Elemental to whatever damage conversion. And a second question regarding Aeon's.

Hey guys,

Firstly, allow me to thank EVERYONE of you for making this forum such a freakin’ friendly place.

I believe this is the ONLY multiplayer games I’ve had the unique pleasure/fortune of not running into griefers. :stuck_out_tongue:

My question:

  1. I get that elemental damage is split equally 3-ways into fire/ice/lightning

  2. However, if I get 100% elemental damage conversion, am I only converting 33% of each elemental damage type? Or will it convert 100% of each?

My second question:

  1. I can’t seem to confirm if Aeon’s hourglass’ proc reduces the CD of stuff like item procs, and devotion procs. I’ve scoured the threads but could only find a year old post which (to me at least) seems to be based on speculation.

EDIT: A third question I’ve been meaning to ask!

  1. Is it more efficacious to increase your DA, or to decrease the enemies’ OA?
  2. Similarly, is it more efficacious to increase your OA, or to decrease the enemies’ DA?

Thanks in advance! :rolleyes:

  1. 100% of each elemental part. So for 100 phys dmg you get 33.33 …cold , 33.33…fire, 33.33… lightning Edit(misread the first time): rounding up to 100 phys

  2. AEON: It’s a fairly new thread:D http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=68791

  3. OA/DA. Both. Once your DA is very high, reducing OA really shines. If you need/can get them without gimping yourself too much then get them. Same Applies for High OA and then reducing enemy DA.

Thanks so much for replying! However, I’m not entirely sure if I understand your answer to the first question (I’m not the brightest bug in the yard :P).

NB’s deal primarily cold damage (in terms of elemental damage). If I have 100% elemental to pierce conversion, would I only convert 33% of my cold damage? Or would I convert all of it?

nono, all of it :slight_smile:

Where it get’s tricky is for example cold>phys vs elemental> phys.

Let’s say you have 50% cold to phys and 30% elemental to phys. They are not additive. meaning you won’t get 80% total. One comes first ( not sure which, probably the elemental one) then comes the other to convert what is left, so it;s multiplicative .

same goes for all other global vs focused conversion. Like Cord of violent decay and decree of aldritch. You won’t get 100% fire to aether even with good rolls.

Thanks Superfluff! That really clarified things. :slight_smile:

Sorry for the questions! This is the last one (I promise):
What OA/DA does a toon generally need to have before it’s beneficial to lower that of the enemies? Would ~2.5k be sufficient?

You can ask away for ever lol.

I’d try ~ 2650 - 2700 DA at least + some OA debuff if you plan to do stuff like nemeses, mad queen.

Unless it’s such a bursty high dmg build that you kill a dangerous boss before being killed. But i’d go for the safe side for now

Thanks superfluff! <3

Converting from Physical to elemental was explained, but not the other way around.

If you convert 100% elemental to Aether, then all cold damage, all fire damage and all lightning damage will be converted to Aether, even if you only have 1 or 2 of those damage types.

The tricky part is if you have 100% elemental damage converted to Aether, and say 50% elemental damage converted to physical. Now you are converting 150% of your elemental damage, which will get normalized back to 100%.

So 100%/(100% + 50%) of your elemental damage (2/3rds) will get converted to Aether, and 50%/(100% + 50%) of your elemental damage (1/3) will be converted to physical.

That’s very interesting. I did not know that.

So If I have 100% elemental damage conversion to a damage type incapable of doing DoT (e.g. pierce), what will happen to say the burn damage?

Does it just remain as burn damage? Or does it get nullified?

As far as I know, It will remain Burn. The same thing is with Flames of Ignaffar converted to Chaos. Or Physical to Pierce with Internal Trauma staying unaffected.

As for your 3rd question, I would say it is better to get +100 OA than reduce enemy’s DA by 100, because 1) +100 OA will work vs all enemies; and 2) it will be multiplied by whatever +%OA bonuses you have. The same is for your DA and enemies’ OA

About the % part you absolutely right (as for the conclusion) but afaik debuffs (OA/DA/resists/whatever) are working on everything.
CC doesn’t work on bosses and such because they have very high stun/frezee/petrify/trap/slow resistance, but there’s no such thing as “debuff resistance” in GD.

Will OA/DA debuffs not work on all enemy types? For instance, would bloody pox not affect the big bad ravager?

Works on everyone as long as the skill can affect the boss (so stuff like Blade Trap is out of the question).
Keep in mind that only the highest of “Reduced enemy DA by XX” counts and the other kind that says “-XX DA” stacks as much as you can get it.

Yup! Thanks for the reminder. I’m very aware of that fact. I’ve got a witchhunter going with -180 OA from pox, - 130 OA from night’s chill, -96 OA from rumor, -80 from eye of beronath, -70 OA from seal of annihilation :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s a grand total of -556 OA :rolleyes:

I’m hoping that will compensate or my piss poor DA of ~2.5k.

In campaign it will :slight_smile: