END GAME levelling system

So you hit lv 100 and starting to farm your end game items. Your main goal is to run ubers, rouge, crucible, sr as fast as possible and get loots for you and your alts. After that, what’s next?

It would be great if we get something like a Paragon system where after you hit level cap you gain experience for a new mechanic whterr every level increases your chance of find unique, mi, mythical, or legendaries. Maybe increase your chance of spawning more hero, unique, nemesis, ubers.

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I’m just passing by to say hi to y’all in the monthly “add paragon system” suggeation thread!

But to be serious, buddy, you are one of the countless people to suggest a paragon system, and I can say with absolute certainty that it’s not happening in this game, not now, not never. It goes against everything Crate stands for (maybe not that much, but Medierra, Zantai and their grandmas expressed multiple times that they don’t like that system). They want characters to be finished, that’s also why lvl 100 is a reasonably achievable goal instead of the ridiculously long task that were in games like Diablo 2.

Besides that, increased chance of getting items for what? The game already rains you with uniques as a reward for things like breathing or winking.


level 100 is not even hard, why are everyone obsessed with “oh I finally reached level 100” ? :stuck_out_tongue:

but “the more loot the more you play” is essentially what crucible and SR is about, the higher you can push the greater the rewards

Devs have already said no to this idea several times. They want a character to be finished, not continually gaining more XP/levels.

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Not this idea again.

I do think, however, that xp grind to lvl 100 should be longer. Say, 30% longer than now. I also think the legendary drop rate should be reduced somewhat.

play outside Bastion of Chaos, don’t use xp boosting gear + don’t drink malmouth potions, and you can stay in your 90s as long as you please.

Welp I didn’t really check for other posts like this.

Don’t get me wrong I love this game. Spent more time in GD than I could ever put into D3 and PoE. Just giving my 2 cents to extend the life of this game indefinitely which is achieved by mods. RoT is looking like I could put thousand of hrs again.

I don’t think the longevity of GD is at risk. People these days are still playing Diablo II, Torchlight and Titan Quest (and there were people playing TQ since before the Anniversary Edition and the two expansions). This is not like those games that require an online connection and might die one day when the servers hosting them shut down. There is even a DRM-free version thanks to GOG.com so GD can well live forever.

We definitely have no plans to add any kind of indefinite power creep to the game.

That is within the realm of mods though, if you really crave something like that.


A paragon system does not extend the life for me at all, if anything it shortens it. It is an endless treadmill, which means I decide to not even step on it because it feels like I am the donkey that the game is dangling a carrot in front of that I can never reach, and that turns me off caring for that system at all. Best case it has no impact on my enjoyment of the game…

Do it again with a different build.
I’m completely against paragon system even if its like D3 version 1.0 paragon with bonus magic find. Something I would support is a super-nemesis reputation. Killing nemesis and rogue dungeon bosses only would give reputation past nemesis. The reward would be some kind of buff to bosses and nemesis (maybe giving them chance for a special drop) and maybe even turning all regular mobs into HEROES.


Kymon’s Chosen and Order of Death’s Vigil says hi.

Thank you for this, Zan. Coming over from D3, I can tell you that running into the brick wall that is farming Paragon is an absolute game killer. At the end for me, I was spending a few hours a night solely to get a measly additional few Para, it was insane. No wonder I burned out.

I’m quite happy farming for rare gear, putting in hours isn’t a problem. But when endgame becomes a neverending grind for an additional +5 mainstat, that’s the sign of a dead game in my personal experience.

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They don’t have rogue dungeons but they do have Nemesis. Same with Cronley gang. Maybe give their Nems a bonus rep gain to compensate.

like plentyfoldsinthegrey said, i think this is the reason why crate doesn’t implement paragon-like system. they want players to try different builds when they have finished a character. a paragon-like system only works for online competitive game with seasons like diablo 3 & PoE. GD at its core is a single player amusement park game with some optional coop. why i compare it to amusement park? because amusement park attractions is a good analogy to gd builds. the gd attractions/builds are mostly static with a few changes here and there when patches hit that makes some people cry a river but they’ll adapt & get over it. but the gd attractions/builds will never have extreme wild mutations like what happens to builds in PoE and D3 due to paragon system and seasonal league meta builds chaos.

I usually use “experimental ARPG” to describe Grim Dawn :slight_smile: its like a ARPG laboratory

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that fits with crate’s vision for end game gd then. experimentation of other builds when a character is finished. i wonder how devs at diablo3 deal with paragon system’s unlimited character progression and balancing seasons’ meta around it.

They dont :wink:

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Um, perhaps I’m wrong on this but…I think they just add more Torment levels every few months.

And, I may be wrong too, new Torment levels just add more health to and increase damage dealt by mobs.