for is not available (used values are saved in case you want to quickly rebalance something later)
  • Bug Fixes

Mastery Wizard - Step 2

Mastery Setup - Tags

Skill - Edit Properties

full Change Log and Downloads:

=> same as Auto-Update and Change Log can be seen at Docs/Change Log (inside the Program)

Holy shit!!!

That’s what the devs are probably saying right now :smiley:

  • PFX copy button
  • Bug Fixes (Tags, Custom Paths)

Working on my first Mastery made me realize I hate copying *.pfx per hand every time I make a small change, so I figured I might as well add a button for everyone instead of making a .bat for myself. In the future it will probably have a file watcher attached to it, so you wouldn’t even have to click that button.

full Change Log and Downloads:

=> same as Auto-Update and Change Log can be seen at Docs/Change Log (inside the Program)

The first update that is not exclusively about the Mastery Tools.

Time to release this, the Change Log is getting too long. And I still need to update the OP/GitHub Readme.

There are a few experimental changes, so be sure to backup your files. I didn’t have any issues when I was using it to create a dozen new skills and change the old ones, but I have also changed a few core things since.

use the Auto-Updater or Download the installer from:

BBCode Generator (first stage)

Materia/Component Editor (first stage)

Minor Features

  • data storage has been changed for *.dbr, *.txt. The program will check if the file has been updated and edit data after reloading the newer file. (this change is not finished for all Mastery Tools, only Skill Allocation Files and Skill Tags have this change, just keep this in mind when you are using the Mastery-Setup features).
  • Default Connector can now be set by pressing Alt (previous ways are still possible, too - Alt+C or the Button).

Mastery Tools

  • [li]Mastery/UI renamed to Mastery/Skill Allocation.[/li][LIST]
  • opening the Skill Edit - Window will now throw you back to UI if other options are unavailable.

[li]You may now create a new Modifier, Transmuter or Passive file from “Skill - Edit UI”.[/li][ul]
[li]this will set some default fields, such as the Path to Icon.tex (Icon Path from Settings + mastery folder name (eg playerclass01) + /skillicon_ + FileDescription + _[suffix].tex)[/li]
[li]skillTier is generated when you open the Skill - Edit UI (Window) in addition to moving the skills around. This will prevent bugs with newly created skills and attaching a Skill to an already placed Skill Icon.[/li]
[li]Skill - Edit Properties now has a list field where you can pick a new Property from, if you click in it and start typing it will bring you closer to the entry you want (you have to be rather quick or it will start again at the first letter)[/li][ul]
[li]when you are done just click somewhere else or use “Enter”.[/li]
[li]I also added a “Delete” Button to the calculation form (next to Save) which will clear the field (values are still saved locally, in case you misclicked - your old data is still inside the Program).[/li]
[li]Mastery/Selection renamed to Mastery/Setup.[/li][ul]
[li]Setup renamed to Config.[/li]
[li]the button to save Selection changes will now only appear while the Selection content is open.[/li]
[li]You are now able to edit a Mastery’s Properties the same way you can with the Mastery Wizard - by using a new Button that only appears while you are in the Config Area and have a Mastery selected (Button: “Edit Mastery”).[/li][ul]
[li]The Values used are calculated by using the highest value and divided by the number of entries (this is more or less a guessing the value)[/li]
[li]changing a value will save the value directly[/li]
[li]this feature is using the malepc01.dbr to get to the SkillTree.dbr and uses skillName1 to get the ClassTraining.dbr[/li]
[li]this is the first step towards a Mastery-Merger[/li]
[li]added skillTier to the Tooltip, if it shows a ?, it means there is no Skill File attached.[/li][/LIST]

Materia/Component Tools

  • currently only files to the vanilla path are parsed.
  • files that don’t exist in the mod folder will be created if any changes are made.
  • tags are currently not supported (they need to be edited manually).

Markdown to BBCode

  • Markdown to BBCode Converter.
  • While this was something I made for myself I’m leaving it in the Tool for everyone to use.
  • Markdown is easy to get into and easy to write texts with different headers and lists.
  • write Markdown on the left and see the converted text in Forum BBCode on the right.
  • change the colors of headers.
  • change font style of headers.
  • the button “Copy BBCode” will copy the contents for the forum to the clipboard and you can just paste it in a new post on the forums.
    [li]you can save the text by using the button “Save MD” and update it with “Update MD”.[/li][LIST]
  • when you are changing the title and use “Save MD” a new entry is created with the text, using “Update MD” will override the old entry with the new title.
  • you may also delete entries with the “Delete MD” button, but unlike the other two, this will ignore the title.
  • changes are saved automatically, you don’t really need the button “Update MD” unless you want to change the title or save the color/font changes.

[li]you can start a new text simply by changing the title and using the “Save MD” to create a new entry, after that just delete the contents and write your new text. (if you remove the text first, it will overwrite the old one - deleting your work)[/li][ul]
[li]a nice sideeffect is you will save your settings and colors/font styles will apply to your new text.[/li]
[li]only changing the title without saving it will still overwrite the old text under the old title, because changes to a title need to be submitted first.[/li]
[li]You can use _ (Underscore) to change the font style to [i]italic/i, [b]bold/b or [u]underline/u, the text you want to change needs to start with _ (underscore) followed by a non-whitespace character and end with a non-whitespace character followed by another _ (underscore).[/li]
[li]can be used to change the appearance of your text - however, it requires at least a space before and after.[/li][ul] [li] can be used to change the color [/li]
[li]`` can be used for spoiler2 - will be displayed black in the editor.[/li]

WanezMod Tools

  • tools to change the generated parts of my mod (DGA, etc).
  • the menu buttons are removed, if you want to use them you need a .json file from me anyways, when I send you the files I’ll tell you what to do to access the tools (future updates will check if the files exist and show the respective menu items, but I need to overhaul the menu class for that).
  • but due to me trying to be transparent about what is added and a bunch of new files appeard on github, I figured I should mention it here. You won’t see or feel a difference though, data is only loaded when needed.

Bug Fixes

  • “Skill Edit”: fixed a bug where the window wouldn’t refresh its data properly when changing the file reference in the UI File.
  • “Skill Edit”: all other fields are greyed out if you don’t have a Skill File attached to the UI File.
  • Settings will refresh data for “Skill Allocation”. This makes a difference for first time setup and changing Tag Files/Active Mod.

Just a minor update, but I came across a serious issue with buff/pet files, so I wanted to push the fix right away.

You can either use the Auto-Updater or Download the installer from:

Mastery Tools
Skill Edit

  • Added weaponDamagePct to the list, however this is added to the list - unlike all other fields which the Program gets by parsing templates.
  • Removed targetMode from the Show Property selection.
  • Adding a new field will select that new Field to change its Values (it kept the field you were editing before).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed various issues with buff/pet files.

You can either use the Auto-Updater or Download the installer from:

Mastery Tools
Mastery Selection

  • Arrow keys can be used to move selected button.
    [li]Added offset Fields.[/li][LIST]
  • this will add the number in the field for the final calculation to show in game
  • adding an offset will move the buttons inside the tool accordingly (if you are loading your current selection and it is not the same in the tool you can change the offset fields to make them fit without changing your in game set up, any changes inside the tool will use the offset to adjust the differences)


Skill Edit

  • [li]Pet files will now be created when you open “Pet Properties”, click on it again to refresh the content.[/li][LIST]
  • this function will create all files up to ultimate level if they do not exist and adjust skill level 1 to the pet level (if you want a skill to remain at lvl 1 you have to change it back to 1, but even if you have to do that, it’ll likely still safe you some time)



  • added a log, you can find at “%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming[app name]\log.log”

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed various issues with buff/pet files.
  • Various issues with data handling have been fixed.

No idea if anybody is actually going to read it or care, but if you do… something is coming.

Since xpac day I have been working on this exclusively with the exception of getting back into the code by making the scripts for working with Legendary items which resulted in the mod I posted (Legendary Crafting).

The Program is getting a few upgrades when it comes to QoL and making it easier to understand how to set it up properly. Part of that process is a reworked Readme that is larger, but better to navigate to go to the different parts inside.

Merger Tools
The primary focus went towards the Merger Tools, the DBR part is almost finished.
Merger Projects can be created and Mods you want to include are added to a list, these Mods will be parsed and checked for dupe records:

  • a DBR that occurs more than once across all mods will show up in a list (Dupe Records) and every other DBR in a different list (Unique Records)
  • a DBR can be ignored by clicking on it
  • or you can compare it to the Vanilla file with the same Path (useful for gameengine.dbr to keep mod specific changes and Vanilla files in “Sync” no need to worry about it once its set up)
  • data is saved inside the program, remembering it for the next Game or Mod update. Data is only being reset for a DBR if you add a mod with a DBR with the same Path
  • DBRs that don’t require an update are displayed in a different color
  • Array like dbrs (Loottables, Proxies, etc) show a list of all entries and are added to a new dbr. The program will remember Name and Weight pairs like loottables have a lootName and lootWeight, those are saved together and put at the right place to function correctly. Those entries you don’t want, can be excluded by marking them with a click

The Mastery Merger:

  • the malepc01.dbr from each parsed mod will be compared and shown, you can then select the masteries you wish to use and arrange them in a new order, enumerations are set and saved inside the program
  • skills_mastertable.dbr is parsed to get button configurations and make them work with mastery enumerations
  • files important to the Mastery Merger are excluded from the DBR Merger, other files like skills and ui files are still inside the DBR Merger (or they would not be copied over)
  • when a mod is being updated and you have the masteries set up you only need to use the generate button inside the Mastery Merger and DBR Merger

Item Tools
This is still in the early planning stage, but it is going to happen. Maybe not in v0.3.0 but shortly after that. As a result there isn’t much to say at this point, except that it will have editing for Blueprints, Loottables, the new Xpac Modifiers and of course item properties.

The new version is out. Download and change log can be found on GitHub.
the new Readme on the repo

you can use the auto update functionality and read the change log inside the tool as well.

new Merger Tools (Mastery Merger + DBR Merger)
Mastery Tools fixes
some QoL improvements

A new update is ready!
You can either use the Auto-Updater inside the Program or Download the installer from:

full Change Log is also on the GitHub Releases page as well as inside the Program under Docs/Change Log

v0.4.0 - Overview

  • [li]Mastery Tools[/li][LIST]
  • added an Open file feature to Mastery files (a dbr is being opened with the DBREditor)
  • Modifiers can be linked to skills and added to the skillTree without connectors (like Demolitionist and Inquisitor have)
  • more Pet support, change skills with the tool and various other updates to Pets

[li]Auto-Sync Particle Systems (PFX), the moment you save you PS with the PSEditor the program will copy that new .pfx to your mod source[/li][/LIST]

This looks awesome! Thanks Warebare!

Fantastic job on the app! How soon do you think we’ll see some item adding love added to the tool?

I have no idea :smiley:

I have made most of what I was working on for items inaccessible with the Filter update, because it was incomplete. And I still need to figure out a good way to implement certain aspects, mainly for loottables and mastery modifiers, before it’s ready for an “Experimental” release.

I somehow have to find a way to finish the tool and mod update before christmas, because I won’t have time for much else next month.

Reaching 5k hours (more than half were on Grimarillion and DAIL ) in game and admitted that I was stumbled upon this Thread by mistake/ misclick. Your tools crave me a very 1st exp with mod learning!!!